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The most effective conspiracies and cuffs from drunkenness and alcoholism

The most effective cuffs, ceremonies and conspiracies from drinking

Conspiracies from drinking help to save a person from addiction, instilling in him aversion to drinking. Both the drinker and his relative can read them.

In the latter case, those suffering from alcoholism are not informed about the rite. Before performing the sacraments it is recommended to remove jewelry, shoes, dissolve hair. Each repetition of the spell is desirable to pronounce in one breath.

Relatives of drinkers need to remember that conspiracies can not be read during pregnancy, as well as during critical days.

Rites involve the use of various items. Special words are pronounced on bottles of liquor, towel, soap, drinker’s underwear.

After the rites, it is recommended to read a few Orthodox prayers in order to calm the spirit and internally release the result.

The most effective conspiracies and cuffs from drunkenness and alcoholism

The rituals performed at the churchyard are particularly effective. They are held at a distance from the drinker, but in their power they are not inferior to conspiracies that are read in the presence of the person himself.

Cemetery rituals are not recommended for people who are too impressionable and who are anxious about such ordinances. The spirits of the dead require respect, but not fear.

The most effective conspiracies and cuffs from drunkenness and alcoholism

On the waning moon go to the cemetery and take with them:

  • jar of jelly;
  • cooked kutya;
  • three baked pancakes;
  • wax church candle.

To perform a ceremony, you must:

  1. 1. At the cemetery to find the nameless abandoned burial. Pre-address the deceased with the question of whether he is ready to assist. If the soul has a persistent feeling that, yes, you can proceed to the ceremony. If not, find another burial.
  2. 2. When the grave is chosen, all products are put on it as a mention. Then they light a candle, cross themselves with the sign of the cross three times and utter the words of the conspiracy: "You, a dead man, lie in a damp earth, you are keeping your house day and night, waiting for the Day of Judgment. Hear me soon. I brought you a mention. Remember that this is a mention from the drunkenness of the servant of the Lord (the name of the drinker) that he should stop drinking. As you lie in a raw grave, you do not drink beer and wine, so that the Lord’s servant also lives on earth, and does not drink alcohol. For Christ’s sake, forgive me. You lie in the ground, and me — to remember you with a kind word. Amen".
  3. 3. Then leave the cemetery, and leave the candle to burn out. At the nearest intersection left something in the form of three gold coins. It is necessary to perform the rite several times to obtain a lasting effect.

Suffering from alcoholism should not know about his conduct. Otherwise, he will drink even more.

The effect of the sacrament appears after the first session.

The most effective conspiracies and cuffs from drunkenness and alcoholism

To conduct this ceremony, you should go to four different graveyards and from there collect a handful of dust (preferably at intersections). Then they find the grave, where the drinker’s namesake is buried, and dump all the dust on the stove.

At the same time the words are pronounced: "The dead person does not stand, but lies. At intersections do not walk, do not wander through the pubs.

And you, the servant of the Lord (name), you will not lift a glass with a intoxicating drink anymore, you will not be turning for him. Alcoholic melancholy, like a marsh duck, and the servant of the Lord (name) is sober and intelligent.


Then you need to thank the dead man and put any gift on the grave — candy, bun or gingerbread.

To conduct this ancient rite you need:

  1. 1. Take 6 bottles of various types of liquor that drinkers consume. You will also need a new, specially purchased for the ceremony knife with a wooden handle.
  2. 2. A small amount of the beverage is poured from the bottle and mixed in one glass container.
  3. 3. On the first day of the full moon in the daytime they go to the cemetery. There it is necessary to find the grave with the same name as that of the drinker.
  4. 4. In the heads of the grave should be using a new knife to dig a small hole in which to fit the container with a mixture of alcohol.
  5. 5. The container is placed in this hole with a cork down, and then immediately buried and equate the earth with a knife edge.
  6. 6. After that, touch the right palm to the ground from above and utter the words of the conspiracy three times: "Damn, hang on! And with (husband, father, son) (called the name) do not know the century. Do not drink alcohol with him from morning to evening dawn, neither in the middle of the day nor a dark night. The late (name) drinks, and the servant of the Lord (name) lives without it. Key, lock, tongue".
  7. 7. When leaving the cemetery, you should throw out the knife with your left hand, saying the words: "Yako denied the faith of the ancestors of Vladimir, and the servant of the Lord (name) also renounces wine. Exactly".

For the following ordinances, access to the river is necessary — a powerful source of energy that enhances the ritual effect. Such ceremonies will suit the villagers, whose homes are located near water.

You can conduct rituals and in the country.

If the drinker does not refuse treatment, by all means seeks to get rid of the addiction, he can resort to the following rite:

  1. 1. It is necessary to carry a black cat on demolition from your home to the nearest river and back. At the same time, the animal should not be released from the hands for a moment.
  2. 2. Before the pond should say these words:"Hoop you, booze, with this fast river and with its deep water. Go, my thirst, in the water to the waist, go to the stone-stone. Sit on it for twelve hours of the day and twelve hours of the night. Go from the dresvian-stone to the rotten place where the sun does not warm the earth, where the birds in the sky do not fly, where people do not come from the century, where the doors and the windows do not open, where women do not continue. There the cat is not kitty, and I, the servant of the Lord (my name), do not drink drunk. And until Christ came the second time, all my words will be. Take the river, a gift for this third kitten. Let him mourn for me, but I do not drink alcohol until the end of the century".
  3. 3. Leave the river without looking around and not talking to anyone.

If a cat has three kittens and one of them is exhausted, the rite will work. If not, the ceremony can be held again with another animal, but not earlier than in a month.

The ritual is performed as follows:

  1. 1. Live pike are brought home and a plot is read on it 7 times (see below.).
  2. 2. The water where the fish was located is poured into a clay bowl and the plot is repeated three more times.
  3. 3. The bowl is covered with black cloth.
  4. 4. Pike is cut, and the head and tail are placed in a bowl filled with water.
  5. 5. The remaining offal is knotted in black fabric.
  6. 6. Prepare a dish of fish and feed them a drinker.
  7. 7. At midnight they take out a container with water, a head and a tail of fish to the river and throw it into the water.
  8. 8. Capacity and black bundle with giblets are taken to the trash can, located at least 700 m from the house.

Plot text:

"Poured into the fast rivers damned potion. I banish balagurism and demonic fun forever.

The twelve days are twisted, the servant of the Lord (the name of the drinker), and on the thirteenth longing a hangover utop. Lead river water will flow, separated by a strip.

Go straight across that lane, plunge into the blue sea, reborn in the water. Needle sharp zashyu, on the cart, I will take away the gold in a canvas bag. Gold is my word.

Bag under the stone Alatyr, and the servant of the Lord — health and bright mind. Amen".

The rite allows once and for all to discourage a person from drinking. It is carried out on a decreasing moon. For its implementation it is necessary:

  1. 1. Purchase three castles before noon. The seller does not take delivery and leave the store without looking around.
  2. 2. Then you need to wait for the drinker to leave at least a drop of alcohol in his glass. This residue should be poured into the well of the castle and immediately uttered the words of the conspiracy: "You, servant of the Lord (name), drunkard! Let the doors of beer and wine be closed to the end of your days, just like this castle. Exactly".
  3. 3. The lock quickly closes two turns, the key hides from it.

To strengthen the rite should perform with three locks three times at the same time — for three Fridays in a row. Upon completion, the keys are stored in a secluded place, and the locks are left at three different pedestrian intersections.

This conspiracy against alcohol addiction is pronounced on a bottle of wine or vodka. The only condition is that the drinker should take a few sips from it.

How to conduct such a ritual:

  1. 1. Exactly at midnight a clean white tablecloth is laid on the table.
  2. 2. A glass is placed in the center and poured into it from this bottle.
  3. 3. Three church candles are set around. If there are candles brought home on a big holiday, the ritual will be especially effective. Candles are lit, the words are pronounced above the glass: "Holy God, God forbid and have mercy from Hell with a fiery double-edged sword Your words slave (name). Fell, Lord, the thorns of his passion and sin. May Thy grace dwell in him. Amen".
  4. 4. Candles must burn to the end. Then the contents should be poured, and the glass smashed and discarded.

This rite is the safest, as it relates to white magic. To save your lover (husband) from a bad habit, you can use the holy water. For this you need:

  1. 1. To light a church candle in front of the icon of the Mother of God, pour water into a container. Words are pronounced on it: "Once a man was born, lived, and reposed. As he is now dead, so (name) does not drink beer. As his hand is dead, so the living (name) hand does not pour wine into the goblet, does not bring it to his lips, does not ask for supplements. I baptize myself with a cross, I enclose myself with a cross, and (name) I save from addiction of perniciousness. Key, lock, tongue".
  2. 2. Conspired water is necessary three times a day to add to the spouse in food or drink without the knowledge of the patient. But this is done in such a way that in a week it takes 1.5 liters of water. They store water in a secluded place where direct rays of light do not penetrate.

Any person can use the Voodoo method, even absolutely far from mysticism:

  1. 1. For the ceremony, take 8 small potatoes and make mashed potatoes from them.
  2. 2. Then add some spices to it and rub 4-5 tbsp. l coconut pulp.
  3. 3. From the resulting dough roll 8 balls of approximately the same size and fold them into a white lace scarf.
  4. 4. Bending over the hill, read a conspiracy: "On the blue sea is a stone island. The island is a tall house. In that house sits the sailor, sipping rum and smoking tobacco. Not you, sailor, built a stone house, he built the walls. Do not you smoke tobacco, drink rum. So you leave from that stone island, from that house in the blue sea. Alcohol in your slave (the name of the drinker, pronounced the opposite) is not allowed, do not poison it with tobacco and hops".

While reading the plot, it is necessary to visualize how the problem of drunkenness with the breath passes into balls. At the end of the reading they should be tied in a knot.

This Sunday, the bundle belongs to the park and is left under any tree you like.

This folk remedy can take advantage of a woman living with an alcoholic. You should take the panties of the drinker and wash them under cold and then with hot water:

  • When a woman caresses underwear under cold water, she says: "Cool down, rather take your mind".
  • If rinsing under hot, then the spouse says the following words: "Don’t walk, settle down. Full of you. Amen".

When the thing dries, you should put it on the man to wear. You can start talking and other items of linen.

This ceremony will be the strongest if it is held at 3 pm on a Sunday.

To perform the ceremony with the help of a photograph, perform the following series of actions:

  1. 1. Take a photo suffering from alcoholism, consecrated water, as well as three wax candles from the temple. After sunset on the table set in one row of candles.
  2. 2. They put a photograph in front of themselves and sprinkle it a little with water. Then the words are brought three times:"Holy God the Great! Help me and help. I wish to remove the pernicious addiction from Thy servant (name), conspire from the agonizing drunkenness, and discourage him from the intoxicating blight. Let not a drop of vodka go down his throat. Let him flee from her as from an unclean person. Let no drink go to him except pure water. In the name of all your saints, saints, blood of Christ and the tears of the Most Holy Mother of God. Amen".
  3. 3. Then the photo is hidden in a secluded place. The rite begins to operate in the next three days. If the effect is not enough, it is necessary to conduct the ceremony again after one lunar month with the same photograph. If the drinker himself wants to get rid of his pernicious addiction, he can conduct the ritual independently on his photo.

Those who wish to wean a loved one from the pernicious addiction can take advantage of this rite from the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga. For its implementation should purchase a piece of soap.

They should drink a man later will wash their hands.

Previously soap speaks 9 times with the words: "Drunk you, servant of the Lord (name), no longer drink. In a drunken stupor on the streets do not walk, do not wander around the taverns.

As soon as you washed your hands, you forgot your predilection. As the thought comes bad and trashy, so you and drive it away.


Conspired piece is put in a soap box. After two weeks, you can repeat the rite with the same or a new piece of soap.

The ritual is held in full moon. New towel speak like this: "The towel is clean, beautiful, fluffy!

As the servant of the Lord (the name) wipes your hands, so he sets foot in a new life. Without bad hop, without dirt, but without any infection, with pure thoughts.


Then the towel is hung so that the drinker wipes their hands. When he does this, tie the towel in a tight knot and say: "So be it, not otherwise!". After that, it hides in a secret place.

Nobody should touch him, let alone untie the knot.

This rite is held on a decreasing moon. They put a piece of ice in a bowl and leave it on the windowsill to get moonlight on it.

In the morning on the meltwater speak the words of the conspiracy: "From cold chills and shivering in the fierce cold, and from the intoxicating drink — and even worse. Let the blood and the flesh of the servant of the Lord (the name-name) cool down.

Neither a glass, nor a glass should be missed for him, but no beer for pouring marriages. As I said, so be it.


Melt water should be poured into the soup or drink drinker.

This ceremony is held for three full moon in a row. For the sacrament will require hops. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or on the market.

Cones must be whole, not fragmented. To perform the ritual, you must:

  1. 1. Soak the hops in the residues of liquor not drunk by man, and then dry.
  2. 2. At the full moon three times utter the words of the conspiracy:"Come on, evil brother hop, from the servant of God (name) go away! Go for the copper mountains and dark forests: the beast is not found there, the bird does not fly, the waters of the lake do not reflect the moon. Go to the exuberant wind, brother, hmelyushka. In the distant kingdom go, yes in the hot sands forever abyss. Turn away from the servant of God (name) and dissolve into the dust. Amen".
  3. 3. Conspired hops need to grind. It is put in small pinches to tea drinker for three days in a row.

Tea is brewed in the usual way, then hops are put into it and a prayer is recited 9 times per cup. "Our Father". After each time the tea marks the sign of the cross.

The rite is held at home. In order for the drunken alcoholic to stop drinking, they carry out the following sacrament — they carefully take the hair from the drinker and pronounce the words of the conspiracy on him: "Morning dawn, red lightning!

You are a pretty girl, mother and queen! Take from the servant of God (name) insomnia, and in return give a dream book and a nap.

In the middle of the night, come to him even as a young girl, even as your mother the queen. Cast off the dashing force and the damned, but give Christ the hand, and the Mother of God castle. Save your body, soul, and spirit.

I invoke the cross with the saints; I drive off misfortune with the cross. Amen".

The preparation of such a potion is not an easy task, since it consists of hard-to-reach components. But if all the ingredients can be collected, the potion can in a short time prevent the drinker from his addiction.

In its power, the rite is comparable to the traditional love spell with the only difference that the vector of its action is opposite. The composition of the potion includes:

  • crushed pincer of crayfish caught in the full moon;
  • dried and crushed plakun-grass roots;
  • powder of grass thrown by forest birds from the nest;
  • shredded root winch;
  • seeds and color of wormwood;
  • thyme;
  • dry snowdrop flowers.

How to perform the rite:

  1. 1. These ingredients should be ground in a mortar into powder.
  2. 2. On the day of the month, corresponding to the birthday of a person suffering from alcoholism, boil all the ingredients in water taken from three different homes. Owners should not be aware of the purpose for which water is drawn. It is preferable to keep the fact that the water set in secret.
  3. 3. When the potion begins to boil, the words read above it: "I implore the name Adonai with a passionate blood, a wild head, a heart and a breath, veins and burns, a mouth and a brain, but the whole body, spirit and soul of the servant of God (name) from wine, vodka, braga and hop of any. If he was at home, at least at a party, at least in the white-stone chambers, at least in high teremah — do not drink him. The Lord created the world in six days, and on the seventh he restrained himself. In the same way, the seven parts of this potion of the world will create peace in the soul of the servant of the Lord (name) from all evil passion, for the glory of God. Amen".
  4. 4. The resulting broth is cooled. They should wash the man. Then 12 drops of a potion are added to a glass of water.
  5. 5. Drinker takes a few sips. If his body starts to shake, it means that the intoxicating spirit leaves his body.

This recipe is now practically not used, because there is no information about how a mixture of these components acts on the body.

For the following conspiracies do not require the use of special paraphernalia. They are recommended to learn in advance to be able to use at the right time.

The spell must be read at the moment when the woman abuses alcohol (it does not matter whether she is awake or asleep, or intoxicated).

The words such conspiracy are as follows: "Dawn of heaven clear! Eyes Arkhangelsk beautiful. As you, dawns, from the day of the creation of the world have not overslept, so would the slaves of the Lord (name) have not soared about the spirit of alcohol.


This turn from alcoholism is read by the wife drinking in his back when he is drunk and sleeps. The following words should be said: "Yako Judas Iscariot denied Jesus Christ, so let the servant of the Lord (name) deny any intoxicating drinks.

Yes, he refuses to beer, wine and vodka at any weather. May he remember from me, the servant of the Lord (his name).


Above a sleeping person read the words: "Angels in the firmament of heaven see and hear what I wish to do over the body of the servant of God (name). The stars are clear, come down in my cup.

In the bowl of water from the icy key. The month is clear, come down from the firmament of heaven into my crate.

There is no bottom or tire in that cage. The sun is red, go to my yard.

There is not a soul in my court, neither human nor animal. The stars are clear, calm the servant of the Lord (name) from the intoxicating drink. The sun is red, restrain the servant of the Lord (name) from alcohol.

From circle to circle, my word is very strong".

Rituals against drunkenness, like other sacraments, have special power on major church holidays. Before they are held, it is useful to visit the temple, pray to God for forgiveness and health — both for one’s own and for a drinker.

This rite can be used by the mother, who wants her son not to drink. On Clean Thursday, you need to wash the windows, but leave a small amount of water.

She should sprinkle her son seven times when he will sleep while intoxicated. At the same time the words of the conspiracy are pronounced: "I gave birth to you, the servant of God (name), fed me with milk. So you, servant of the Lord (name), do not drink intoxicating, beer and mash into the mouth are not leis.

Window panes were washed, and you become clean for Christ’s Resurrection. Amen".

At Easter, should conduct such a rite:

  1. 1. Easter cake consecrated on Easter should be cut into 12 equal parts. Then, on any day of Easter week, they go to the cemetery and look for 12 graves with the same names as those who suffer from alcoholism.
  2. 2. On each of them put one piece. At the same time they bow to the dead man and say the following words: "You, the dead man, you no longer get up, you do not drink wine and vodka. So do not get up before Christ’s Coming; do not pour hop into a glass. And the servant of God (name), too, do not drink more. To the glory of the Lord. Amen".

This rite can be held annually, but not more than three years in a row.

When the first star appears on Christmas Eve, you should light a candle and say the following words on the drinker’s picture: "Glory to the Holy God, from century to century (three times). Christ was born, the people rejoiced with the joy of heaven.

And the drunken fun went down into the fast water, where a man would not set foot, to which he would not let his cattle. Gone drunk fun on the four winds violent and drunk.

Attached to a dashing, godless man. Tied to this, who does not honor Christ’s birth, does not create alms.

Forever attached, but from the servant of the Lord (name) untied. Amen".

The rite of Christmas has a special power. As a rule, drinkers refuse to drink in the next few weeks after the meeting.

On the day of Baptism they bring home holy water and say the following words to it: "As Jesus Christ did not drink intoxicating, as the Mother of God and all God’s saints did not know intoxicating, so you, the servant of the Lord (name), will refuse the alcohol. Amen".

Water is given to drink to a person. It is possible without his knowledge to pour it into tea or soup. In some cases, one portion is enough for a person to give up alcohol.

The container with water should be kept in a secret place and opened only for the purpose of adding to the water or the food of the drinker.

The ceremonies aimed at exemption from drunkenness, have no negative consequences. They not only relieve craving for alcohol, but also give a person the strength to resist the addiction (especially if the sacrament is performed several times).

If the drinker himself manifests the will to a sober life, after the ceremony he has all the chances to get rid of insidious cravings.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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