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The meaning of color in psychology and esoterica

Colors in psychology and esoterica: meaning and influence on a person

We see the world around us in color. We admire beautiful sunsets, admire the blue sky, marvel at the summer riot of flowers. But not everyone knows that color can affect our emotions and feelings, cause certain desires and states of the soul.

By skillfully using colors, you can create a certain impression about yourself or help yourself concentrate, or, on the contrary, relax.

Colors of rainbow

Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant sits.

This saying has been familiar since childhood. So we memorized the order of colors in the rainbow.

And how much joy she caused when she appeared in the sky!

The meaning of color in psychology and esoterica

The white beam splits into seven colors. The solar spectrum is divided into warm and cold shades, but today we will talk about the meaning of colors in psychology and esoterics.

Red is the color of leadership, struggle, energy, passion.

He seems to shout that he should be noticed. The brightest, most catchy.

Not without reason, the price tags make red to be noticed. The woman in red attracts attention, and, most likely, she is ready for it.

Red is chosen by leaders, people are determined, striving for victory and power.

  • Red awakens appetite, sexual desire, determination, will to win.
  • If you look at red for a long time, all the processes in the body are activated, blood pressure will increase.
  • Adjusts the struggle, self-confidence, gives enthusiasm.
  • Negative qualities: it is the color of aggression, rage, lust, militancy, violence, destruction, survival.
  • Red quickly tires.

Orange is obtained by mixing red and yellow. It is the color of pleasure, joy, warmth, confidence.

Orange uplifting, attracts attention, gives a feeling of carelessness.

The extreme degree of enthusiasm for orange is to lead a life of pleasure.

  • Orange sets up a positive attitude towards life, openness, sociability, love of freedom, creativity, enthusiasm.
  • Contemplating it helps to cope with depressive mood, get rid of fears, fills with energy.
  • Negative qualities: pampered, indulging in weakness, vanity, illusions, arrogance.
  • Orange is the favorite color of dreamers and intuitive people.

Yellow is the color of optimism and energy. He fills with joy, warmth, faith in the good.

Yellow stimulates the brain, increases concentration, helps to remember, improves the nervous system. However, it can lead to overexcitement and anxiety.

Yellow is preferred by people striving for a goal, cheerful and energetic.

  • Yellow clothing helps to stand out and at the same time to win the location of others.
  • Negative qualities: self-centeredness, envy, imbalance, greed.
  • Contemplation of this color warms and boosts mood.

This is a combination of calm blue and optimism yellow.

The meaning of color in psychology and esoterica

The color of nature, soothing and relaxing.

Those who prefer the green, rational, serious, calmly go on the path of life and have a rich spiritual world.

  • The color of peace, tranquility, harmony, gentleness, well-being.
  • Green symbolizes youth and freshness, sometimes immaturity.
  • Negative qualities: apathy, peace, indecision, naivety, hopelessness, longing.
  • May make a depressing impression.

The color of the sky, innocence, spirituality.

Blue clothes can inspire confidence and respect for you, emphasizing your desire for stability.

Blue walls set up to work, soothe, remove unnecessary emotions.

  • Blue symbolizes tenderness, lightness, faith, purity, lofty ideals, peacefulness, clarity of thought.
  • Negative qualities: coldness, passivity, indifference, melancholy, fatigue.
  • In meditative practices used to relieve tension.
  • Helps reduce temperature, blood pressure, getting rid of edema.

Blue symbolizes eternity, constancy, loyalty. It is the color of silence, self-discipline, intuition, philosophy and idealism.

He relieves stress and emotional stress, directs to the contemplation of his inner world.

  • Blue inhibits the nervous system, helps to cope with irritation and anger.
  • Negative qualities: sadness, depression, inhibition, fear, dependence, immobility.
  • Contraindicated in depression and depression.


This is the color of a combination of opposites: active red and passive blue.

Violet symbolizes space, fantasy, imagination, spirituality, creativity.

Purple color is chosen by unusual people, not like everyone else. They are usually difficult to realize in life.

  • It puts pressure on the psyche, causes apathy.
  • Raises low self-esteem.
  • Negative qualities: loneliness, isolation, self-care, suggestibility, illusions.

White and black

These colors are not included in the spectrum of the rainbow, but play an important role in life, so they should be considered separately.

The meaning of color in psychology and esoterica

This is the color of purity, hope, tranquility.

Usually, choosing this color in clothes, a person emphasizes his state: lightness, romantic mood, festive moment.

White oversupply indicates coldness and detachment, as well as the desire to be perfect. People who prefer white are clean and idealists.

Black usually symbolizes a dark perception of life.

In clothes, black will help hide flaws.

People who prefer this color are most likely not confident, tend to perceive the world in dark colors.

In this case, the classic is usually just black. There is also a link between black and sexuality.

Main conclusions

  • Colors not only make the world brighter, but also affect our feelings and emotions.
  • Seven colors of the rainbow can cause a variety of sensations: from optimism to depression.
  • Warm shades set up a positive attitude, activity, give energy, while cold soothe and relax.
  • By what color a person prefers, you can say a lot about his character.

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