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The main signs of the evil eye and spoilage in women and men

Characteristic signs of the evil eye and damage in women

Knowing the main signs of the evil eye and damage to women, you can quickly determine the presence of negative impact and take measures to eliminate it. In this article we will tell you how the evil eye and the damage on the fair sex.

The main signs of the evil eye and spoilage in women and men

Features of the evil eye and damage

Evil eye and damage caused by human envy and malice. They differ only in the sign that the evil eye is induced unconsciously, and damage — purposefully.

To make it clearer, people who emanate negative energy are able to jinx it with the help of a glance, a word, or even thoughts. This does not happen on purpose and indicates the outburst of negatively charged energy.

In the case when no measures are taken, negative psychic energy penetrates into the biofield of the “victim”.

It turns out that in reality the evil eye acts as a blow to the human aura. If at this time a person is overflowing with vital energy — no negative will be able to cause him significant harm.

But, if at the time of the evil eye the body is weakened by stressful situations, troubles, illnesses or something else — the negative will destroy the energy body.

The result of the evil eye is a short-term recording of negative information and its preservation in the aquatic environment of the body. The evil eye has not too dangerous, but rather unpleasant consequences.

So, as a result of its impact, a small series of troubles begins (the equipment breaks down, a person suffers from theft, deceit, slander, and so on).

But despite this, the evil eye can not significantly harm health, because it is sent unconsciously and is not aimed at causing serious harm.

Unlike the evil eye, defacement is already a deliberate influence on the part of dishonorable people, entailing very grave consequences. In this case, the negative information for a long time will be stored in the aquatic environment of the body.

Next we look at the characteristic signs of damage and the evil eye.

The main signs of the evil eye and spoilage in women and men

What are the symptoms in the body is determined by the evil eye in women

If a man or a man or a woman has been put on an evil eye on a person, it will be difficult not to notice the obvious manifestations of this negative impact. The latter include a number of typical symptoms:

  • slowness — a person can stand on the threshold for a long time before deciding to enter a room;
  • discordant movements — gait sideways, a person sits on the edge of the seat;
  • avoids looking in the eyes of interlocutors;
  • notable for indecision, confusion, excessive embarrassment;
  • increased tendency to disputes, excuses, even in cases when there is no need for them;
  • also a person gets tired very quickly;
  • suffering from insomnia, how many hours a day he would not sleep — he still feels not sufficiently rested;
  • when waking up, for a long period of time «comes to life»;
  • no power to perform even the most necessary, elementary actions;
  • may cause asthma when a person suffers a sharp lack of air;
  • a woman with completely healthy tests cannot get pregnant for a long time or there are problems with carrying a baby (miscarriages);
  • Often a person feels an internal heat, and the body temperature does not increase;
  • a voice may disappear — it becomes difficult to express your thoughts and feelings through speech;
  • there is frequent yawning, even if there is no desire to sleep;
  • diarrhea and fear of direct sunlight may occur (in this case, the person feels comfortable solely in the conditions of twilight)
  • in the case of a strong negative effect, it regularly darkens in the eyes, dizziness begins.

Also, regardless of the type of the evil eye, first of all, the heart condition worsens. The pressure jumps either to one side or the other, and this condition in the future is fraught with heart failure and other serious pathologies.

The main signs of the evil eye and spoilage in women and men

In addition, the solar plexus chakra is affected, which is responsible for the individuality of a person. For this reason, a woman who has been jinxed can drastically change her life position, outlook on life, habits, desires and tastes.

Characteristic manifestations of damage

As a rule, damage can be seen immediately after its guidance. The victim is faced with increasing weakness, sleep disturbances, deterioration of health, the appearance of protracted problems in the sphere of finance, work, personal life, which are difficult to explain from the point of view of logic.

  1. It is characteristic for the victim that he hears what he is told, but does not assimilate the information received.
  2. Has a confused look in which fear is read.
  3. The behavior of such a person is intended to plunge into shock. Thus, he subconsciously draws energy from others to fill in the gaps in his biofield.
  4. In conversations there is often no elementary logic.
  5. A characteristic symptom of damage, according to which it can be installed unmistakably — a person’s face becomes dark, gray in color even in direct sunlight.
  6. The boundaries between the protective fields, which are close to each other, are in tension and stretched.

Damage is one of the most dangerous destructive programs attached to a specific energy center, and then disrupting its activity and balance between all the chakras.

For example, if there is damage to success, the solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for social status, will suffer the most. As a result — there are problems with the stomach and with the entire digestive system.

In the case of targeting damage to the apex, the work of the sexual chakra is disturbed, as well as the “mirror” of it — Sahasrara, which is responsible for the material manifestation of the person. It turns out that a woman cannot be realized as a mother, the entrance for the soul of the future baby is closed in her body.

Damage to marriage is induced either in general by the marriage union, or specifically by one of the partners. Often, in this case, there are simultaneously various programs (damage to sex, damage to intolerance, damage to conflicts and scandals).

If damage to the bed is induced, then the person suffers from sexual impotence or other violations of the reproductive system.

In the process of diagnosing women who have had abortions in the past, it turns out that the damage affected the lower energy centers. Abortion is, as you know, a very serious sin, even the most skilled master cannot always save from such damage.

Damage often occurs after various injuries (damage to the spine, head, heart attacks and strokes).

Manifestations of negative impact absolutely always correlate with the symptoms of the pathologies of those organs that are controlled by one or another chakra.

Absolutely in all situations, the damage is attracted due to a strong evil eye (or multiple negative effects). This program will be tested first.

To get rid of induced damage, you should resort to the traditional methods of healing alien effects, as well as use local treatment.

Complete the current picture by watching a video that tells even more information about the negative effects of a different plan.

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