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The magical properties of the bay leaf, conspiracies and rites with him for money, luck and fulfillment of desires

The magic of the bay leaf: basic properties, rites for protection, attracting money, luck, love

Laurel is a plant that symbolizes greatness and triumph. It is a powerful magic amulet, giving its owner optimism and vitality.

Laurel helps to attract financial resources, luck and love, improve health, protects against dark forces. His energy relieves fear and gives confidence, so the bay leaf is used by competitors and people looking for work.

With it, you can also bring the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

Bay leaf is commonly used for:

  • Cleaning the home of negative energy. If there are constant quarrels at home or you want to clean the room from the energy of unpleasant guests, put laurel leaves in the corners of the rooms.
  • Protect your home from the negative effects. To do this, tie several bay leaves in one bundle and hang it above the entrance door.
  • Purification of the energy field. Smoke bay leaves are often used by fortunetellers to neutralize negative energy after a client with a heavy aura.
  • Sleep well. A fragrant cloth bag filled with crushed laurel is placed under the pillow. He will attract prophetic dreams and free from nightmares.
  • Restore psychological balance. During the inhalation of the laurel aroma, the tension decreases, the emotions subside.

The magical properties of laurel will be enhanced if it is fresh. If you can not get such leaves, you can drop a little bit of essential laurel oil on the dry leaves.

The magical properties of the bay leaf, conspiracies and rites with him for money, luck and fulfillment of desires

Bay leaf is used in magical practice to attract good luck, love and health. To conduct these ceremonies does not require special training.

They begin to act almost immediately after.

The magical properties of the bay leaf, conspiracies and rites with him for money, luck and fulfillment of desires

Bay leaf helps to quickly attract good luck and positive changes in life. Rituals are recommended to perform on the growing moon.

The magical properties of the bay leaf, conspiracies and rites with him for money, luck and fulfillment of desires

They take four bay leaves and place them in each corner under the door door mat. Throughout the lunar month, the leaves will attract luck to the house.

If the leaves break, they must be replaced with new ones.

If you have to take part in a competition or a competition, it is useful to use this simoronsky technique using a bay leaf. To do this, before the contest it is necessary to crown yourself with a laurel wreath.

You will need a bay leaf, glue, a piece of wire and the corresponding emotional mood, since the Simoron rites are light and humorous.

First, the wreath itself is made. It does not have to be perfect.

The funnier the odd job is, the better. Then this symbol of victory should be placed on your head and for some time in it to be like, trying to feel the emotions of the winner.

Then you need to stand in front of the mirror and solemnly give a speech of thanks. For the victory, you can thank anyone and anything — relatives, friends, a cat, cough pills, exchange rates.

The funnier the speech, the more useful the ritual for future victory.

The rite allows you to attract good luck in all areas that are important to a person. For it, a white wax candle is lit and the wish of luck to oneself is written on a piece of paper. You can write both general wishes and a blessing on the outcome of a particular case.

It should be located in the center of the sheet.

Then melted wax is necessary to circle this wish in a circle. A large and flat bay leaf is put on the inscription above and the words of the conspiracy are pronounced: "Just as the bay leaf accompanies the victor in his path, so let Fortune be with me. Let all my plans and dreams come true, and good luck will often smile at me.

Wax seal will close the wish, I hide from prying eyes. What I want, it will come true in time.


Then these words are pronounced again, and the candle is extinguished. The note is folded so that the bay leaf is inside it, as if in an envelope.

It should be carried with you and repeat the wish as often as possible.

The magic of laurel helps to realize the cherished dreams. The rituals with its use attract enough energy to move the desire from the subtle plane to the real world.

In order to perform rites even faster, you should regularly visualize the fulfillment of the desired, filling the image of the dream with positive emotions.

For the ceremony you need to take:

  • small refractory capacity;
  • 1 bay leaf;
  • light wax candle;
  • felt-tip pen

The sacrament is performed as follows:

  1. 1. It is necessary to light a candle.
  2. 2. The desire to write a marker on a bay leaf.
  3. 3. Visualize the performance of the desired.
  4. 4. Sheet three times kiss, put in a bowl and set on fire.
  5. 5. While it is burning, utter the words of the conspiracy: "By the power of the holy heavens, by the power of great miracles, may my dream come true. As I ordered, so it became! Amen".

They take a thread of yellow color (suitable for floss) and seven leaves of laurel. Then they conceive seven of their most important desires.

Their wording should be very specific.

At sunrise you must do "ladder of success". To do this, take one piece of paper and, pronouncing their desire on it, tie it to the thread on both sides.

Of all the sheets should get handicraft in the form of a ladder. It is hanged in the kitchen and stored until all desires are fulfilled.

Laurel — a powerful attribute to attract financial well-being. His strength is due to the fact that the plant is directly related to success and greatness, which are often accompanied by wealth.

The peculiar color palette of bay leaves, which is similar in color to dollars and other bills, also has the magic of money attraction.

Take 3 dried leaves and grease them with 2-3 drops of essential orange oil. Then put in the place of storage of money — in a purse, wallet, box or safe.

For the ceremony will require:

  • a small jar (suitable for coffee);
  • 3 bay leaves;
  • 7 gold coins;
  • a piece of paper.

The ritual is performed as follows:

  1. 1. Write the required amount of money and your name on paper.
  2. 2. Put a note with three bay leaves in a jar.
  3. 3. One after another, coins are also lowered there, simultaneously pronouncing the words of a conspiracy: "The more coins shine, the more they ring — the more I have. Coins will come, from where I don’t wait at all, they will disperse both adversity and disaster. Let it be so!".
  4. 4. Bank put in a secret place.
  5. 5. Every day you should add at least one coin to it, visualizing how the necessary amount comes from unexpected sources.

Bay leaf is used not only to attract money, but in order to return its: debts, lost or lost money.

For the ritual will require:

  • canvas bag or handkerchief;
  • red thread;
  • three whole bay leaves;
  • seven coins of silver color.

The rite is held at dawn. The leaves are tied together by a thread, at the same time pronouncing a conspiracy: "Lord, the All-Merciful! Not from self-interest to you, I resort, but for assistance in the return of debt.

Send me a speedy replenishment, and the debtor — a good increase, so he did not need anything. Other people’s money on the road will not be found, but your own — let them quickly go back to your wallet, to Your glory.


Then the sheets and coins are wrapped in a bag or scarf. They should be buried in fertile soil.

You can do it in the garden, in the garden or even in a flower pot.

Laurel is useful in matters of the heart. His positive energy will give confidence in the relationship, attract happiness to family life.

If a woman has a modest admirer who is not allowed to take the initiative by insecurity, the next rite, which is held only on Thursdays, will help. A bay leaf is set on fire in the refractory tank and the words of the conspiracy are uttered 9 times on its smoke: "Laurel glorious, victorious! Odari (fan name) courage.

Let it be absorbed in his thoughts, soul and body. May his courage grow and grow stronger every day.

And let the fire burn any doubt, to come (name) to me quickly helps. So be it!


You can perform the sacrament several times. The best time is a rising moon or a full moon..

If a girl cannot marry for a long time, she can resort to using bay leaf. For the rite for the imminent marriage will require:

  • three leaves of laurel (preferably fresh);
  • red thread or thin ribbon;
  • any ring worn for at least three days.

With the help of the thread, the leaves and the decoration are tied together and placed under the bed. During bandaging, the words of the conspiracy are pronounced: "The sun and the moon love people carry.

Eternity is in the firmament of the heavens, but everyone does not see enough of one another. So my love lives forever, happiness bears. To the world, to the joy, to the imminent marriage.

As I said, it will be so. Amen".

In order for the newlyweds to have a happy and long marriage, before the wedding, they put one dried leaf of laurel into their shoes for the whole night. For 2 pairs of shoes you will need 4 sheets.

In the morning, the one who put the leaves should remove them, not forgetting to thank the laurel for their assistance.

They take three bay leaves and tie them for cuttings with the help of a thread of red color. The composition is placed in the living room, where all households gather.

When making a ward, a spell is cast: "The leaves of laurel rustle in the wind, laurel green I bring to the house. Laurel glorious in the sun grows, family happiness in the house will bring!".

Laurel will help and make a career. Rituals with its use are useful for those who are looking for a job or want to stabilize matters in an already existing place.

For the ceremony should take a new handkerchief made from green fabric. It can be replaced with a piece of cloth of the same color. A scarf is spread on the table one angle towards itself.

In the middle of it put 3 cardamom seeds, 1 bay leaf and a rosemary branch (dry or fresh). All the corners are folded together and tied with a ribbon.

This knot of magical herbs will help give confidence during the interview. The leading role in it is played by the bay leaf, symbolizing victory and success.

Cardamom will help to open up in communication, increase eloquence. Rosemary is a herb of achievement, mental self-discipline and concentration.

Before the interview, it is necessary to take a bundle of herbs in the palm of your hand and in your imagination to present the whole process of employment. If the employer refuses or begins to doubt, this is a sign that this place of work does not suit the person.

The famous clairvoyant recommended that job seekers perform a special ritual on the new moon. Vanga’s advice is this:

  1. 1. On a small sheet of paper write the desired position and salary.
  2. 2. After that, the sheet is cut into small pieces, mixed with crushed bay leaf, put in a pan and set on fire.
  3. 3. When all the contents burn and cool down, collect the ashes and wrap it in a denomination of any value.
  4. 4. Bundles are worn as a talisman.

So that the contents do not fall apart, you can put it in a small wallet pocket or in a bag with a clasp. "zip lock".

The following rite allows you to attract good luck in your work:

  1. 1. Take 5 dried leaves of laurel and a small piece of red wool.
  2. 2. The sheets must be connected by thread and put in the drawer of your desktop.
  3. 3. At the same time utter the words of the conspiracy: "Laurel tall and slim! You have grown up on a glorious land, under the hot sun. Bring joy and luck into my life".

This technique will be especially useful for creative individuals and those who by the nature of their service have to work a lot with people.

To enhance immunity, improve well-being and clean the biofield, you can use the following rite. It lies in the fact that laurel leaves are placed under the mattress in the phase of the growing moon.

After the lunar month they are replaced by new ones. The old ones are burned at the same time, as they absorb negative energy.

When the leaves are laid, they utter a conspiracy: "Laurel sheets on the bed I put, I ask them for protection. Let them soak up the evil ailment, and add health and strength to me, good sleep and daytime vigor.

Let it be so".

Laurel is a subtle magical instrument, responsive to any negative. It can be used to determine the presence of damage in a person, to protect a child or an adult from negative outside.

The following rite will help determine if there is any damage to a person. To do this, set fire to a dry leaf of laurel and watch what happens to it:

  • If it does not burn, it indicates the presence of envious or detractors who have a strong negative energy.
  • If the sheet is smoking, black smoke emanates from it — it is a sign of induced damage.

A branch of laurel, attached at the head of the child’s bed, will protect it from the evil eye, envy, and any other negative impact.

If you put a piece of laurel in the pocket of the student, he will serve as a talisman that protects from the evil eye.

To protect yourself from enemies and their wiles, you should cut the apple into two parts and put a bay leaf in the middle. Then both halves are again folded and tied with a green thread. At the same time utter the words of the conspiracy: "In a green apple I put a green leaf.

Green thread firmly turn around. Out of the hard, I save, spells and slander in the dust turn".

Then the apple should be buried under a tree in a deserted place. When it starts to decompose, plans of ill-wishers will begin to be upset, and they will not be able to harm the person.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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