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The magic of money: spells and conspiracies to attract wealth

The magic of money: effective spells and ceremonies to attract financial wealth

Money magic works through the discovery of cash flow. This process takes place during special rituals. After the rites, finances come from well-known sources, and from completely unexpected.

The magic of money is not a means of easy enrichment. After the ceremony, it is necessary to take active steps to improve their well-being.

So spells will be most effective.

Money magic is aimed at eliminating financial difficulties and attracting money. Such rituals and plots belong to white magic, therefore practically harmless.

The exceptions are voodoo rites, which belong to black magic and require special care when using them.

The magic of money: spells and conspiracies to attract wealth

In order for the ritual to be effective and quickly draw wealth into life, the main rules of monetary magic should be followed:

  • Goal setting. Before carrying out the sacrament, you should consider what purpose it is pursuing. You can make a specific amount of money, the successful completion of a particular project. "Become a Millionaire" using rites is hardly possible.
  • Investing creative energy. Each of the rituals should first be understood in the light of its financial situation. To do this, you can visualize how a particular ritual object, a conspiracy help to attract wealth, to solve a certain monetary problem. For example, to imagine how the color of a green candle helps to attract finances.
  • Letting go. After the ceremony, it is necessary to mentally release the result. Then the energy invested in it will go to the attraction of a certain amount or success of the business.
  • Positive emotions. Monetary sacraments are closely connected with emotions, therefore during the ritual it is necessary to present the exact result of its action. If there is no certainty that the money will come, the sacrament will not receive the emotional charge necessary for its realization.
  • Active actions. No magical rite will be effective unless the person himself makes any effort. After the ceremony, one should pay attention to the chances of receiving money provided by the Universe.

The magic of money: spells and conspiracies to attract wealth

The well-being of a person depends on the characteristics of the energy channels that connect his soul with the higher worlds. From the work of a binding thread depends on the state of a particular life sphere.

In case of monetary violations, the financial sector becomes the most vulnerable.

The rites and rituals of monetary magic are designed to eliminate financial difficulties by cleansing this channel. After this happens, money starts to come to a person from various sources.

The magic of money: spells and conspiracies to attract wealth

The result of the conspiracy is always individual. In some cases, it can be instant.

In the most difficult rituals, the action may begin to appear in 3-4 weeks. Strong rites, the results of which are not immediately obvious, more fundamentally transform the financial sphere of life compared to instantaneous ones.

The mechanism of the conspiracy is that a person connects to a powerful energy field, complementing its impact with his attention and mental images. This allows the desire to be realized after some time and in material terms.

For these rituals used additional attributes. Objects in magic can speed up the process of conspiracy, the transfer of a sum of money from the subtle plane into the material world.

Like other rituals, they are carried out in the growing moon phase.

To make such a money charm, you will need:

  • a pot made of clay;
  • 7 gold coins;
  • green wax candle;
  • matches

Before embarking on the performance of the rite, guess the necessary amount of money.

The order of the sacrament:

  1. 1. Every day during the week they throw one coin into the pot with their left hand. Words are simultaneously pronounced: "Money, flow with the river and shine, riches attract me sooner!".
  2. 2. On the 8th day, take all the coins from the pot to the left hand (right-handed to the right), and with it, carefully place them around the pot.
  3. 3. Light a candle with his left hand.
  4. 4. A few minutes visualize wealth, the arrival of the hidden amount of money.
  5. 5. Again, with the help of the left hand, coins are collected and lowered into the pot.
  6. 6. Then wait until the candle is completely burned. Her stub is put in the pot.
  7. 7. During the following month, one coin of any denomination is put into the pot every day.
  8. 8. After a month, a small gift is obtained for the accumulated amount — a beautiful key chain, a notebook or a hairpin.
  9. 9. Carry it as a money mascot with you.

The required amount of money will appear within a few weeks after the start of wearing the amulet.

In the store get a new broom. Before you start cleaning the house, they start talking about raising money. The rite should be done as follows:

  • close in the room alone at midnight;
  • light a candle or a lamp with dim lights;
  • put a broom in front of you;
  • Conspire against him 12 times (see below);
  • after reading the plot, clean up each room in the house with a broom;
  • collected in a scoop to make outside the home.

"Paul, I sweep away poverty and misery. I attract money, I leave it in my house.

Come, money, bring your brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, brides and sister-in-law, and all your friends and acquaintances, gather at my door. As I said, so be it.


Before conducting a ceremony on a bank card, you should make sure that there is some amount of money on the card. The greater it is, the more effective the rite.

On the growing moon card is clamped between the palms. Having warmed it, utter the following words:

"I love you, my faithful nurse, I carry you to any place with me so that you can give me more money, and in poverty you will not leave me for a day. How many do you have now, let it be more so that I can not count.

Take my faithful word, do not drop it on the way; bring me wealth. Amen".

After reading the plot, it is advisable to replenish a bank account within the next 24 hours. After that, the card will become a valid money amulet, generating income.

To attract wealth in the first lunar day out at night on the street, holding in his left hand any 12 coins. Then stretch the palm so that the moon illuminates them. 3 times on the coins the words are pronounced:

"The whole creation of God grows from the light of the red sun. And the money grows and multiplies from the moonlight.

Multiply and add, collect in my wallet. Rich me day by day.

Key, lock, tongue".

Coins should be clenched and returned home. At home they are placed in a separate wallet pocket.

The rite begins to operate during the current lunar month.

The rite is held at home. It allows you to attract a large amount of money in a short time. For the sacrament take three wax candles:

  • white — symbolizes the ritual conductor;
  • brown — professional activity;
  • green — material wealth.

Candles should be set on the table in the shape of a regular triangle. White is placed at its top, green — on the left, brown — on the right.

First pronounced magic word: "Goa hoa toa". This word allows you to call on the help of the spirit, called "Business". Candles are lit in turn:

  • On a white candle the words are pronounced: "Fire as spirit, spirit as fire".
  • On brown: "The point is on the way, everything is agreed".
  • On the green: "Business, bring income to income, money to money".

Candles must burn out completely. When they go out, you should collect all the wax, wrap in a new cloth and put in a secluded place.

At the pedestrian intersection after the rite must be left something in the form of a few coins.

From any candle you need to remove the wick, set it on fire from both sides and quickly pronounce the words:

"Fire from the beginning of the human race is eternal, and my spirit is rich and luck marked. Money, gold, silver, but all good.


For the ceremony, you should specifically purchase a new wallet. You should read the words to it:

"Every time I get money, I will remember the Lord God. Every time the money goes, the Lord Jesus Christ may I remember, and the money will multiply.


For the sacrament suitable bill of any value. It must be folded so that it takes the form of a triangle. Then the words are pronounced on the bill:

"How little brooks stretch to a fast river, and fast rivers stretch to deep seas; how a man is attracted to a woman, and a woman is attracted to a man; how the white day is attracted to the dark night, and the dark night to the white day, so that you, the bill, attract similar ones to yourself. No sooner said than done.


The conspiracy bill is hidden in a purse in a secret pocket. It is valid for three lunar months.

Then it can be deployed and spent, and the ritual can be redone with another banknote.

It is worth remembering that resorting to this kind of magic: attributes for voodoo magic should be kept separately from items used in other types of divination. Their energy is not well combined with objects of other magical trends.

To make a powerful money talisman in the form of a special voodoo doll, you will need:

  • cloth from old clothes "cash" shades — green or gold;
  • cat or cat hair;
  • 13 wax candles;

For the manufacture of dolls taken exclusively wool of the animal, living in the same area with those who enchants. The cat is combed, while pronouncing the words of the spell:

"How many cloths come down from a cat, so much gold and silver will come to me. Come to me, coins and bills, every day, every hour, day and night, every day of the week on the full moon and on the young, in summer and in winter.

So be it".

Then the wool is collected from the comb. The candles are melted and the wax is mixed with wool.

She stuffed a doll, sewn from pieces of fabric from their old clothes.

The effectiveness of the rite does not depend on the size of the doll — it can be both small and large.

For the ceremony will require:

  • clove essential oil;
  • 12 identical coins operating in any country of the world;
  • cut of natural fabric (flax, cotton);
  • yellow or golden thread;
  • piggy bank.

The sacrament is held at midnight, in the light of the moon or lit candles. The ring finger of his left hand is dipped in oil.

They criss-cross each coin and then put it on the fabric. Then a roll is made of coins and cloth and tied with a thread. Words are pronounced on him:

"Perfume cash! I bring you a gift of gold and sweet aroma. Measure and you me well-being yes money.

Let the wealth flow to me like a stormy river, come true on the way".

If there is an opening bottom in the piggy bank, the bundle is put into the piggy bank. If not, it should be left on the windowsill under the moonlight. The next morning, before sunrise, the piggy bank and the bundle are carefully wrapped in any cloth.

They should not get a single beam of light. The bundle is hidden in a secluded place.

The sacrament begins to operate in the next few months.

The following ordinances are performed in a cemetery, in a bathhouse, or in a church. The magic process in each case is accompanied by the connection to the mystery of the spirits of a particular place.

This allows you to increase the impact of money witchcraft and accelerate the attraction of welfare.

The rite is performed by addressing Bannik, the spirit who lives in the bath. Runs on the growing moon.

It will require a rope, which was tied to any livestock — for example, a cow. Going into the bath, you should tie yourself with a rope instead of a belt and say a conspiracy 3 times:

"Bannik likhodey! I take you as witnesses: as secretly I was tied up with a cattle rope, so I commit to myself a strong leash.

I hold money, large and small, bills and coins. How much wool is on the body of a cattle, so let me have a lot of money.

This bathhouse conspiracy is locked with an iron key, and the key is under Alatyr-stone. Amen".

Rope after reading the words can not be removed. It must be worn during the day — until the next night.

Then it must be buried under the spruce. In this case, the rope is not untied, but cut — so that the knot is not damaged. During the instillation, the words of the plot are read:

"You, witcher-lihodey, I take witnesses. Bring money to me on a leash, and poverty bran. No sooner said than done.

Key, lock, tongue".

When the necessary amount of money comes, you should thank the spirit of the bath with vodka, putting a pile under the bench in the bath.

During this sacrament, they turn to the Master and Mistress of the cemetery, as well as to the dead buried there. The owner and mistress of the cemetery are the spirits guarding the churchyard and keeping order in its territory.

A full moon sacrament is performed. The time of day does not matter.

For the ceremony will require a coin of silver. Arriving at the churchyard, you should go to its central part.

Approximately in the middle of the path, you need to stop and put a coin on the ground right on the path, standing on it with your left heel. Then the words are read:

"The owner of the cemetery and the mistress, and thirteen of their children, guard the land of the dead. Let him give me a memorial land, tears strewn bitter, there is as much money for my share as people have buried here.

As long as the human death race knows, until then wealth comes to me. A dead man in a coffin, a coffin in a damp land, and I am on feather-beds, with gold and silver.


The plot is pronounced three times, without errors or hesitations. After that, the foot is removed, and the coin rises from the ground with his right hand.

Coming through the gate of the cemetery, you should say: "I took a coin from a dead man for wealth. Amen".

A conspired coin serves as a money talisman. It can never be wasted or lost — in this case, not to avoid complete financial collapse.

Often people are trying to steal a mascot that has been spoken, so it’s impossible to tell anyone about it.

The light forces that live in the temple take part in this rite. Going to church, put a bag or bag of flour in the bosom.

With him should defend all day service. Return home silently.

It is also impossible to talk with household members until the rite is completed. Standing in the bathroom or in the bath, you need to sprinkle yourself with flour and say the words:

"Stone grindstones turn around in the morning, and white flour pours out from under them. I take that flour, I sow, I wind. From myself, the servant of the Lord (name), I remove the need.

From the white flour prosphora baked in the church. Prosphora that on Sunday breaks, yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is glorified.

And money goes to my house and a coin. There will be in my dwelling bread and flour from age to century.


The following ceremonies are held to achieve different financial goals, debt recovery. Magic will help and to maintain the already achieved level of well-being.

So that the money is constantly multiplied, conduct such a rite. In the leaf fall, they come up to the aspen and, having begun to shake it, say the words:

"How true that Judas Iscariot, having betrayed Christ, hanged himself on an aspen, so it is true that I will have as much money as the leaves fall at my feet!".

Then they go back home and put a broom upside down — a sweeping part up. At the same time the words are pronounced:

"As I say, so be it".

This Simoron rite will suit those who have a clear monetary purpose. To perform the ritual, you must have access to any stairs leading to work.

It must have at least seven steps. Each of them corresponds to a specific idea that leads to the fulfillment of desire.

These seven ideas need to be written on paper. Whenever you climb the stairs, you should mentally pronounce them:

  1. one. "Every day I am closer and closer to my dream".
  2. 2 "I’m doing great".
  3. 3 "No one can lead me astray".
  4. four. "I will reach my goal no matter what".
  5. five. "Every day I get new information on how to realize my dream".
  6. 6 "I have a great career".
  7. 7 "My goal every day inspires me more".

If you don’t return the money for a long time, you can use this rite: an odd number of nails are hammered into any wooden bar at exactly noon. Words are simultaneously pronounced:

"Do not hammer iron nail, and knocks out money from the debtor (name)!".

At sunset, the bar is burned with nails. Then the nails are selected from the coals and collected in one pile. Words are pronounced on them:

"Not a tree is burned, but a shamelessness (name). Amen".

At least one nail should be left in the house or apartment of the debtor. If we are talking about rural areas, you can throw a nail through the fence.

The next day, after the ritual, they go to church and set a candle for the health of this person.

If a person is in difficult financial circumstances, he can turn to Saint Spyridon Trimifuntsky for help. The prayer to God’s saint reads this:

"Holy Spiridone Trimifuntsky! I trust in you alone with all my soul. With your life you helped the destitute.

Pray, deliver me from the traps set by the evil one. Deliver me from greed and all sins.

Help to distribute all the debts, send an ambulance to help, so that there is no place in poverty in my life. To the glory of the Lord.


The rite is performed on a clear, cloudless night. Optimally carry it on the street. Looking at the moon and the stars, you should count to 21 and utter the words of the conspiracy:

"No matter how many count, there are no stars in the sky — neither three thousand seven, nor three times three thousand seven, nor three times three thousand three thousand each seven. So let me have no money to count, as in the sky of clear stars.


The following rituals are designed to return their lost money, find treasure. In order for money to appear unexpectedly in front of your eyes, you should perform a ritual with a strong faith in its execution.

The rite may work so that after it is held, the purse, wallet, document or other item lost by another person will be found. In this case, the item should be promptly returned to the owner.

No magical rites do not give the right to violate existing legislation.

The sacrament works flawlessly. It allows you to find a lost wallet, wallet or bill, and find hidden treasure. For it will require:

  • spoonful of thick honey;
  • candle wax;
  • fireproof capacity;
  • candle green;
  • blank paper;
  • green pencil.

Witchcraft begins at noon or at midnight. The phase of the moon is growing.

To begin with, light a candle with matches, write the desired on paper ("find the missing money", "find treasure"). After that, you need to melt the honey, and then the wax.

In turn, honey and wax are dripped onto a piece of paper with a written desire, and smeared over the entire surface.

During these actions, the plot is read 7 times:

"The bees fly to the flowers for honey, and the money flies to me at the shelter. Do not stick out from the hands and feet. With wax I affirm what I wish and seal, I close the bolt with cast iron.

Neither unlock nor open — money to be with me. Amen".

Upon completion, the sheet is crushed and ignited by candle fire. A little ash should be put in a bag and carried in the left pocket of clothes.

The spell is read on the object with which it is planned to carry out the process of finding treasure: a shovel, a metal detector. It is necessary to pronounce the words 3 days before the trip. The subject should be taken in both hands and, looking at it, say:

"At dawn I go out of the house, I walk with the clear moon. Looking for treasures from all four directions of the world. At the Sun of the Red and the Moon a clear blessing on (name of the subject) I ask.

He will be with me in the campaign, but in persistent search. The red sun let my path light up, the moon clear the road shields. Let the fair wind blow, but the water-sister directs, and thunder and clouds do not block my path.

The lights of the forest and marsh lead forward and not lure. The unclean spirits left the road, and the good ones brought good.

No sooner said than done. So be it".

On the road for the treasure you must wear a cross. It will serve as a good defense against unclean spirits, who always guard the treasure.

The plot helps to find money on the street. The spell is suitable for those who would like to find a treasure.

Before sunrise, the following words are read seven times:

"I will rise together with the red dawn, go with the red sun through the woods and banks, along the rivers and steeper. I will find a large stone, and under it lies silver and gold, and all sorts of jewels. Pull away that stone Aki feather light, and take all those treasures that lie under it, but all the gold-silver, but all sorts of jewels.

And whoever laid the treasure, he dreamed in the morning that I, the servant of the Lord (name), would come, and they would take away the wealth.

Shine more like a red sun. Show me the way, the path to the right treasure, to the big stone.

For me, it will not be big but heavy, but like a feather or a sliver. I set off on a journey, a path, and I will find that rich treasure, which is laid under a mountain with an unknown hand.

Key, lock, tongue".

The next rite allows you to find money if you need it very urgently. On average, the required amount comes within 1 hour after it. The strongest practitioners manage to conjure the required amount even in 5 minutes.

For 1 minute the money is extremely rare, but the sacrament does not preclude such an outcome.

For the ceremony, one should be left exactly at one in the morning. A black pen on a piece of paper to write a spell.

Then imagine how in the unexpected place is the right amount of money. Conspiracy words:

"One night in a hurry, another promises money. I will go through the streets and along the alleys, through the parks and squares. I will find money without measure.

I do not take someone else’s, I will not give my own. As said, so be it.


As a payoff, you should throw a ten-ruble coin at the crossroads.

For the ceremony will need "lungs" the money that was accidentally found, won, donated by anyone. Of this money, you must take the largest bill and put it in your old wallet, which has not been used for a long time. On the first day after the full moon on the wallet 7 times the words are pronounced:

"As a lost puppy runs to her mother, so the money will return to my wallet. Just as a lost dog is looking for its owner, like a walking cat is returning home, so even if the lost money comes back to me. As said — and done.


The plotted bill is folded in half. It is put in the wallet that is used now, separately from other money.

The rite is performed 3 months at the onset of the full moon. In the fourth lunar month, all three bills should be spent.

After that, the lost money will return.

Arcana Tarot, symbolizing welfare, can be used to generate revenue. After the ritual, those arcana that were used in them, must lie down for one night separately from the deck.

This is necessary to restore the energy balance of the arcane after use.

Will suit those who would like to increase the level of their financial well-being through a new project, investment. To conduct the ceremony, it is necessary to take the Empress lasso." from the tarot deck, as well as a green wax candle.

At full moon, light a candle and place a face up card in front of it. She is conspired:

"Money and success in all matters will bring me the favor of the Empress. She will open all the possibilities before me".

Then the candle should be blown out and a little rub the palm of your hand in its smoke, saying:

"As my hands are now full of smoke, so much money will be in them".

At the end of the ritual, clap your hands loudly, clearly and loudly saying the word several times "Amen!".

The rite is held on the growing moon. The following arcana is selected from the deck:

  • Ace Pentacles — is a symbol of success, good luck.
  • Three Pentacles — personifies the talents of the person conducting the meditation, his ability to earn money.
  • Nine pentacles — means the successful completion of a long project.
  • Ten Pentacles — symbolizes the embodiment of a dream, the fulfillment of desire.
  • Wheel of Fortune — indicates that a person is in the right place at the right time.

Arcana laid out in the form of a star. Then they close their eyes and visualize how financial well-being and success, personified by these five arcane, are coming into life more and more every day.

Money rituals and rituals are among the safest. In case of improper conduct of the ceremony, the most negative consequence may be the lack of results. In the esoteric world, it is believed that the exception is graveyard and bath rituals.

They are black magic and can cause health problems. Therefore, if possible, they are recommended to be replaced by less dangerous ordinances.

To make any rite safe, one should:

  • Take the sacrament seriously. Not allowed to start witchcraft out of curiosity.
  • Each conspiracy must end with a final phrase or word. For example, "Amen".
  • Pick up the rite based on personal preferences, do not go against your inner voice. For example, if a respectable Christian takes advantage of the Voodoo money rite, it can have unpredictable negative consequences for him.

When the ritual works, it is useful to consolidate its action through good deeds, begging for the poor or donations to the temple. This will serve as a good protection of the money received from the evil eye.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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