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The magic of mirrors: what it is and how it actually works

Mirror magic: how to handle reflective surfaces

The mirror is truly the most popular mystical attribute. There were always various rumors, beliefs, legends around him that told about his otherworldly possibilities.

The magic of mirrors is a topic that I would like to talk about by examining the most often described properties of reflective surfaces.

The magic of mirrors: what it is and how it actually works

Features of mirror objects

Since ancient times, various nations attributed many different properties to mirrors, believing in their special mystical energy. So, it was believed that the reflecting object remembers everything that he once «saw.» By the way, modern scientists adhere to a similar opinion.

True, alas, there is no way to extract his “memories” from the mirror.

But sometimes the mirror object shows what should happen. For example, you can recall the famous magician of the Middle Ages — Cornelius Agrippa. He gained his fame precisely because he could call in the reflective surface the faces of beloved people who turned to him.

The most interesting thing is that the current beloved ones appeared in the mirror, and those who have already died or have not yet appeared in a person’s life.

Mirror steals energy

In addition to the positive characteristics of the mirrors, they have plenty of negative ones. In particular, it has long been believed that mirrors are energy vampires that take away human vitality!

It is also believed that it is unacceptable to hang in the dwelling of someone else’s mirror object to protect themselves from the transfer of foreign bad energy.

In this case, we are talking about the mirror memory — after all, it most likely «saw» various scandals, quarrels, misfortunes, and maybe even death. It is clear that this subject is unlikely to make you happy.

He will begin to project all the negative accumulated in him onto his new owners.

And such reflective surfaces are known just like vampires: they deprive people of their energy by their evil influence. Mystics offer several signs of identifying such mirrors:

  • there is a chill next to them;
  • candles begin to fade (especially — brought from the temple);
  • perhaps even the appearance of the faces of their past owners or those events that occurred before the subject.

Here I would like to add that, regardless of the method of manufacture, there will always be small irregularities and roughnesses on the mirror. They prevent the full display of the whole world.

And due to this, some minimal information received by the object is not returned, but is stored in the mirror memory.

The magic of mirrors: what it is and how it actually works

The influence of mirrors on people

Many traditions claim that people have a unique information and energy matrix. It is also known as an aura or a biofield. There are situations when such a matrix was observed in the real world.

And sometimes she showed up in photographs.

So, the mirrors reflect not only the visible appearance of a person — his physical shell, but also any other types of energy emitted by him. In particular, and that very thin radiation of a matrix.

Moreover, the object not only reflects, but also remembers the indicators of energy, which in a sense makes it «alive.»

Signs associated with mirrors

On this account there is a huge number of popular beliefs and superstitions. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular:

  • A broken reflective object will bring 7 years of unhappiness. The basis of this sign is the belief about the absorption of a particle of a human soul by a mirror — it turns out that it turns into its twin. And causing harm to his double, automatically attracts failures and to himself. True, you can save the situation: you need to collect all the fragments, paint them with black dye, and then throw them into the stream of running water.
  • You can not look into a broken object — otherwise you will lose a lot of energy, which is bad for the general condition and life in general.
  • It is not advised to give mirrors to small children so that they do not become fearful and do not slow down in their development. It is believed that this will cause different diseases. This sign is extremely important, because up to 1 year of life, children have almost no personal protection from negativity, as a result of which they are extremely vulnerable and may suffer from any negative influences.
  • The fair sex during critical days, as well as being pregnant and immediately after childbirth, should not look into the mirrors. This is due to the fact that everything listed above makes the woman’s energy weaker, and the mirror will additionally stretch the forces. Due to the low energy potential, various pathologies arise that are physical and spiritual.

The magic of mirrors: what it is and how it actually works

Feng Shui tips on how to handle a mirror

Now we turn to the recommendations of the experts of the ancient Chinese doctrine on how to behave with reflective surfaces:

  • Mirrors inherent property to double the characteristics of what they reflect. In this connection, place in front of them that which possesses only positive qualities (for example, you can, for example, use your mirror to increase your material well-being).
  • Very carefully place the mirrors in the bedrooms. In the process of night rest, a person throws off all fatigue, negative emotions and in the case when the dressing table in the bedroom reflects them back — in the morning you will wake up exhausted rather than rested.
  • It is especially important that the marital bed is not reflected in the mirror, because in this case the dual face of the marriage union is created, which may entail a deterioration in the relationship. But lonely people are also not recommended to sleep next to reflective objects.
  • Carefully monitor the cleanliness of the mirrors — constantly wipe them from dirt and stains.
  • If in a room where there is a mirror surface, a quarrel occurred or you simply did not feel the best way — be sure to wipe the surface. So you get rid of the negative energy on it.
  • It is unacceptable to have cracked mirrors — change them immediately to new ones.
  • Make sure that all the mirrors are in the frame — otherwise they will aggressively act on people in the house.
  • It is also important that the mirror object hangs no lower than the height of the tallest in the family — you cannot see yourself in the glass with the head cut off.

In conclusion, I suggest you view the video about the magic mirror:

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