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The key of Solomon — what is it? Small and big key

Small and Big Keys of Solomon: what is the meaning of books

What do you know about the wise king Solomon? We are sure that you have heard about his greatness and vast knowledge in many sciences of the world.

Of course, within his time. If you are aware of this, then obviously heard about «The Little Key of Solomon» and «The Great Key of Solomon».

These books had a great influence on the formation of world religions, changing many aspects beyond recognition. Important work, right?

In this article we decided to tell you about «Small» and «the Great vein of Solomon». Sure, you will learn a lot of useful material from this material.

Perhaps you decide to read them yourself, which we highly recommend. Ready?

Getting started!

Solomon and his «Keys»

It is believed that King Solomon wrote this collection. As we have said, he was unusually smart, so it’s more than real.

In these books, Solomon literally reveals all extraterrestrial worlds before us. There he described all the magical creatures that inhabit Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. He also pointed out that with the help of some councils, control could be achieved.

Undoubtedly, this gave some advantage over the «mere mortals.»

How Solomon learned this is unknown. However, there are legends that Solomon is the divine vicar on Earth.

Given the special intelligence and talent of the king, this may well be true. Even if this is a great exaggeration, then there can be no debate about the talent of the ruler.

We think you clearly understand this.

There is also a version that Solomon made a deal with the Devil. In exchange, he received knowledge of the universe, but sold his soul.

Such a version may also exist, since the king’s extraterrestrial wisdom is hard to describe without the participation of otherworldly forces.

Of course, now we cannot say exactly what gave Solomon such knowledge, but we must take into account all possible options! They create the image of the great Solomon, the wisest of all humankind..

The key of Solomon - what is it? Small and big key

What do the keys open?

The name of the book is symbolic. They literally open the eyes of an ordinary person to things inaccessible to the ordinary inhabitant of the Earth. Of course, we are talking about otherworldly worlds and their inhabitants.

Angels, devils and much — much more populates our world so that we do not notice. Such a “Key” is literally a salvation for us, because you cannot always live in ignorance.

Surprisingly, he beat it, is not it?

The key of Solomon - what is it? Small and big key

What are these books about?

As we said books are a huge collection of descriptions of magical creatures. Before we describe the meaning of each book separately, we would like to point out two interesting facts that once again underline the importance of the “Keys of Solomon” for the world.

  • First of all, all magicians, alchemists and scholars of antiquity referred to this collection. Absolutely any area of ​​life described this work, so it received its worldwide popularity instantly. There was not a single scientist who had never heard of the «Keys of Solomon.» That is why they are of such importance.
  • Secondly, the person who knew all the secrets of the “Keys” practically became God. He was aware of all the laws of the universe and skillfully applied them to achieve their goals. He could resort to the help of magical creatures, use them as he needed. Such power gave man the opportunity to become the ruler of the whole world. That is why many scientists are pleased with the fact that the full «Keys» did not reach us.

«The Small Key of King Solomon»

  • «Small key Solomon» — the grimoire, which describes all sorts of rites and appeals. Although the full text has not been preserved, but several manuscripts survived. It was for him and was restored «Small Key Solomon.»
  • The book contains all the rites, from the lowest to the highest. Calls and much — much more allowed a knowledgeable person to change the reality around him.
  • Surprisingly, King Solomon himself applied his research during the reign. There are cases when he practiced magic, explored magical phenomena and creatures. With his curiosity, he laid the foundation of knowledge that allowed other sciences to acquire the form that we are seeing now. Keep this in mind when reading the collection!

The key of Solomon - what is it? Small and big key

«The Great Key of King Solomon»

  • In general, the existence of the “Big Key of King Solomon” is often questioned in the scientific community. The fact is that, in comparison with the “Small”, this book was found relatively recently known esoteric and collector. Books really are united by a common thought, which is why it is customary to rank it among the works of Solomon.
  • Content is so single, that one can “jump over” from one book to another and not lose the meaning of the expressed thought.
  • The book tells about the esoteric device of the globe. That is why the «Big Key» is an excellent tool for magic. It describes the popular magic techniques used by masters.
  • Often the “Big Key” is accused of inconvenience of work and inaccurate statements. However, magic is a subtle science! Here it is impossible to be exact in anything, that is why this book has a right to exist. All opponents can express their opinions, but they cannot argue with the greatness of the creator.

The key of Solomon - what is it? Small and big key

So you learned about such an amazing phenomenon as the «Keys of Solomon.» Sure, you are amazed at the wisdom of the king.

We hope you will get acquainted with the full accessible text, that is why we wish you wisdom and good luck! We are sure that these books will lure you for a long time.

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