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The fastest conspiracy to sell fast

Effective conspiracies to sell goods, real estate, shops, personal belongings

Plots for sale help to increase the flow of buyers, sell stale goods, sell movable and immovable property. Such ceremonies are not recommended for large church holidays. Perform the sacraments only in complete solitude.

It is helpful to relax and calm the mind before reading the plot. To do this, you can read the Orthodox prayer or devote a few minutes to meditative practice.

To the rite of sale to be effective, you must follow the basic rules:

  • Conspiracy words are learned by heart.
  • Not a single word should be dropped from the text. Otherwise the plot will not work.
  • Sorcery should be practiced only in good state of health and mood, without anybody having had a fight before.
  • For three days of the ceremony can not drink alcohol and smoke, attend entertainment, swear, and even just angry.
  • On the night before the reading of the sacrament you cannot indulge in amorous pleasures.
  • If a woman conspires, she should not have a period on that day.
  • It is useful for three days before the ceremony to follow a vegetarian diet.
  • Avoid gossip, watching on TV a variety of shows, action films, television series.

The fastest conspiracy to sell fast

The following rituals help attract buyers, speed up the process of selling goods. During the sacraments it is useful to visualize how customers are buying up the entire range, trying to feel the emotions of joy and satisfaction from good sales.

The fastest conspiracy to sell fast

The rite is held at home, preferably on the growing moon. They take a silver coin, drop a drop of tea tree oil on it. Then she is conspired:

"(Product name) is sold, and the money will be returned to me. I accept a generous gift, I give my useful goods.


Then you should go to the store and spend the coin on the purchase of any product (the remnants of the essential oil from it can be pre-wiped with a napkin). The product that was mentioned as conspiring in the conspiracy, will sell over the next few days.

The fastest conspiracy to sell fast

To get rid of the unfortunate band in trade, the next rite can be performed on the waning moon. Take a piece of old cloth and wipe with it the dust from the shelves.

She can also wash the floor in the room.

Then they wrap any old key into a rag and utter the words of the conspiracy:

"Beggar beggarless! You me, slave of God (name), do not touch. Go away on the water, but do not call me anymore.

Under the old bark lie, the crayfish of the river keep clawed and stupid fool besom. But I shall not wear old sackcloth, I shall not be a beggar forever. Sell ​​goods quickly, take profits in the evening.

The river wave will take you away, and my trade is rich and full of money. I send the misery away, bolt the conspiracy.


Then the bundle should be attributed to any body of water and throw into the water.

The following plot can be read on any item that needs to be sold. The sacrament is held strictly at dawn.

For the ceremony you will need a pinch of salt and a red ribbon.

Before the beginning of the prayer thrice "Our Father". Then the words are spoken on salt and tape:

"He was a poor man with a handful of salt and was looking for a better life for himself. He trimmed the silk thresholds, used the golden roads. Yes, he was followed by a merchant, a noble boyar, a good young man.

At the merchant, the dress is red, satin, and he has a dime a dozen money. And my golden roads and my silk thresholds. The chambers are silver, the gates of semi-precious stones cannot be found more beautiful than a mile.

I offer everything to the dear merchant. In a poor man the salt crumbles, and my merchant’s expensive goods are bought.

The plot is locked and the key is lost. Amen".

Then salt is sprinkled with the goods and tied with a satin ribbon. If the thing is large, you can tie a part of it (for example, if a table is sold, the ribbon is tied on a leg).

So he should stand for a day, after which the plot begins to act.

For the ritual will require poppy seed. On the growing moon buy poppy packaging. They pour it into a faceted glass and utter the words of the plot seven times:

"Whoever sets foot on this poppy will instantly love my product. Whoever puts his foot on him will leave me money.


After that, poppy seed is scattered little by little every day near the entrance to the store until the seed is finished.

If for a long time the goods are not for sale, you can hold the next rite. Take any of their new thing. Between her and themselves put stale goods and utter the words:

"In the open field stands an old hut. Mariana-Krasa rose in the morning, she didn’t bake pies and dinner. She took the paint, but painted that hut, but sold it for a new one.

The century hut will stand, to please the new owner. So my product (name) will serve the merchant faithfully.


Take a small amount of liquid honey and pronounce the words:

"Hard-working bees fly to honey, and buyers go to my product. Sweet honey bees for honey bees, but my merchants need goods, but there is no otbo.


Then you should put a little bit of honey on your ears. From buyers after this ceremony will not end.

For this ceremony, which helps to profitably and quickly realize the product, you will need a patchouli stick. Fumigating goods, utter the words:

"Go away, (the name of the product), quickly get out, and in my wallet turn around coins ringing. Amen".

The plot is readable to the growing moon. They take the iron penny and read the words:

"Pyatak Pyatakovich, give me growing luck. And I will give you a good man to surrender.


Then the plotted coin is put on the window sill overnight. In the morning they take him with them.

The first male buyer, who needs to surrender, is given this coin.

In order to carry out this ritual, incense incense sticks should be purchased in advance. Burning the scent over the trading room, they whisper the words:

"I hear, I hear, buyers bear money to me. Far smoke floats, smell gives. It is in the queue of the people, just to make a purchase, to buy my goods.


The rite is performed on the full moon. For the sacrament will require a new pin and a white handkerchief.

In the light of the full moon, you should put a pin on a handkerchief and say conspiracy words three times on objects:

"Lord God, I stand before you, I ask You to protect me so that I will guide you on the right path. Send me to help all the holy host: John the Baptist, Archangel Michael, Nicholas the Wonderworker, Luke the Prelate, Alexander Svirsky and the Solovetsky saints.

I will stand under their protection, so that they defend me from evil and help me in my affairs. I will sell my goods quickly and for good deeds to those in need.


Then the pin is wrapped in a handkerchief and secretly stored in the commercial area. When the flow of customers begins to increase, you should visit the seven churches (on different days) and give generous alms to the beggars sitting at the entrance.

For the ceremony will require:

  • three wax candles;
  • total daily earnings.

After the end of the trade should calculate the revenue. Money is arranged on four piles and placed at the four corners of the table.

In the center you need to put candles and light them. Then a conspiracy is whispered:

"The eastern merchant Amirkhan, the kingdom of a distant khan, came to visit and go on roads. Altyn Amirkhan took all the goods from me.

He took it, then took it, dismantled all the goods and contentedly rode into the Khanate. As the goods Amirkhan dismantled, and I will sell everything.


Candles must be extinguished with wet fingers or with a spoon.

For an entrepreneur who wants to quickly sell his business, it is recommended that you first clear your own energy before conducting a rite for sale. On the seller should not be damage and the evil eye, and he must be physically healthy.

In this case, the conspiracy to sell the company will work most effectively.

On the eve of a deal, you must stand in front of a full-length mirror and, taking up an open wallet, say the words of a conspiracy to its reflection:

"My flesh and blood, my veins, my work. I sell you new hands.

You were always mine, and now you will become a stranger. May I get you a decent fee. How much you are worth — someone else is not necessary.

Work for the good of the new owner and the laity for joy. Amen".

When pronouncing the word "Amen" the purse is closed and placed on the window sill. It should be taken with you to the meeting with the buyer, but not opened until the deal is concluded.

In the church, get three candles. Then they are put in one of the corners of the store in the room where money is usually considered.

There the candles must lie for four days. After this time, left alone, the conducting ritual ignites them and utters the words of the conspiracy:

"There was a shopkeeper — the client became. I sell the store, I bring cleanliness for myself, I clean all the corners.

I invited good people to visit. For a long time the buyer did not wait, did not think, did not guess. And I quickly sold blood.


Candles must burn to the end.

Before you perform the sacrament for the sale of the home, you should clean it of its energy, accumulated over the entire stay. To do this, you need to clean up all the rooms. Ideal — to make repairs, before which you need to take out all your things.

The most successful days for conducting ceremonies for the sale of real estate are the 3rd, 7th and 9th days of the lunar calendar. Money that will be received from the sale of the premises cannot be spent earlier than in three days.

To quickly sell housing, the next rite will do. For its implementation it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning in the apartment.

In the process of cleaning should prepare a bucket of water that has not changed when moving from one room to another. Looking at the water, utter the following words:

"Boss-brownie, I appeal to you. We lived side by side for a long time, we did not offend each other.

And now I ask: help me sell the dwelling, attract the buyer. It will now be the main thing, and you are not dirty tricks but be nice to him, like me. Help him with the cleaning and food help and in the business, but do not scare at night.

Key, lock, tongue".

Then the water is poured, and the floor cloth is thrown away from home as far as possible.

To conduct this ceremony will require a key. Suitable as the key to the sold housing, and any old, which no one uses. The subject is immersed in boiling water and the words are said three times on it:

"As a man cannot live without an iron lock with a key, he cannot live without seeing my house. As people will not live without food and water, so they will not be able to live without (naming the home being sold).


Conspired water should cool down. Then it is poured into a clean bowl.

Before communicating with the buyer, you need to wash your hands in this water. When meeting with a client should shake his hand.

To increase the impact of the plot, you can sprinkle the corners of the room with this water.

This plot is considered universal. It can be read on any item sold, ranging from the land or dwelling and ending with small household items.

It can not be used only for the sale of pets or plants.

This rite of white magic is held at dawn. For the sacrament will require:

  • new broom, which have never been used;
  • a bowl of spring water.

Broom sprinkled with water and utter the words of the conspiracy:

"Soar I swear from the hut, sweep out, and attract merchants to myself. One will look, the second will have a look, and the third will come, will come and immediately take it away.


Then the broom should sweep up all the rooms of the garden house. In the process of sweeping should also repeat this plot.

For the sacrament will require:

  • honey;
  • a few coins of golden color;
  • 7 church candles.

The rite is held at dawn as follows:

  1. 1. Church candles are arranged in a circle shape.
  2. 2. Put coins in a bowl and fill them with honey.
  3. 3. Capacity set in the center of the circle.
  4. 4. Light candles in a clockwise direction.
  5. 5. The words of the conspiracy are uttered (see below).
  6. 6. Coins get and during the next trip bury at the site.
  7. 7. The remains of honey should be anointed corner points of the site.

"Gold coins stick to sweet honey, and my land attracts a buyer. To whom she will like, will attract, he will become the new owner. With the money parted and take the land in favor.

And the land will bring him income and good. Amen".

For the ceremony will require well water. If there is no well, you can draw water from a spring flowing along the ground. Turning to the east, three times utter the words of the conspiracy:

"I, the servant of the Lord (name), refuse this plot. From four cardinal points the merchants go fast, this land will be quickly taken away.

Without bargaining and without looking, they will leave satisfied and without looking back. Amen".

Water is poured onto the ground, leaving a small amount. Before meeting with customers should wash this water.

After reading this plot, the transaction will be concluded quickly and without problems: the buyers themselves will do everything that is necessary for a quick sale.

The rite is held at dawn. They take a piece of refined sugar and read the words:

"It is true that this sugar is sweet, and fortune to be on my side. It is true that sugar is white and there will be no obstacles on my road.

The red sun rises, and luck comes to my hands. Amen".

Sugar should be carried with you. It acts as an amulet that protects against delays in documents.

If the property is not sold for a long time, you should buy a young cock and bring it to the premises. This must be done strictly on Thursday at dusk.

Rooster must for three nights "kick off" seal of bad luck. The following plot conspires with the millet he is given:

"I went out, the servant of the Lord (name) out of the gate. To meet me, my friend, the rooster goes, grains pecks, walks, the song full of songs sings.

You, my dear, cock, the grain bites, and these walls, and the ceiling, and the threshold of bad luck. Klyu millet by grain, peck, conquer home from bad luck. How true it is that you will spend the night here for three nights, so it is also true that at dawn you will not be lucky to read the funeral.

I will sell you for a copper penny, and I will give this housing to buyers. The key and the lock, come, merchant, on the threshold. Strong word, quick deal, buy, home, boldly.


On Sunday, before 12 noon, you should give the rooster, asking for a penny for it. Coming back to the premises, you should throw a penny on the floor with all your might.

There will be a buyer soon.

To sell any thing as soon as possible, it is recommended to conduct the ceremony on the night from Saturday to Sunday. At this time, such conspiracies have the special power to find buyers in a short time.

To sell a car, you should write on a blank piece of paper the words:

"Katala you and I drove, served good service. And now I’m going to sell you.

Will you carry a new man and roll. The lights are flashing, steering, turning, let the buyer quickly come. Amen. «

The note is placed under the driver’s seat. There she must lie for seven days.

After this period, of interested buyers, there will be someone who will make a deal.

Before you advertise in a newspaper or other means of media, you should write the finished advertising text on a piece of paper. Then for some time it is necessary to visualize a flurry of calls from buyers. After that, the ad reads a simple plot:

"What you are thinking about will come true, the desired will quickly come true. My words are true, filled with truth.


After that, you can safely submit an ad and expect customers to appeal.

If you need to sell furniture as soon as possible and get good money for it, the next conspiracy will do. Take a wax candle. Without lighting it, knock on the subject, and utter the words of the conspiracy seven times:

"The messengers, ride, walk, walk. Yes, drop in to me, look after my good goods.

To whom (piece of furniture) in the eyes throws, he will forget peace. At night, dreams about her will be seen, in the daytime she will say to me, she will be stuck with a thing.

The money quickly will bring so satisfied with (piece of furniture) will leave. No sooner said than done.


Then the candle should be lit and wait until it burns to the end. A small piece of wax with a candle candle should be quietly attached in a hidden place of furniture.

Buyers will be soon.

Collectors who want to sell coins will be helped by the next conspiracy. For the ceremony should purchase a new handkerchief. They wipe their sweat, and then utter the words of conspiracy on him:

"The stars in the sky cannot be counted, the earth cannot be stretched by the Mother’s hands, and my word cannot be removed. There is a merchant for these coins, may there be a crown. As bees fly to honey, everyone wants to buy them.

Old coins are sold, but new money in exchange for the river is poured over me. Amen, Amen, Amen".

Then put the coins all night on a handkerchief. In the morning they fold it up and carry it with them as a talisman for sale.

Unlike previous rites, additional attributes will not be required for the following plots. They can be pronounced without special training in any moon phase.

To quickly sell your work, you should say on the subject of the following words:

"Evil angels are entangled with nets, Holy Cross impressed. The cross, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit protect me.

Evil spirits are conquered forever by the words of Jesus Christ, and the apostles of His Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. But you, Lord, protect me, in business, save and save.


After reading the plot, the item will sell in the near future.

Before the beginning of the day on the food spell pronounced:

"Who is on the way? — Batiushka-pop. And what does he carry in his hands? — (product name).

Go away from me, (product name), and come back to me in specie. Amen, Amen, Amen".

The plot is pronounced once. After that you should cross the products.

During the day, to strengthen the rite, you can pronounce the conspiracy another 3-5 times.

If you look for buyers away from the object, the next conspiracy to sell, acting at a distance, will do. Having opened a window, it is necessary to utter the words of the plot three times:

"Lord God, I appeal to Thee, take care of my accursed soul. The plowman plows, reaps the reaper, and the merchant sells his goods. Let my (the name of the object) be quickly taken by the buyer, without looking back and looking happy, leave.


The owner of a clothing store can take advantage of the following plot, which is read directly on the product:

"As a man, he is greedy for bread, so that the merchants also dismantled these clothes, I was left with a lot of money. I am a good fellow, an honest merchant.

My goods are being dismantled, money is offered by nobles. No sooner said than done.


Before the start of trade, already standing behind the counter, say the words:

"As ants gather in an anthill, people would run to me, I was going to buy from me (the name of the goods). Amen".

Sell ​​items should be put under the moonlight and say the words:

"Moon, full, average and young! Light your merchant on (subject) light and bring me.

As my own mother gave birth to a diaper in a clean diaper, so let (subject) bring me a coin. Amen".

Magic rites for sale may be ineffective for the following reasons:

  • The owner of the thing is too tightly tied to the item. Subconsciously not wanting to part with him, he thereby blocks the impact of the conspiracy.
  • Thing, apartment, car still have to affect the fate of the owner. In that case, if so, the higher forces will certainly give a sign to the one who has read the plot. For example, it may be a call from a relative who wants to live in a premise for some time as a tenant.
  • The person conducting the rite is under the influence of the evil eye or damage. Such a negative impact is manifested in the form of physical discomfort, mishaps falling on the head, nightmares, and increased anxiety. In this case, you must first conduct a ceremony to remove damage and only then engage in ceremonies for the sale of things.

If after the first conduct of the sacrament did not work, do not lose heart. Plots for sale can be repeated as many times as you have time and effort.

Having performed the rite 3, 5, 7 times, the enchanter greatly enhances its impact.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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