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The conspiracy of alcoholism: rituals from addiction

Alcoholism is a terrible evil that destroys a person’s life, causing constant suffering to both the alcoholic himself and his family. It is possible and necessary to fight with it by any available methods and the conspiracy against alcoholism will be an excellent help in this fight.

Such plots have been successfully used for more than one thousand years and have helped millions of people get rid of the painful craving for alcohol.

The conspiracy of alcoholism: rituals from addiction

To avoid negative consequences, conducting ceremonies, the action of which is directed against alcoholism, it is necessary to comply with all available recommendations. The day of the ceremony should be chosen depending on the gender of the person to whom the influence is directed. For men are suitable men’s days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

And to help women get rid of alcoholism, you need to read magical conspiracies on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, which are considered women’s days. On Sunday, the rites of alcoholism can not be carried out.

To increase the effectiveness of ceremonies you need to read the plots in the period of the waning moon or in the full moon.

Plots of alcoholism should be read only if you truly believe in magic. If the ritual is performed out of curiosity, and not with the purpose of helping the person, then the performer may soon overtake unpleasant negative consequences.

There is a huge variety of magical conspiracies aimed at getting rid of alcoholism. Therefore, to find the right ritual regarding the specific situation is not difficult.

A conspiracy against alcoholism is especially effective if it is used by the patient himself. Firstly, the effectiveness of magic always increases as it gets closer to the object of influence, and in this case the distance is reduced to zero.

Secondly, the conspiracy imposed on the alcoholic by someone from the side, meets a strong resistance to the consciousness of the alcoholic, and the conspiracy directed at himself coincides with a strong desire to get rid of the illness and, therefore, its effect is very strong. To carry out such a conspiracy, thoroughly steam and wash yourself in the bath.

Then pour yourself a glass of spring water and, looking at it, say:

After that, quickly drink water.

The conspiracy of alcoholism: rituals from addiction

If a drunkard does not want to get rid of his addiction or does not have the willpower to do something, then in that case, someone from his relatives, most often his wife, can use a conspiracy from alcoholism so that her husband does not drink. In this case, a conspiracy of alcohol is well suited.

Take a bottle of vodka or another drink that prefers the alcoholic.

Open the bottle and quietly speak inside:

Then quickly close the bottle with a cork and, under any pretext, treat a drunkard. It is important that no one opens the bottle or drink its contents before it. It is also advisable that he start drinking immediately after opening the bottle.

If the bottle stays open for a long time, the action of the plot may dissipate and the effect will be very weak.

A strong rite from alcoholism involves the use of photographs of men. In this case, the directional magical effect is enhanced by the fact that the snapshot always carries with it a part of the human energy field.

The following attributes should be prepared for the ritual:

  • A fresh photo of a person who is planning to get rid of his addiction to alcohol;
  • Three church candles;
  • A bit of holy water.

To conduct the ceremony should be at sunset in complete solitude in a separate room. You should sit at the table and set church candles in front of you and put a photo of your loved one in front of you.

Then pronounce these words:

Such a conspiracy is pronounced three times, after which the photo is removed and hidden in a secluded place that only you will know about. Significant improvements will come almost within a week.

But if you go to fix the result, then the plot must be repeated a month later with the same photo.

The conspiracy of alcoholism: rituals from addiction

You can talk a piece of soap, which a drunkard uses when washing her hands. This impact is especially strong, it acts gradually. In addition, it is very convenient, because you do not need to persuade a drunkard to drink or eat something.

For the rite you need to buy a piece of new soap.

He should be spoken in these words:

In order to qualitatively speak a piece of soap, the plot must be spoken at least nine times. All words must be pronounced clearly and without hesitation.

Similar to the previous ritual, you can talk a towel, which will wipe the hands of a person who has an addiction to alcohol. Such a rite is recommended to be held on the full moon and to use for it you need a new towel, purchased in advance.

The magic words are as follows:

The towel should be hung in the bathroom so that the drinker, as often as possible, uses it after washing his hands. It is advisable to ensure that no one else wiped his hands with a towel, otherwise the towel would quickly lose its directed energy.

After you make sure that the person has got rid of craving for alcoholic beverages, you should tie a conspiratorial towel into the knot.

Then speak the magic words:

After that, the towel must be hidden in a hiding place so that no one will ever find it.

Conducting a magical rite, be sure to remember that if you sincerely want to help a loved one, then everything will work out.

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