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The causes and symptoms of the crown of celibacy, as well as its elimination

The crown of celibacy: what it is and how to get rid of it

Crown of celibacy — what is it? Empty superstition or magical retribution for wrongdoing? Does this phenomenon actually exist and how to remove it yourself?

We will try to give answers to all questions in this article.

The causes and symptoms of the crown of celibacy, as well as its elimination

What is the crown of celibacy?

Have you ever asked yourself the question: why some girls, who often do not have attractive looks or outstanding abilities, easily get married and create a strong family. And others, sometimes clever and beautiful, can not meet their soul mate and get married.

What is the reason for such injustice? Psychological problems and complexes are to blame for this, or perhaps it is a consequence of the sorcerous influence that condemns the victim to eternal loneliness.

Of course, the reasons for failures in personal life can be very different: from bad relationships with parents in childhood and low self-esteem to inflated requirements for a partner. In this case, the person is required to consult a psychologist.

But in some cases, the cause of loneliness becomes the crown of celibacy — a state in which it is impossible to create long-term relationships with a partner, and all short-term relationships are doomed to failure. Both women and men can suffer from the crown of celibacy.

In men, this phenomenon occurs less frequently, but is more severe than in women.

Psychics who can see the human biofield argue that this negative informational substance looks like a cone or crown with a bluish glow. Girls who carry this curse become invisible to the opposite sex.

Whatever beauties they were, men simply ignore them.

With the crown of celibacy, Svadhisthana chakra, which is responsible for sexuality, reproduction and pleasure, is blocked. Therefore, such people have sexual dysfunction, indifference to the opposite sex and frigidity.

Very often there are failures in the work of other energy centers, which leads to problems in communication and social behavior of a person.

Types of crown of celibacy

There are these types of crown of celibacy:

  1. Psychological — the cause of which lies in the wrong attitudes towards the opposite sex and problems with self-esteem. Easily removed after psychological correction.
  2. Magical or acquired. The reason for the inability to arrange a personal life is a strong magical effect. As a rule, the damage is deliberately sent to a person for some misdemeanor. A person experiences this kind of damage very hard: he suffers from feelings of loneliness and longing, suffers from depression and nightmares. All this can lead to mental disorders and even suicide, if you do not recognize and curse such a curse in time.
  3. Hereditary or karmic. This state is transmitted by the genus from one generation to another, it is very difficult to remove it. As a rule, the cause of such a crown of celibacy is a very serious offense committed in past incarnations.

Often, such people take their loneliness for granted. They are indifferent to family life, sex, they do not have a desire to acquire offspring, they feel comfortable being alone with themselves. As a rule, they choose the path of researchers, travelers, scientists, whose activities are not compatible with family life.

By the way, most of the monks and nuns, regardless of their religious affiliation, are carriers of the karmic crown of celibacy.

It is also necessary to distinguish the crown of celibacy from the print of loneliness, because this is not the same thing.

  • With the crown of celibacy, the main problem is how to attract a potential partner to yourself and begin to meet with it. Such a person avoids communication with the opposite sex and does not seek to create relationships.
  • When you print loneliness, you may have a lot of romantic relationships, but they all end as quickly as they started, and the marriages break up. At the same time, a person suffers from loneliness and dreams of starting a family.

The causes and symptoms of the crown of celibacy, as well as its elimination

Signs of the crown of celibacy in girls

Recognize the crown of celibacy in girls can be on the following grounds:

  • The woman has never experienced feelings of love and desire to have an affinity with a man.
  • Men show no interest in her.
  • Even a very attractive woman can not meet a life partner and start a relationship.
  • If the marriage did take place, it will not last long and will not be happy. Often this happens more than once.
  • Infertility, frequent miscarriages or stillbirths.
  • Children suffer from severe genetic diseases and abnormalities that are associated with the generic curse.
  • A woman is either too active sexually or, on the contrary, frigid.
  • There are chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.

Often, attempts to bewitch the guy you like can lead to the crown of celibacy, or with the help of witchcraft rituals to impair his relationship with a rival.

Definition of the crown of celibacy

To determine the crown of celibacy, there are special rituals, some of which can be performed independently. The most famous and effective ritual for diagnosing the crown of celibacy is a ritual with a silver ring. You can spend it this way:

  • On Wednesday, put a silver ring on your ring finger. You need to wear it on your left hand until next Wednesday.
  • On the specified day before bedtime, the ring must be removed and lowered into a bowl of water. In her ring should be until the morning.
  • In the morning you need to cross, pour the water with the ring in a saucepan and boil.
  • If, when boiling, the water starts to foam, there is a magic spell. The lighter the foam, the greater the crown of celibacy.
  • In the absence of foam, psychological problems are the cause of failures in personal life.

For self-determination of the crown of celibacy, there is another proven method. For the ceremony you will need rose petals and holy water. It is necessary to act in the following sequence:

  • You can perform a ritual on Friday with a full moon. At the specified time, you need to pour water into the container, add 7 drops of holy water and 10 red rose petals there.
  • Water should be at the head until morning.
  • If, on waking, you find that all the petals are on the bottom, there is a crown of celibacy. If all the petals or most of them are on top — look for the cause of your failures elsewhere, because there is definitely no crown of celibacy on you.

The causes and symptoms of the crown of celibacy, as well as its elimination

How to remove the crown of celibacy on your own?

If you suspect that you wear a crown of celibacy, it is better, of course, to seek advice from an experienced psychic. But if there is no such possibility, you need to act on your own.

For this there are special rites.

The ceremony of lifting the crown of celibacy

This ceremony is based on the belief that the crown of celibacy can be removed from a person like a hoop, wearing a headdress. To do this, you should act in this order:

  • In the new moon should be well washed hair nettle infusion with soap and water. It is made from fresh nettle, boiled in soapy water, infused for three days and filtered through gauze or a sieve.
  • Rinse the hair in seven waters, then proceed to lift the curse.
  • Light the 7 church candles and begin to remove the crown with your own hands. You can use the help of close people.
  • First you need to visualize the crown, which squeezes your head like a vice, to try to physically feel it.
  • Imagine how this crown leaves your head and you feel nice and easy.
  • Wrap an imaginary crown in a towel, wax the candles, sprinkle it with holy water and bury in a deserted place.
  • Buried damage should be crushed with 7 cobblestones and in no case come here again.

Soon the spellbound spell will dissipate like smoke and you will finally meet your soul mate and be happy.

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