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Tattoo Eagle: Value for Men, Girls, and Prisoners

Tattoo Eagle: Meaning and Common Sketches

Such a freedom-loving, proud and strong bird, like an eagle, delights many, so it is not surprising that its image often decorates the body. I always wanted to make a tattoo that would have a deep meaning and emphasized my best character traits, but I could not decide.

Looking through the sketches, I came across an eagle tattoo, the meaning of which turned out to be close to me in spirit, and decided that I wanted to “fill” myself with her. In this article I will tell you what the drawing of this noble bird means, and on which part it is better to place it.

Tattoo Eagle: Value for Men, Girls, and Prisoners

The value of the eagle in different countries and peoples

At all times, the Eagle was a revered bird, and even the ancient peoples began to use it as a figurative symbol in the letters. The eagle was associated with power, victory, domination and courage, so he was depicted on royal flags, emblems, shields.

In addition, even in ancient times, people began to apply pictures on the skin for the purpose of self-expression, but not every person could decorate his body with this particular bird, but only a brave warrior or a member of a noble family.

In different nations of the world, the Eagles were treated differently, but mostly they were worshiped, and often compared with a deity.

  • The ancient Sumerians believed that these birds command fire, and the proof of this was the legend of a young warrior who climbed a tree to destroy an eagle’s nest. A powerful bird stopped him, and offered to share a secret about the extraction of fire, if he did not touch her chicks.
  • The Aztecs identified the eagle with the heavenly powers that have resisted earthly power for centuries. They believed that the talisman with his image would save them from the attack of wild animals, give them vital energy, give hope and help in a difficult situation.
  • In the Roman Empire, the eagle was a symbol of the purification of the human spirit, and he was considered the conductor to the Kingdom of gods. During the burial of the emperor, the Romans conducted the “deification” ceremony, during which they burned the body of the ruler and released this majestic bird into the sky. According to legend, she had to free his soul from worldly consciousness and lead to the gods.
  • In ancient Greece, the image of an eagle was associated with majesty and power, strength and speed. There is a myth that Zeus assumed the appearance of this bird or sent a predator to the ground in order to convey an important message to people or to protect them.
  • The Indians who lived in North America believed that the eagles brought good luck in battle, endowed with courage and increased strength, therefore put their images on the body and at home, and decorated headdresses with feathers, and also made charms of them.

Tattoo Eagle: Value for Men, Girls, and Prisoners

Modern meaning

After hundreds of years, the value of the tattoo with the image of an eagle has not changed much. Today, she still represents power, strength, freedom, and protection. Such a picture is decorated mainly by guys, since he mostly points to the male traits of character.

Nevertheless, there are girls who “fill” their eagle tattoos, but usually they are members of sexual minorities or some subcultures.

The value of an eagle tattoo depends on its location and the characteristics of the image itself, for example:

  • On the shoulder — emphasizes masculinity, courage and determination. You can rely on such a person in any situation.
  • On the chest — says that a person has a powerful, ambitious and strong kind. He always fights to the last and never stops in front of difficulties.
  • On the back — indicates skill, improvement and constant striving for something better and more. The owner of such a tattoo is a single-minded person who achieves perfect results in everything, be it work or struggle with his own shortcomings.
  • The eagle, with its upturned wings and claws ready to attack, is “stuffed” by guys with tremendous confidence and perseverance. As a rule, they have a sound position in life and are ready to defend their principles to the last.
  • The image of a bird in flight with outstretched wings is suitable for people who value freedom and independence. Often, such individuals are self-sufficient, have creative abilities and like to spend time alone with themselves.

Tattoo Eagle: Value for Men, Girls, and Prisoners

The value of the tattoo on the zone

Despite the fact that tattoos with the image of a bird in the area have a negative and even offensive character, this does not apply to the eagle tattoo. Criminal authority and revered personalities usually decorate the body with this symbol, but an ordinary prisoner does not have the right to wear such a tattoo — it must be earned. In the criminal world, an eagle has several meanings, which depend on the characteristics of the drawing:

  • A bird ruthlessly tearing at its prey indicates leadership qualities. Such a person has a hard kind, and never bends before anyone.
  • According to the law of thieves, the eagle tattoo is “stuffed” by those prisoners who managed to escape from prison.
  • The cap with the image of a bird of prey holding a skull or a sheep in its claws also applies to the symbol of thieves. Usually it is supplemented with the inscription: «All yours and yours — it has always been mine and ours.»
  • The eagle tormenting a woman is the most popular tattoo on the zone. It symbolizes strength, patronage and power, but sometimes it is exclusively hooligan in nature.

Prisoners of women also rarely make tattoos with the image of an eagle, but more often it is part of the composition, rather than an individual design. For example, the most common tattoo is a naked woman with an eagle on her shoulder, and his head is sometimes decorated with a crown.

This picture marks patronage and power, and usually it is “stuffed” with thieves.

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