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Tattoo compass: value

Importance of tattoo compass for men and women

When I see a person who has a tattoo with a compass, I immediately imagine a freedom-loving person, a lover of travel. He knows exactly what he wants, is free from stereotypes, always achieves his goals. Such a value in tattoo has developed historically.

We will understand in more detail.

Historical meaning

The value of the compass in different cultures was different — every nation filled this image with its own specific meaning.

Tattoo compass: value

The ancient Celts have a compass — a symbol of finding their way, meaning and place in life. The image symbolized the constant movement forward, towards their goals and desires, free choice.

This is a sign that a person in his life does only what he wants, and his wishes are always true.

The Celts gave the compass a magical meaning. This tattoo helped to always find the right solution in difficult situations, to solve any problem.

Most often the image of the compass used warriors and navigators.

In ancient China, the compass was considered one of the most complex geometric symbols. This is an essential attribute of Feng Shui, in which everything is based on the cardinal points and their influence on human life. Tattoo with a compass in this interpretation means a constant movement forward.

This is a sign that a person is determined in life. He is faithful, inclined to constancy and seeks to constantly develop his knowledge.

In the modern sense of the compass may indicate that the person is professionally engaged in something related to the sea. He loves freedom, loves to travel. At the same time, nature is faithful to its principles, purposeful and resolute in achieving goals.

Such tattoos are often made in conjunction with the symbolism of the sea — anchors, handwheels, etc. are depicted next to the compass.

Tattoo value

Immediately, I note that a tattoo with a compass is always of particular importance. This is not just a picture that will decorate your body, but also a symbol that can drastically affect life and destiny.

It will either strengthen the qualities that you have, or help you acquire character traits that you embody.

Tattoo compass: value

What can mean the compass depicted on the hand or other parts of the body:

  1. If the man has a tattoo, she can say that this is a man of strong-willed, clear, purposeful. However, he is not devoid of adventurism. Often it is travelers in search of bright emotions and impressions, adventurers.
  2. In girls, the compass can be a symbol of constancy and loyalty. This image symbolizes that she has chosen her life path and follows it. Will never be wasted on casual partners, unloved work. Receives pleasure from life.
  3. Compass personifies and constant movement in space and time. It may indicate belonging to a profession, one way or another connected with the sea. This is an image of a certain wanderer who is in search of his destiny and life path.
  4. If you have not yet decided on life, often do not bring things to the end and can not realize why you live, the tattoo will be able to influence your choice, help you understand which direction you need to move in order to become happy.
  5. The compass is also an excellent talisman, symbolizing hope. Tattoo as if says: «Even if I am far from home and myself, I will definitely find my way back.»
  6. Such a tattoo is very favorable for eternal travelers. It will protect and protect on the way, help protect against unforeseen problems and threats. Will point the right way when a person is at a crossroads.

Rarely the compass is depicted on the body alone. The drawing is almost always complemented by various elements that emphasize the uniqueness and personality of the tattoo host.

Choosing a tattoo depending on the profession

As you already understood, the image of a compass affects a person’s life in the best and most favorable way. But if you have found your favorite job and want to be fully realized in the profession, a tattoo can and should be supplemented with some elements:

  • As a thematic background, you can use fuzzy images of what you dream. Let it be symbols of your secret desires or hopes. Then they will be executed much faster than you could have imagined.
  • If the profession is connected with writing, the compass can be surrounded by books, feathers. Such a tattoo often looks like a compass lying on a table next to an open Talmud.
  • People whose profession is related to military affairs will be suitable for a compass against the background of their state’s flag or coat of arms. You can also add a tattoo with any military symbols. The image will then also become a talisman, especially if you have to participate in battles.
  • If you are an artist, place silhouettes of brushes, easels, colorful landscapes near the compass. It is better if the tattoo is colored, not black and white.
  • If the activity is related to performances on the stage, let the microphone, colors and so on be next to the compass.

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For men and girls

In men, the compass is personified with loyalty to the principles, love of freedom, constancy and self-confidence. This is a man whose words always correspond to his actions.

He may like many, but in the relationship will always remain faithful to the one and only. He sets clear goals and goes towards them.

Does not tolerate control and restrictions, a man of freedom.

Girls with a tattoo compass — decisive nature. No one can convince her when she wants something.

Purposeful, always executes the plans. True to her principles, and to herself. Another’s opinion it is impossible to impose.

A creative person, can be very eccentric and unpredictable, used to surprising other people, sometimes even shocking.

Tattoo compass: value

Spiritual development plays a very important role in her life. It seeks to know itself, people, the world and God through the prism of spirituality. Material things are unimportant to her.

At the same time, she gets the money easily and effortlessly, just because she treats them exactly, without emotions. Just allows them to come into her life, but is not inclined to hoarding or work in the «non-stop» mode.

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