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Tattoo anchor — the value of girls and boys

The value of tattoo anchors in girls and men

When I see an anchor tattoo on a man’s body, I see his character as in full palm. The value of this symbol is safety, reliability, loyalty to the principles and a high degree of responsibility. I immediately understand that you can rely on him, he will never betray and not substitute in a difficult moment.

Details in the article below.

Total value

In different cultures and religions, the anchor symbolizes something of their own. This tattoo has different meanings, according to sources.

Tattoo anchor - the value of girls and boys

  1. In the Christian religion, anchor is associated with the crucifix, symbolizing the atonement of sins through suffering. In ancient times, it was used as a distinctive sign of Christian communities living in the coastal zone.
  2. Seafarers portrayed the anchor as a sign of their homesickness and desire to return home from their travels as soon as possible. It is also a symbol of love for the sea, which is stronger than all the other affections.
  3. If the anchor is depicted in a composition with dead fish, the tattoo means that the person keeps some secret in himself, he has a serious “skeleton in the closet”, which he hides from everyone.
  4. Anchor can be depicted along with the name of the second half. Such a tattoo will be a sign that you are loyal to the partner and devoted to him. Want to spend all your life together, love and not notice all other members of the opposite sex.
  5. Anchors were put on the body of the sailors to protect themselves from the dangers of sea voyages. It was believed that this sign — a charm, which guarantees the return home and protects from sudden death during the journey.
  6. Also anchor symbolizes stability. Despite the turbulent maelstrom of events in life, a man stands steadily on the ground and looks to the future with hope.
  7. In some sources, an anchor is a symbol of safety, as well as a sign that a person has certain obligations that he must fulfill throughout his life.

In most cases, the value of such a tattoo is positive. But there are exceptions.

For example, a broken anchor says that a person is in despair, problems and life difficulties have swallowed him, he is unable to recover from a severe shock.

The value of the tattoo in girls

Most of the girls are romantic natures, so in their case the meaning of the tattoo takes on its special meaning.

Tattoo anchor - the value of girls and boys

What can tell the anchor on the body of the representative of the weak half of humanity:

  1. It means that the girl is a reliable person. You can rely on it in difficult times. She appreciates friendship and relationships, always fulfills her promises. Ready to lend a shoulder in a difficult situation.
  2. It is also very constant. Appreciates what close people do for her. He will never break off relations, succumbing to emotions, but first he will try to discuss the problem and agree on a compromise that will suit both parties. Most likely, she is a Monogamous, prefers a long and stable relationship to light intrigues.
  3. In the case of women, the anchor is also a symbol of eternity, the inviolability of principles. With such a tattoo, she will remain true to her ideals and will never back down from her opinion, outlook on things, people and circumstances.

In general, an anchor is the opposite of frivolity, levity and changeability. If you are a girl, and want to fill such a tattoo, you can persuade your young man to do the same.

In this case, the anchor will symbolize serious intentions in your relationship, it will become some kind of guarantee that you can always rely on each other.

Value have guys

An anchor on the body of a man can be seen most often on the wrists, shoulders, back or forearms. Meaning is different from female.

Tattoo anchor - the value of girls and boys

For example, this symbol may mean:

  1. Belonging to the sea profession or just love to the sea. Perhaps a man loves traveling, always resting where there is water — the ocean or the sea. He is adventurous, but he can keep his mind sober in difficult situations.
  2. Also anchor can have a mystical meaning. He, like a charm, protects its owner from the dangers and tribulations. It can help to find a solution even in the most difficult situations.
  3. Sometimes an anchor means that a man is determined and met a woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. It is a symbol of a quiet harbor, a cozy home, in which you want to return again and again. Such a man is able to accomplish a real feat for the sake of his beloved and family, if necessary.
  4. If the anchor is depicted on a long chain, it is a symbol of some serious duty or responsibility. A man considers himself obliged to someone or something. This may be a favorable sense: for example, it serves and gives debt to the motherland. Or engaged in business, involving a huge responsibility to other people.
  5. The character of a man with a similar sign on the body has a distinctive feature — this is loyalty. He never betrays himself, is faithful to his beliefs, his wife, principles. Integral and strong nature.
  6. It is better if a man makes such a tattoo at a mature age, when he clearly understood what he wants from life.

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Prison value

In the zone, a tattoo is always a definite sign by which one can understand what the criminal is, what place he occupies in the prison hierarchy.

What will tell the anchor pictured on the body about the prisoner:

  • It is a symbol of free life, freedom. Tattoo represents the desire for this freedom, as well as the hope of salvation from imprisonment.
  • It also indicates that the owner of the tattoo is a very desperate man who “doesn’t see the shores,” boldly meets any danger and is ready to take a huge risk for his own benefit.

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