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Tantric massage: its main secrets and features

Learn how to properly make a tantric massage to your beloved

The art of tantra lies in the love and understanding between the opposite sexes. A tantric massage is the first step towards achieving harmony and spiritual closeness between the beloveds.

About the secrets of tantric massage, as well as the features of its execution, you can learn from this material.

What is tantric massage

Massage — in general, it is a medical procedure that has a powerful effect on the body. Massage helps strengthen muscles and nerves, relieve pain, lose weight, plus it introduces a person to a relaxed state and fills with vigor and energy.

Today, different massage techniques are known, even very unusual, allowing to achieve the desired result.

Tantric massage is based on the interaction of male and female beginnings, it is designed to help achieve harmony in the relationship of a couple. The difference between ordinary and tantric massage is that in the second case, touching the most intimate areas on each other’s body is used.

Due to his significantly improved sex life of the couple.

Tantric massage: its main secrets and features

At the same time, reciprocity in tantra massage is very important. Thanks to him, the partners will be able to open the hidden erogenous zones on the body of each other and as a result will receive unearthly pleasure.

If you want to receive the highest degree of bliss, it is necessary to suggest to your beloved which areas on your body are best accepted to touch, for this use the power of your voice so that the effect from the touch of your beloved does not diminish.

It should also be noted that the tantric massage itself does not refer to any particular massage style, as it is considered to be for some reason. He is one of the great ways to show your love for your partner. Such an incredibly pleasant session will contribute to the transformation of the whole body into one continuous erogenous zone.

Modern tantra applies massage both as a love game and as an active healing agent, which successfully fights many pathologies.

In this case, the belief that the tantric massage is mainly used exclusively for sexual pleasure is fundamentally wrong. First of all, it is designed to release energy and restore the emotional state of a person.

Therefore, if you want to get the desired action, do not think about tantric massage only with sexual overtones, but set yourself up for meditation and improving relationships with your loved one.

Tantric massage is really very similar to meditative practice, supplemented with caresses — on the one hand, it will help to relax, and on the other — it will exacerbate all feelings. Unhurriedness in carrying out this ritual will help reveal the sexual potential of both men and women and give them an incomparable pleasure.

According to one old belief, with the help of tantric massage, women can get rid of frigidity and reveal their sensuality and sexuality.

Interesting features of tantric massage

Tantric massage has its own distinctive features. For example, here the erotic and healing action will largely depend on how much the partners trust each other and in what condition they resort to this ritual.

In the process of tantra massage, there is a flow of male and female energy from one body to another, due to which they harmoniously complement and enrich one another. It is often possible to observe when certified masseurs and their patients begin to feel sympathy over time, and in some cases even a feeling of love for each other.

Therefore, just imagine how much tantric massage can strengthen relationships in a married couple.

And today’s popular Ayurveda says that if a husband and wife massage each other’s feet before going to sleep, they can significantly improve their health, plus they increase their sexual cravings for each other.

Tantric massage allows touching the most delicate areas of the body that are forbidden to touch in a traditional massage (for example, to the feet, ears, pelvic area, sacrum, perineum, abdomen, breast in women and prostate in men).

Tantric massage: its main secrets and features

What energy prevails in tantric massage

The main energy that is used in tantric massage is sexual energy. The latter occurs in several stages of its manifestation:

  • In the form of sex. Sex acts as a natural instinct, which allows disrupting artificially created masks from people, eliminating frames and stereotypes invented by society.
  • Passion is a higher level of energy than sex. As a rule, this kind of energy affects a person destructively, because most people simply do not know how to use it properly.
  • In love — is the third level of manifestation of sexual energy (otherwise known as «flowering»). This kind of energy contributes to the discovery in people of previously unknown talents and abilities, inspires and gives well-being.
  • Transformation — is the highest level of manifestation of sexual energy. Here a person can control this energy by himself, discovering new facets of his essence.

In the practice of tantric massage, two people must participate. In the initial contact setting, people feel the sexual energy, getting their first ideas about what true pleasure is.

And the massage itself is carried out in two stages, which we will consider further.

Stages of tantric massage

External training

At this stage, you will need to prepare everything you need to provide the necessary atmosphere:

  • provide a comfortable temperature in the massage room;
  • dim the lamps, place lighted candles instead;
  • smells play a huge role, so make sure that the air in the air has a subtle scent, but not too cloying and harsh;
  • during the session, you should concentrate only on the massage. Therefore, switch mobile phones and other sound sources in advance;
  • with special care is prepared by the place itself for a massage. Do not be surprised, but the most correct option is to put a blanket on the floor and perform the manipulation directly on the floor. Make sure that the place is firm enough, but also comfortable, so that it is comfortable to accommodate;
  • choose the right music, while you need to abandon the complex instrumental compositions, instead of which use barely audible sounds, so that only rhythm is felt;
  • for massage, special oils are used, their choice must also be made in advance. The selected oil is placed in a container with heated water to achieve a comfortable temperature.

Internal training

It is used to achieve a special spiritual harmony between lovers:

  • great importance is given to breathing. Before you start a massage, you should try to hear the rhythm of breathing each other. To this end, lovers lie at a minimum distance and close their eyes. A man places his palm in the region of his partner’s heart. When she inhales, he must exhale. It is important to concentrate on breathing until you feel that you can achieve harmony;
  • sit as close as possible to each other. You need to concentrate on the emerging connection. This is the first stage to energy exchange. If you have a desire to touch each other — it means that you did everything right. From the first touch, a tantric massage session can be considered started;
  • important moment — the control of self-control. If you feel that the massage has excited your partner so much that he is ready to have sex right now, you need to reduce the stimulation of erogenous zones and use lighter movements.

How is tantric massage performed

As for the technology of massage, it is in principle absent. It is important that all your movements and actions are carried out according to the impulses of the soul.

The main rule — it is allowed to touch all parts of the body, each of them can turn into an erogenous zone. To do this, you just need to imagine how sexual energy emanates from your fingertips, which is transmitted to your lover.

You will be able to make sure that such touches excite and give even more pleasure than traditional sex. As for the duration of such a massage — here it is worth considering only the wishes of each other.

Tantric massage: its main secrets and features

Alternate in the massage strokes with tingling, light clapping and rubbing. Also give the body of your beloved gentle kisses, touch it with different parts of your body (chest, buttocks).

If you feel the stiffness of your partner, then massage should start with rubbing the feet. Apply oil on them and actively massage for some time. It is on the feet that there is a large number of energy points, which provoke compression and tension.

Therefore, resorting to massage, you will get rid of stiffness and be able to arouse your lover.

At the same time, the heels are first massaged, then all the fingers separately, then you begin to rise to the ankle and then go down again. Then to massage the hips with the buttocks.

After — chest and abdomen. At the very end you need to massage the back, shoulders and neck.

The culmination moment — it is possible to stimulate the most erogenous zones.

Remember also that resorting to tantric massage is possible only in those situations when it will be a joy for both partners. If in the process you feel a breakdown, it is necessary to notify your partner and change places with him.

Tantric massage is much more than just a massage. With the help of the practice of tantra, you can strengthen your relationship with your loved one, move them to a higher level, plus you can achieve unearthly pleasure and give unforgettable emotions to your loved one!

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