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Tantric contact pair

Tantric couple contact — principle and spiritual fusion

Tantra is an esoteric teaching, the purpose of which is the expansion of consciousness and the knowledge of oneself and the world. What is tantric contact? This is a combination of the energy flows of two lovers for the feeling of unity and spiritual fusion.

How does this happen, what exercises must be performed for the energy fusion of two bodies? Consider the issues in the article.

Tantric contact pair

Spiritual fusion

In tantric sex, the leading role is assigned to both partners, however, the role of the woman has its own characteristics. Eastern sages claim that it is a woman who nourishes a man with energy. In order for a woman to generate the necessary energy, it needs to be charged with positive emotions.

A woman gives a man the energy with which he can achieve success in life. He, in turn, supports the woman in this world and fills with emotions.

If the partner does not receive positive emotions, she is not able to generate positive energy. Such a pair is doomed to parting. In tantric sex, the interaction of the sexes occurs at a distance or physical connection: both partners are filled with the desire for love and excitement.

The consequence of this is the combination of energy flows in which the partners dissolve in each other.

Note that a constant partner is needed to engage in tantric sex, casual relationships are not allowed.

Both partners should have a mutual feeling of love and admiration. This allows you to achieve the highest moment of pleasure in the connection.

Principle of tantra

What is needed to connect a pair in a single energy flow? The spiritual union of a man and a woman opens the subconscious, partners feel unity with each other and the whole world, filled with delight and bliss. Space and time disappear, the highest point of bliss is felt in the awareness of the infinity of ecstasy.

How to achieve this? You must follow the rules:

  • Sex games must occur with a regular partner.
  • You must strive to satisfy the sexual desires and preferences of the partner.
  • The goal of tantra is spiritual fusion, not physical contact.
  • You need to be able to splash your emotions out, and not be shy to exercise them. Shy tantra is contraindicated.
  • Thoughts about sin and the fall of sin will not allow you to practice tantra, they need to be thrown out of your head.

During real physical contact in tantra it is necessary to be graceful and graceful. We must not allow physical aggression, weary the body with active movements.

Tantric sex should last at least two hours, so immediately expend the power is unacceptable.

The importance of tantric sex is given to stroking, touching and caressing. Contact in intercourse should be easy, without rough and abrupt movements.

This is a dance of love, filled with the breath of romance and dreams. Tantra has nothing in common with domestic sex: the goal is different.

If ordinary sexual contact involves physical relaxation, then tantra aims to achieve the spiritual beginning of sex and unite souls.

Tantric contact pair


To learn the correct tantric contact, you need to train your senses. To do this, you need to perform daily a small set of exercises that will not take more than ten minutes.

  1. Lying on the floor on your stomach, you need to raise your head and look at the ceiling — 3 or 5 times.
  2. Stand with your back to the wall so that your heels and buttocks are in close contact with her. Tighten and relax your stomach several times in a row.
  3. Stand with your face on the wall, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and bend slightly. Touch the forehead and chest wall and lift the pelvis as high as possible.
  4. Sit on the floor with stretched straight legs, place your hands on your knees. Straining the muscles of the buttocks, move forward. Help yourself by bending and straightening your knees.
  5. Stand up, leaving your feet shoulder-width apart. Leaning on your heels, slide the toes in and back out. Do the same exercise with foot support — move your heels.

What do these simple exercises give? If you perform them for at least two months daily, sensitivity develops during sexual contact.

Offset point of consciousness

Consciousness plays an important role in tantric contact, so it needs to be given due attention. Let’s get started

Imagine that your left leg grows out of your head. Keep this visualization for as long as possible with your eyes closed.

There may be a variety of sensations, up to dizziness. With practice, you will be able to create and retain this visualization as needed.

Tantric contact pair

The development of the senses

A person has 5 senses with which he perceives the world. These organs should receive maximum development in order to receive maximum pleasure during sexual contact.


This exercise can be done independently, or you can with a partner. You will need several samples of fabrics of different textures — cotton, silk, nylon, etc.

Examine each sample by touch. Then, with your eyes closed, try to determine which fabric you are holding in your hand.

The following exercise — a partner touches a piece of fabric in your skin, and you determine its texture.

Sense of smell

Make swatches with several types of odors. It can be a cloth soaked with scent or something else. First, study the smells with open eyes, and then determine their closed eyes.

It is not recommended to practice for a long time, because smells can merge with each other: then their determination becomes difficult. Do not touch a piece of cloth to the nose so that the fragrance does not remain on the skin — it will interfere with the perception of another fragrance.

Color perception

Select a picture and study its color scheme in detail. Categorize colors and shades.

Then look at the picture with a magnifying glass and note which colors you did not notice when viewing without a magnifying glass.

Perception of sounds

Turn on the music and listen to the song to the end. Now the owl turn on the same composition and try to select the sound of any one instrument and listen only to it.

With practice, it will be easy. Next time listen to the sound of another musical instrument.

Helps the development of sound perception listening to the singing of birds, the melody of a running stream and other sounds of nature. You can listen to the heartbeat of your partner.

The development of taste buds

To develop taste, you need to dissolve in the water any products. For example, salt and sugar, honey and lemon — separately.

Then try and try to determine the product to taste.

Practical advice

The tantra of love is the highest art of attaining true bliss. A man and a woman in this art are compared to deities.

The main thing in tantra is to deliver the maximum pleasure to a partner, to fulfill his heart desires.

First exercise

Sit against each other and use your fingers to touch different parts of your partner’s body. At the same time, it is necessary to catch the inner sensations and fix attention on them.

Do not rush, all movements must be slow and light. Note which touches give the partner the greatest pleasure.

Second exercise

Lie on your side, take the same pose. Your bodies must be in the same position, that is, you both must lie on one side.

Clench close to each other, connect the rhythm of breathing and try to feel that you are one being.

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