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Symbols and signs of good luck, wealth and abundance

Symbols and signs of wealth, good luck, abundance and luck

I have long been studying the influence of objects and symbols on a person’s luck. Today I will tell you what things can give big money and bring well-being.

Good luck characters

Since ancient times, people endowed certain objects with a certain magical power, attracting any benefits. Every nation has its own symbols, there are many of them, and if you use them correctly, then luck and wealth will not pass by.

Symbols and signs of good luck, wealth and abundance

Acorn — has long been considered a symbol of wealth. This is the symbol that is able to prevent exposure to external negative effects.

Having such a talisman with you, you can not be afraid of the hatred of others. If you attach it to the window, the evil forces will never penetrate the house.

Carrying it in your pocket all the time, you can attract good luck and put a barrier from detractors. It is very easy to make yourself such a talisman yourself:

  • choose a good, not wormy acorn with a tight-fitting cap.
  • the weather should be sunny.
  • a small underfrost on one side will only enhance the effect.
  • The acorn must be wrapped in a handkerchief, but just before the threshold, take it into an outstretched hand and so cross the threshold of the house.

If there is such a talisman at home, then the households will understand each other better and become more successful. In addition, acorns have the ability to improve material well-being.

To do this, you can simply put the acorns in some vase in the living room.

Clover, especially four-leaf, also symbolizes the luck of many nations. Especially revered by the Irish. If you are lucky enough to find it, then only the most good will be waiting for the person

In order for the piece to become a talisman, it needs to be dried and carried. Clover is used as follows:

  • in order to attract real, sincere love, they advised him to put shoes under the insole.
  • If you put it in your wallet, it will bring good luck in finance.
  • Clover, fixed on the window glass or in front of the entrance to the house, will become a talisman of the family hearth and attract happiness.

Erzgamma Star

The star of Erzgamma is the oldest symbol, attracts luck, changes the life of the owner for the better, protects. This symbol leads the subconscious of a person along the right path, does not allow him to stumble. Such a badge is not intended for permanent wearing, it is worn at the moments of significant events and after everything is completed, they are removed.

If suddenly there is discomfort while wearing, you must immediately remove the star.

Symbols and signs of good luck, wealth and abundance

The key is a powerful talisman, known since antiquity. He brings good luck, protects from the negative of others. In order for the key to become an amulet, you need:

  • wear around the neck. Very well, if the key is of gold — so it will bring good luck, wealth.
  • If you make for yourself a talisman in the form of three golden keys, then health, love and wealth will always accompany.
  • The key of silver is suitable for students, people involved in business and those who are engaged in their own careers.
  • if at home in the hallway hang the keys in a bundle, it will become a talisman for the house, and he will not miss the negative from the street.

The horse is quite a symbolic sign, personifying success and success in business. This is rather ambiguous, because the horse has always been the personification of hard work.

Accordingly, there will be no luck if you do not work hard. Horse figures have different meanings:

  • horse reared up — recognition and victory.
  • A galloping horse bareback is luck and triumph over detractors. Such a statuette or painting should certainly be for everyone who wants to succeed in a career, business or some kind of competition.
  • a horse in jewelery is financial success and an increase in authority in society.

In order for the horse to bring good luck, you need to put it in the southern or south-western part of the house. Do not allow the statuette to access the window or the front door.

Just do not put it in the bedroom, better on the desktop, in the office.

Horseshoe — everyone knows about this symbol of good luck, because it is the most popular symbol. Since antiquity, it has become so: if you find a horseshoe on the street, then luck is sure to wait.

If you omit the fact that previously not everyone could afford horses and horseshoes due to the high cost of living, the horseshoe found was advised to be placed above the entrance to the house. However, in different countries it was used in different ways:

  1. In South America and in the East, the horseshoe is hung upside down — horns down. Thus, from it should just pour abundance.
  2. The British and Irish hang a horseshoe with horns up — this is a symbol of a full bowl.
  3. In Italy, anyone who enters a house should certainly touch the horseshoe, touch it — only this way you can get good luck. For Mexicans, on the contrary, it is unacceptable to touch the horseshoe — so the person who touched her steals someone else’s happiness. Because of this, it is hung up very high, in an inaccessible place and is necessarily decorated with coins and ribbons.

Runes — characters with the image of pictograms. In the Scandinavian and other nations, they were previously used in the form of an alphabet for writing.

In addition, magical rituals were performed with the help of runes, amulets were made of them. Even now, runes are signs that attract money, love, luck, health.

The runes were made of birch bark, bone, cloth, metals, precious and semi-precious stones. It was important not only to make the runes, but also to feed them with their energy.

That is, the very strength was not in the rune itself, but in the person who made it. Symbols of the Scandinavian alphabet consists of 24 characters.

Of these, 3 is a direct connection with wealth and luck.

Aquarium with fish

A fish tank is a symbol that reinforces the zone where it is located. It is particularly effective if you put it in the wealth zone — somewhere in the south-eastern part of the room.

By themselves, the fish — the personification of success, water — wealth. Of course, the best option is an aquarium with live fish, but, in extreme cases, you can also stop at artificial ones.

The most important thing is to keep the water clean.

Choosing a place for an aquarium, you should avoid places near the entrance, especially to the right of it. It is advisable to settle 9 fish: 8 gold (this color represents wealth), the ninth — black.

It is needed to collect the negative and its suppression. The most popular carp for the aquarium — they are also a symbol of prosperity.

The angel above the man going up the hill is an ancient symbol of the alchemists. In their opinion, angels are not only guardians of people, but can also bring wealth and good fortune.

In addition, very important affirmations are short, positive attitudes that are necessary to create the right thoughts in a person.

They always need to be repeated before starting any important business, transition to a new job, with serious deals. Affirmations may be as follows:

  • All my thoughts are of great benefit to me.
  • wealth itself comes to me.
  • everything that I undertake brings money.

Pot of wealth

A pot of wealth — a symbol of feng shui. This is a pot of clay or wood in which gold coins are stacked in a heap. It is clear that its main purpose is to attract finance.

It is great when a pot of ceramics, coins, of course, can be an imitation. This symbol is located in the eastern side of the house.

It is important that dust never accumulate on it.

Money Tree

Money tree — perhaps the most famous symbol of wealth. This is a living plant or an artificial tree with coins, semiprecious stones, hung on the branches. If such an artificial tree was bought in a store, then in order for it to become a talisman, it must be cleaned of negative energy.

To do this, make a slightly salted aqueous solution and immerse the tree in it for 3 days. After you need to rinse it with clean water and can be put in the chosen place.

Symbols and signs of good luck, wealth and abundance

Such a tree would be especially valuable if it was made by man himself. Thus, when it is created, it is charged with positive energy. Barrel and branches of wire, coins an odd number.

Otherwise, this tree will bring only damages. In addition, it is necessary to place flowers on the tree, also an odd number, better than 3. Everything that is attached to the tree should be attached with a red thread.

If a living plant acts as a money talisman, then you need to take special care of it, to ensure that dust does not accumulate on the leaves. You can bury some real coins in the pot.

Under the pot with a tree to put a paper bill.

Toad with three legs

The three-legged toad is an equally important symbol for attracting good luck in finance. In addition, this toad symbolizes immortality. Sometimes a toad in the mouth can see a few coins.

Such a statuette should also be placed in the southeastern sector.

It is forbidden to place it in the toilet, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. The most suitable place for it is an office, a living room, especially in the corner. This place will be called the “angle of force”.

The eyes of the toad should be directed to the entrance, only then wealth will go into the house, and not leave it. It is great if the toad’s figure is combined in composition with a fountain or mini pond.

The color of the toad itself should preferably be metallic.


  1. Different nations have their own symbols of good luck and wealth.
  2. What is important is not so much a talisman, how much energizing it.
  3. Any mascot needs to be placed correctly.

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