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Suckering in the post — what is it in Orthodoxy

Suckering in the post — what is it in Orthodoxy

Orthodox posts are strict and relaxed. Many neophytes are frightened by the word “post” because they associate it with starvation.

I also thought so before and tried to take time off from fasting, but my familiar believing woman explained the benefits of Orthodox fasting for body and soul.

She advised me to teach my body to fast days on Wednesdays and Fridays, and only then proceed to major Orthodox fasting — Christmas and Easter. Dry food in the post — what is it?

In the article I will tell you how to carry out the promotion of beginners: what should be avoided, and what should be applied diligence.

Suckering in the post - what is it in Orthodoxy

Fasting in Orthodoxy is purposeful abstention from eating food of animal origin for the purpose of spiritual and bodily purification. This is a time of spiritual achievement, when the thoughts of the believer are sent to connect with God.

During fasting, believers refuse not only food, but also entertainment and sin. These self-restraints are a feasible sacrifice to God, an expression of reverence and reverence.

However, in the modern world, fasting is not obligatory for the believer, therefore many do not adhere to any restrictions. It is not right.

Fasting helps the believer to fight sinful tendencies, curb the tumult of the flesh and gain humility. This is an ascetic feat that every Christian can and must accomplish.

And you need to start small: stick to lean food on Wednesdays and Fridays. Gradually, a believer will understand the spiritual significance of food restrictions and will take long positions with joy in his heart and gratitude.

Fasting should not lead to exhaustion and corporal torment, especially if the assignment is performed by a person with a chronic disease. The Orthodox tradition presupposes an individual approach to fasting for each believer; therefore, it is possible to choose a dietary limit in accordance with the state of health.

Fasting is not starvation, but a restriction in the consumption of certain types of foods.

Today we will talk about a strict Orthodox fast, which is called desolation. What is it, what does the malnutrition in a post mean? However, before embarking on a malnutrition, it is necessary to understand that fasting is first and foremost the humility of the flesh and the victory of the spirit over it.

Without a spiritual component, any restriction in food will not lead to a positive result. It will be a simple diet, not a spiritual fast.

Only the connection of the spiritual component (the rejection of sinful thoughts) with the body (the rejection of immoral food) will give a positive result.

Suckering in the post - what is it in Orthodoxy


An unknowing person might think that eating up is a dry meal. But in fact it is the consumption of thermally unprocessed food.

What can you eat in the dry food, and what should you limit yourself?

The laity should take the blessing of the priest before the malnutrition.

Food restriction implies the exclusion of the following products:

  • meat and dairy products;
  • fats and vegetable oils;
  • alcoholic products.

The ban also applies to heat treatment of any products, including hot drinks. However, baked bread is allowed to consume — this is an exception.

In some cases, it is allowed to eat baked food or steamed without oil.

The laity are allowed to do concessions and not to adhere to the strict restriction of food.

Products allowed for consumption:

  • raw vegetables / fruits;
  • dried fruits, nuts;
  • raw vegetable salads;
  • sauerkraut;
  • salted mushrooms without vegetable oil;
  • cereals without cooking;
  • water and juices;
  • honey.

How to cook porridge without cooking? To do this, well-washed cereal is poured with juice or infusion of herbs. You can pour cold boiled water and salt.

By morning, the grain will swell, and porridge can be eaten.

How to make a salad without dressing with butter or sour cream? To do this, chopped vegetables should stand for a bit so that they let the juice and become tasty.

Salads can be seasoned with soy sauce and honey.

Is it possible to drink hot tea during malnutrition? This drink can be drunk, as the tea leaves are filled with boiling water, and not boiled.

But coffee in Turkish can not be brewed, since it will already be a thermally processed drink. Instead of coffee in the Turk, you can prepare the usual instant, which is not cooked.

Suckering in the post - what is it in Orthodoxy

Relief for the laity

Desolation is obligatory for clergymen and monks; for laypeople, strict restrictions are not necessary. For example, the power scheme may be as follows:

  • even days — steamed or baked food;
  • odd days — raw and uncooked thermally foods;
  • weekends — you can eat vegetable oil with food.
  • children;
  • elderly people;
  • pregnant women;
  • seriously ill people;
  • people with chronic illnesses.

When posting it is important to understand that the main thing is prayer and cleanliness of thoughts, and not refusal from food. If a person simply observes a dietary restriction without prayer, this is called a diet.

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