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Strong conspiracy to call the one who needs: favorite boy or man, girl, woman

How to make a loved one called: conspiracies and rituals

Often there is a desire to remind your loved one about yourself. I want him to remember more often, call first. This can be achieved with the help of magic, through special rites, rituals and conspiracies.

Runic formulas and special prayers will also help. It is not necessary to resort to the help of professionals: everything can be done independently, at home.

The main thing — to perform all the necessary actions, following the instructions, and believe in success.

When embarking on a magical rite, it should be remembered that a ritual performed somehow will have unpredictable consequences. In order to increase its efficiency, you will probably get the planned result, you must follow the following rules:

  • Follow the moon phase: most of the rites to attract attention are made on the growing moon, sometimes at the full moon, but never waning to the moon.
  • Choose the right day of the week. To influence the guy, you need to perform a ritual on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, to bewitch the girl — on Wednesday or Friday. On Saturday and Sunday love magic is not worth doing.
  • Keep secret. We must not allow the one who is affected to find out about it. Should not be aware of the fact of magical interference and strangers: their thoughts can distort the work of spells and conspiracies.
  • Accurately perform all ritual items.. Prepare the necessary tools and ingredients in advance. The words of conspiracies and spells are best memorized.

It is forbidden to engage in magic while intoxicated

It is necessary by an effort of will to get rid of any thoughts about a possible failure from the head and to start the implementation of the planned one, focusing only on the exact execution of all actions.

Strong conspiracy to call the one who needs: favorite boy or man, girl, woman

To force another person to call himself, it is logical to have a magical effect through a telephone set, which in this case serves as a guide for magic, directing the impact on the recipient. The easiest way is to change the subscriber’s name in your telephone directory so that the message is sent to the world’s unified energy-information system: "this person should call".

You can write the following phrase instead of your favorite name: "let him call" or "must dial my number". The action in this way is not very strong, but it is permanent and without much difficulty.

If the result is needed faster, one of the more complex and effective rituals is done.

Strong conspiracy to call the one who needs: favorite boy or man, girl, woman

Whispers are a special kind of conspiracy that is pronounced quickly and in a low voice. They are quite effective and are often used in village magic.

If you know the phone number of the person you like, you can use the night whisper. To do this, you need to wait for the sunset and call from a telephone booth or from a private number to your loved one or beloved one. When you pick up the phone, you need to quickly, in a whisper, speak a short conspiracy:

"The soul, voice and heart of a slave (name) take myself forever".

Then the conversation is interrupted. After this conspiracy, the one who heard it will subconsciously feel a desire to contact the one who spoke it. Such a conspiracy is valid indefinitely, but some people with a strong will are able to overcome its power over time.

If the calls from the right person have stopped, you should repeat the ceremony again.

Strong conspiracy to call the one who needs: favorite boy or man, girl, woman

To favorite often called, you can hold a rite on the red thread. To do this, seizing the moment when a person leaves the room, put together your phone and the phone of your beloved one and wrap them seven times with a red silk thread. To bewitch the guy read the plot:

"The bell rings to me. Favorite voice to hear every hour I want, every day. Let him like stars in the sky, like a river in a little water, he needs me.

Let the spark between the phones of love fly, but for ever and ever stuck. Let it be so!".

After that, the thread is torn in half, one half is left at home, and the other is hidden among the things you love, under the insole of shoes or the lining of clothes. To force a loved one to urgently call, you need to hold the thread between your palms and mentally wish to hear the call.

If it is necessary that the guy you like urgently call, and his number is unknown, pick up your telephone and read the words:

"(Name), you are interesting to me, you are pleasant to me, but why do not you call, do not you speak with me? I am stately, pleasant, unusual, cute, kind for you, interesting to you. Take your phone, dial my (your name) number.

My voice in the tube will respond, and your heart will fill with joy".

The call does not have to wait long, usually your favorite gets in touch within half an hour. If you want to attract the attention of the girl to the guy, the conspiracy words change accordingly.

By acting in a magical way on a photograph, one can influence the person depicted on it. In order for magic to work most strongly and quickly, the following conditions should be observed:

  • The photo must be printed on paper. Rituals can be carried out and displaying photos on a computer monitor or phone display, but the impact through a printed photo is more effective.
  • The image should not be strangers. If there are no pictures where the beloved is depicted alone, you should erase other people in the graphical editor or cut an imprint with scissors.
  • A photo made on film will work more powerfully than a digital photo device.

If the need for a love spell has disappeared, it can be dispelled if you burn the photo used in the ritual, with the words:

"Do not need more, be free".

After that, the calls will stop, and the spell will dissipate without a trace and consequences.

A lighted candle has the ability to enhance any magical effect. To the one who likes, called first, as well as loved and missed, you need to take his picture and lean it against a lit candle. Looking simultaneously at the photo and the fire of a candle, they read the plot:

"Falcon is my clear, my long-awaited, my beautiful! How good it was for us to remember, open my heart, my soul.

Quickly remember my number, appoint a date sooner!".

Then three deep breaths are taken, and with the last exhalation a candle is blown out. This proven inviting works well at a distance, allows you to dry to yourself even one who is in another city.

Acts immediately, here and now.

A ritual with a photo and a ribbon is a real way to remind your loved one of yourself, make him call, make him love and miss. For this you will need:

  • a photograph of the right person;
  • red satin ribbon;
  • candle;
  • mirror;
  • incense.

The room is fumigated with incense, a mirror is placed on the table. They put a photo in front of him and put a candle in such a way that both the photo and the candle are reflected in the mirror. In the right hand take the tape, the left — put on the photo and read the first conspiracy:

"Behind a mirror glass my dear (name) is sitting; my words are not in his ears but in the soul; any order will be obeyed, shouting, speaking, whispering, word, deed, key, lock".

Closing your eyes, take a deep breath. In all details they represent that there is a person in the mirror who needs to be bewitched.

When exhaling, you need to feel how a ray of light emanates from your own chest and falls through the mirror into the chest of your loved one.

Then they wrap the photo with tape and at the same time read the second plot. Its content may vary, depending on what it is necessary to force the bewitched. To call, I must say:

"With my own hand, I drive a stranger, I will order a slave (the name of a man), quickly dial my number, dream of my voice".

At the end of the ritual, the candle is extinguished, the photograph, without removing the tape from it, is removed to a secluded place. Further it is possible to read additional plots for prisukha, love spell and any other magical effect on it.

This rite helps if it is necessary for a man after a quarrel to get in touch, would like to meet and make peace. He made the first steps to reconciliation and the first call. You need to prepare in advance:

  • crystal glass with red wine, poured more than half;
  • red silk thread;
  • gold ring without stones;
  • cellular telephone;
  • a candle.

Hang the ring on a string, put it in a glass and say your name and the name of your chosen one, swinging the ring so that it hits the wall of the glass. Must ring as many times as the letters in the spoken names.

Then the glass is taken in the right hand, the telephone in the left. You must imagine that the phone is ringing and read the plot:

"Touman Kamam, Yavko Me, Shankaravla Me".

Having uttered these words, the wine is immediately drunk in three sips. The elect must contact the rite that was held as soon as possible.

When meeting him, the ring used in the ritual should be put on any finger.

This ritual of white magic is carried out at quarrel with the beloved. Thanks to his action, the partner will definitely want to talk and make peace, the first will offer to forget all the insults. For the ritual you need to take:

  • finely ground salt;
  • water in a wide tank;
  • a candle.

Salt should be divided into two parts and poured on the table. Having leveled the surface, they write the names on the salt with a finger — their own and their lover’s names with a lit candle.

Then the candle is set aside, and all salt is raked with palms and poured into a container with water. Fingers of the left hand interfere with the solution and read the plot:

"As the salt spread, so the insult subsided, in circles on the water, feet on the ground, my darling goes to me. How to get away from home salt and water, so away from life the whole trouble".

After reading these words, the resulting solution, together with the insoluble salt, is thrown into the toilet or cesspool. After returning and reconciling with her beloved, a woman should not remind him of a past quarrel, otherwise the plot will cease to operate.

If the beloved is far away and you want to talk with him more often, such a ritual will suit: Christmas calling with the power of four elements will allow the husband or lover to think about his woman, be depressed and constantly want to hear her voice. For this strong rite to be performed on Christmas Eve, you will need:

  • a large square piece of white cloth;
  • photo of a loved one;
  • one white and two red candles;
  • a handful of earth;
  • a cup of water;
  • incense incense stick.

On the table it is necessary to lay the cooked cloth. At its corners place the symbols of the four elements:

  1. 1. a white candle as a symbol of the element of fire;
  2. 2. a cup as a symbol of the element of water;
  3. 3. land;
  4. 4. incense emanating smoke — a symbol of air.

They put a photo in the center and put two red candles on either side of it. On the left candle in advance write your name, on the right — the name of her husband. Conspiracy words are pronounced three times:

“Help the forces of Christmas, sweet (name) love it. May he love me, (name) as I love. Let him not sleep, as I do not sleep.

May he become engaged to me from this day, unite with me for all eternity. Key words, but locks. Amen.

Amen. Amen».

All candles are given to completely burn out — they must go out by themselves. Cinders are thrown into the water, and the photo is wrapped in cloth and stored at home.

According to reviews, this spell works very well and safely. The only drawback is that you have to wait for Christmas to create it.

To lure the guy you like, you can use a love spell on a handkerchief. For it is necessary to take:

  • silver ring;
  • new handkerchief;
  • seven candles;

Sitting at a table in front of lighted candles, seven times pass a handkerchief through the ring. During this action, read the plot:

"I will leave, the servant of God (your name), I will go to the open field,

Through the doors, through the gate, I will look for my happiness.

On a ring a scarf, on a scarf a ring, help a ring, the servant of God (his name).

Ostepeniti, love me, miss me, miss me, just remember me.

The word is a lock. Amen.

Amen. Amen".

The ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand for seven weeks. After this time, the ceremony will gain the maximum power, but the first results can be expected immediately after the ring is worn.

In order to constantly force the guy you like, to the fact that he first came in contact, loved, pensive, you can use the runes. Inexperienced magicians are often advised to use a ready-made rune formula — galdrstav. Well suited to become "Forced love"

Strong conspiracy to call the one who needs: favorite boy or man, girl, woman

This image can be pre-drawn on any object and flip unnoticed into the house where the object of sighs lives. Magic will work, and if you simply draw a magic symbol when visiting your favorite place at your favorite place. When drawing runes in any form, they say the following wish:

"I want (name) to love me, he called me and only long for me".

If the love spell becomes unnecessary, you should immediately erase the runic stance so that the bewitched will not suffer.

If no means helps to achieve the desired, you can always appeal to the Creator. You can ask for help from God, the Virgin or patrons of family and marriage, the holy Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia.

You can make requests both at home and in the temple. To create a suitable mood you can buy an icon depicting the Virgin Mary or holy saints. Words of prayer may be:

Holy clergy and defenders Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia! Do not leave me without your mercy, comfort me in my sorrow, let my beloved (my name) call me, love me near me when it comes to me.

So let the Lord bless, and the Virgin Mary will help. God’s servant (name) will remember about God’s servant (name) even if it reminds of a phone call.


Of course, if the soul asks for other words, you can use them. The main thing is that the prayer be sincere, and love — real.

Then the Most High will respond to the request and help will be provided.

A situation happens when it is necessary to contact an old friend, and there is no possibility to call him independently. To remind yourself to your friend, to get the news from him there is a special conspiracy to the wind. Hearing the wind noise outside the window should open it and read the words:

"With the fast wind, above the ground, mountains, forests and roads, fly my word to (name of friend) wherever he is, whatever he might do, let this day and hour remember me (his name). Let him not sleep, not eat, he does not know peace until he is able to say a word to me.

The word is said, the deed is done. Key.

Castle. Amen".

No matter where the acquaintance is, the thought of calling or otherwise communicating with the reader of the conspiracy will not leave his head. Act this witchcraft begins immediately after the utterance.

Works for seven days, then you can repeat.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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