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Strong conspiracy for toothache: how to remove symptoms in a child and an adult

If you experience the first symptoms of toothache, you must immediately visit the dentist. If this is not possible, you can resort to popular methods — conspiracies and prayers.

They will get rid of suffering for some time. Since ancient times, there are many spells that help from pain in the teeth.

Plots can be read directly on a sore spot or on water, food, any objects. Slander is allowed not only for himself but also for others.

To conspiracies and prayers should be resorted to only if you need to urgently get rid of severe pain. The use of folk methods is justified and when teeth are cut in a child.

The impact of magic on each person individually: on some people, witchcraft words do not work.

The plot is chosen based on a subconscious desire and previous successful experience. We must remember that the majority of folk remedies relieve only the symptoms and help only superficially — they reduce inflammation.

To cure a bad tooth forever can only a doctor.

Strong conspiracy for toothache: how to remove symptoms in a child and an adult

There are several ways to affect toothache through witchcraft. Plots can be read:

  • on himself;
  • to a sore spot when you need to help a child or a loved one;
  • on water or other drink;
  • on salt;
  • on various items.

It should be remembered that the force of the impact of slander depends on the lunar cycle, the rites for getting rid of pain work better during the waning moon. If you need to quickly remove the pain with the help of white magic, and the moon is in the growth phase, you need to perform a rite during the sunset — this compensates for the influence of the growing moon.

Before reading, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, while slandering represent how warmly it collects in the center of the chest and, along with the words, flows through the hands to that which is being spoken to. If you start talking salt, water or an object, you can take it in hand.

It is believed that the conspiracy that the mother reads against her child is especially powerful. Before the ritual and after it is useful to clean the room from harmful energy.

To do this, bypass the room three times counterclockwise, reading the prayer "Our Father".

Strong conspiracy for toothache: how to remove symptoms in a child and an adult

Siberian healer Natalia Ivanovna Stepanova offers in her book a universal conspiracy against toothache. You can slander the water and give to rinse the patient, it is not forbidden and read the slander directly on the sore spot. Text:

"Martha, Maria and Pelagia, all of you, the three sisters of Lazarus, come, help me in my distress, remove the aches and pains from my teeth. Brother Lazar’s teeth do not hurt, and his gums do not burn, So my teeth, my gums would not hurt and do not grieve.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Magic begins to act from the first words of the conspiracy, and the pain recedes by a few days.

Strong conspiracy for toothache: how to remove symptoms in a child and an adult

If the teeth are loose, another plot by the same author will help strengthen them:

"Son of God, Jesus Christ, have mercy on us now and forever and ever and ever. Amen. The mountain stands not simple, not stone, not gold.

It is a holy church! In the church of the deceased the funeral, the deceased do not suffer from tooth sorrow do not cry, their teeth do not stagger.

I put it in its place: not iron and not gold, but strong and bone teeth. Do not shake them with the wind, do not knock them out with your fist, do not spoil the witcher. As the glory of Christ is strong, so will all my words come true.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

It should be read on the young moon, or at sunrise. Slander better on holy water, which threw a pinch of salt.

Rinse your mouth with this water, in the morning and before bedtime, for nine days in a row.

If the moon is in a descending phase, a short conspiracy from a Siberian healer is very fast. Looking straight at the night light after the full moon you need to whisper:

"A month in the sky, a fish in the sea. The sun in the oak.

Stand still, the worm in the tooth. Amen".

The pain will pass almost instantly after three repetitions.

If the pain tormented all night, you need to wait until the sky turns red and read the toothache plot at the dawn:

"A month in the sky is covered with a cloud, the sun is gathering, it is dressed up in the dawn, a combustible-stone is white on the seabed. When a month this Bel-type combustible stone reaches, only then will my tooth ache again. I consider Amini, and there are exactly five of them. No one can take my tooth with pain, and the sixth amen, hurry to ease my pain.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever and ever.


To alleviate the suffering of the baby, read the plot when teething in children. To do this, choose a drying more firmly, thread a red braid through it, tie it into three knots. After that they put the drying on the left palm, cross it three times with the right hand and say three times:

"Teeth cut — cut, the pain goes away and will not remain, nibbling and sickening itself, and bypassing the servant of God (the name of the child). Amen. Amen.


Drying is suspended above the crib so that the child can freely reach it.

A conspiracy on honey is read so that the teeth grow strong and do not hurt in adulthood. How to start teething your baby, smear gums with honey and say:

"A month, a month, you have an Antinous brother, his teeth grew easily, they never ached, even the servant of God (baby’s name) does not gum the teeth, the teeth grow and do not ache. God forbid that my little child has easy teeth to grow, not hurt, not pinch.


Teeth will erupt without pain, grow strong and healthy, after the loss of milk teeth, this plot will need to be repeated so that permanent teeth grow healthy and do not deteriorate.

To quickly get rid of the pain for a while, they get up at night to the window in which the month is visible and massage the gap between the thumb and forefinger. If the jaw hurts on the right, then on the left hand, and vice versa. Read such a plot:

"Mother Moon come down from heaven remove my toothache and send it to the clouds. Your silushka will hurt my pain, calm me down, take my clouds, my little pain in the sky is lost from me".

The words and massage are repeated time after time until the pain begins to subside. It usually takes a few minutes.

At the first sign of relief, conspiracy reading is stopped and pronounced three times. "Amen".

To prevent dental diseases and get rid of the pain in full on the full moon, read a conspiracy for healthy teeth:

"As the moon is great in the sky, clean and full, so are my teeth large and clean, protected from any expenditure, by the power of the moon".

On a decreasing moon, they read a slander from severe pain and flux:

"As the moon in the blue sky decreases, it dissolves, so my tooth pain is relieved, as the moon does not grow, but the kila on the gum disappears".

The Belarusian rite operates on everyone, regardless of nationality. It is suitable if the native grandfather who reads the plot has already died. Going out and looking at the new month read:

“Molodik young, you have a golden horn. In the other world?

I’ve been! Did you see my grandfather?

Saw! Doesn’t his teeth hurt?

Do not hurt. Let me stop hurting too! «

You can look at the moon through the window, and if the grandfather is still alive, call in the plot any other deceased close relative, but then the ceremony will be somewhat weaker.

Water from a natural source (spring or stream) has a very strong energy, it is good to use it for healing slander. If it is not possible to extract natural water, you can improve its structure, if it is very quickly frozen and slowly thawed in the refrigerator. Pour water into a glass and read it:

"Four sisters, Macarius and Zacharias, Marya and Daria’s sister, and Uliana’s sister, said that the divine servants of God’s name did not hurt, the cheeks would not swell up ages from now and again. Exactly".

Water should be drunk in small sips, long holding in the mouth. This remedy will work even more if a little salt is added to the water — one teaspoon per glass. Well stirred, read on the water and salt:

"As the salt dissolves in the water, so the pain in the teeth is relieved as salt does not become a stone, and pain in the teeth does not happen.".

The resulting infusion rinse the aching tooth until relief comes.

An old and reliable ritual with a door well relieves even the long-term pain in the teeth. To do this, wash your hands in the pelvis, and with the same water wipe the door and the lock on it: a door bracket or a lock.

Water is thrown out over the threshold. While the hand is wet, they draw in the place where the crosses hurt and read:

"Zarya-Zarnitsa, the maiden is beautiful, the night owl, in the field a hare, in the sea there is a stone, at the bottom a limar. Cover, zarnitsa, with my fate my sorrowful teeth from the damned limar; under your cover they will remain whole.

Enemy Limar, leave me alone; and if you continue to gnaw my teeth white, I will hide you in the abyss of the abyss. My word is strong!"

This ritual will be most effective if it is performed early in the morning, before sunrise.

Find a wild-growing nettle bush and gently, so as not to break, bend it to the ground and press down with a load. Then read the plot:

"Mother nettle, not for mockery for the sake of trouble came to you, I have worms in my teeth, nerves eat, save me from pain, kill worms, if I think I will relieve you in three days, but I won’t be relieved, I I’ll live with the light, as I said, so be it".

After three days, if the pain is gone, they return to this place and the load is removed, nettles help to straighten, pour it with water. If it does not help, the plant is broken and transferred to the next bush.

This is a quick ritual without preparations; it only requires the opening of a window or a window. Read the plot at any time of the day or night. They open the window and speak into it:

"Cain! Cain!

Cain! Ask the brother of your native Abel: do not his white teeth hurt?

Not. So let it go and the servant of God (name) does not hurt. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

Amen, Amen, Amen".

Having spoken these words, the window is immediately closed, the pain will pass in a few minutes.

To remove the strongest toothache, it is enough to learn one short plot. Before reading the cherished words you need to read a prayer. "Our Father" and then whisper 40 times:

"The moon is in the sky, the worm is in the ground, the fish are in the water, and when the three come together, only then, (name), my teeth will ache".

Strengthen the effect of this method can be, if during the reading to look at the decreasing moon. These words are also suitable for slandering water, healing broths or tinctures.

Even ordinary pain pills will work more effectively and longer if they are spoken with in advance.

For the ritual will need to find three stalks of wild strawberries with flowers or berries. They must be dug out of the ground along with the roots, rinsed thoroughly and put into a glass of clean water. On strawberries read slander:

"As the strawberry without the earth and the sun dries, so the worm in my tooth dies, as the strawberries no longer grow and flourish, so my tooth does not rot further, does not rot, the word lepko, tenaciously, will be strong. Amen".

Water from a glass is completely drunk, and strawberries are left in a dark place until it dries. To prevent pain from returning, dried plants are buried in the ground with the words: "Leaf to the root, the worm in the ground".

After such a rite, toothache will not be disturbed for a long time.

Find a rowan tree and bite the bark on the branches with the words:

"Beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys, beyond the wide seas stands the oak is wide, around it three imps are gnawing the roots, so I will have you, the rowan will gnaw as long as my teeth hurt, let those demons fly, take away my pain and crackling, and how they will stop Teeth hurt so I from you, mountain ash, I will lag behind. My word is strong as it is said, so it will be".

The plot is repeated three times and go away from the mountain ash, on this day they don’t touch her anymore. The pain subsides in the evening.

In order to remove the pain, you can use the rite with the radish. The root crop must be well washed, peeled, cut a small plate in size slightly larger than the diseased tooth and say a word to it:

"On the sea-ocean, on the quiet island of Buyan, there is a cathedral church, and in it the Most Holy Theotokos and the dental healer Antipius. They ask the saints of God for the servant of God (name): «Like you, God’s needs, teeth do not hurt, even if the servants of God (name and name) do not hurt.» In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


A piece of radish is put on the night behind the cheek, on the gum, where there is inflammation, and go to bed. In the morning, the radish is spat out with the words: "Cousse out and pain out!"

And spit three times over the left shoulder.

Strong conspiracy for toothache: how to remove symptoms in a child and an adult

Good results are shown by the magic of Scandinavian runes for pain relief. It should be drawn on the left palm with the blood of the rune Isa, it will not only freeze the pain, but also stop the inflammation and prevent it from developing further. Palm rune pressed to the sore spot and read the plot:

"By the will of Odin, by the grace of Freya, the breath of the pearl of his mouth hardened with a breath of cold. And the roots inside the food shredders are forever free from pain.".

After the rune is erased from the hand, the pain will resume, but in emergency cases this method is convenient.

If during a walk your teeth suddenly ache, you can read the plot on a passerby. To look out for an older woman on the way, the older, the better, overtake her, go to meet her and quietly, so that no one hears, whisper:

"Not by water, not by land, but by a fragrant field, but by a clean meadow. Old woman to meet me, — Old-old woman, where are your teeth? Give me your fallen, Wolf take.

The pain of the tooth start talking, A strong word, but it’s a work of art. And now, and ever, and forever and ever.


This method allows you to quickly get rid of pain, but does not have healing power, inflammation must be treated using other methods.

Old Slavic conspiracy work to this day. In spells on health, the exclamation is the activating word. "Goy"meaning "be", "live".

This final word needs to be pronounced with particular vigor, imagining the inner power emanating from the mouth. You can read both for yourself and for your home. For toothache, they take a small piece of black bread and read it:

On the sea Okiyane, on the island of Buyan Bel-flammable Alatyr-stone lies, On the white flammable stone the old-mater man sits. Like a man’s old mater, neither bones of a bone nor teeth hurt; so would the grandson of Dazhbozhiy (name) have no bones of a bone, teeth wouldn’t hurt!

From now to ever! Goy"

Slandered bread is placed in the patient’s tooth, behind the cheek and worn until it is completely resolved.

In the most desperate situations a prayer will help a believer. You can apply for deliverance from torment to the Lord — the creator or to the holy martyr Antipas of Pergamon, who was a disciple of John the theologian — one of the apostles of Jesus Christ. The text of the prayer from toothache to Antipe:

“Oh, the most glorious holy martyr Antipo and the speedy assistant to a Christian in the disease! I believe from all my soul and mind, as I gave you from the Lord the gift of sickness, healing and weakening strength, for the sake of you, as a gracious doctor of illnesses, I use the weak, and pray with prayer in kissing the prayer.

By your intercession with the King of Heaven, ask me who is sick to heal from the discomforting me of dental disease: if you are dear and unworthy to you, blessed father and prince of my intercessor: but you, being a follower of God’s love for God, created me worthy of your intercession through my conversion from evil deeds to the good life

I will heal abundantly bestowed upon you by the grace of ulcers and crusts soul and my body, grant me the health and salvation and around good rushed, yeah taco, a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty, spodoblyusya with all the saints glorify the Most Holy Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy The spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen».

You can pray both at home and in church. If pains are often tormented, you can get an image with the face of a saint for a better mood.

After the pain passes, it is not forbidden to order a prayer of thanksgiving in the temple.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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