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Spoon Zagrebushka — a souvenir for money: a conspiracy, reviews

A very popular attribute of many magical rites is zagrebushka spoon (a souvenir for money). The conspiracy, the testimony of which testifies — it is a very effective attribute and allows stabilizing financial well-being.

In principle, it is allowed to use a spoon from any metal, but it is better to use silver products. Silver is considered a unique material in magic, as it is capable of retaining magical properties for a long time.

Spoon Zagrebushka - a souvenir for money: a conspiracy, reviews

Features conspiracy zagrebushku spoon and reviews about them

There are many variations of different spoon spoons. But the most effective souvenirs are made of silver.

Very tiny spoons that can be carried in a wallet are used as monetary talismans.

In order for the spoon-zabrebushka to work as a talisman, it must be spoken with special magic words. In addition, it is better if the spoon mascot will be presented to you by a close person, in whose sincere feelings you are absolutely sure.

Reviews of spoon-zagrebushke almost always positive. Such a plotted object really helps to improve the financial state and eliminate the lack of money from life.

There are a lot of conspiracy options that turns this souvenir into a magic money talisman. Therefore, it is not difficult to choose text for a specific situation.

According to the reviews, there is a universal magic conspiracy that allows you to turn the spoon-spoon into a universal talisman, which allows you to attract a variety of benefits. To do this, use the usual tablespoon.

First you need to clear the spoon that you plan to speak. This can be done with the help of ammonia, baking soda, or any other cleaning agent.

It is important that the zagrebushka spoon looks like new. But, of course, for these purposes it is better to use a new spoon.

In this case, such a souvenir will not need to be cleaned, but it will be necessary to rinse it in seven waters and wipe it with a clean towel.

To conduct a magical rite, a prepared zagrebushka spoon should be wrapped in a new red cloth flap.

After that, you need to put it in front of you and say these magic words:

After pronouncing the words, the spoon should be unfolded and put together with other cutlery. No special marks on the spoon do not need.

If you constantly use a conspiratorial spoon, then there will always be prosperity in your home.

A miniature silver spoon is used as a talisman in the wallet. For its conspiracy are used different plots.

You can just before you put the spoon-zagrebushku in your wallet, speak it with these words:

You can also say other words:

After that, the plotted attribute should be put in the wallet and it is advisable to keep it in the department where the bills of the greatest value are placed.

The strongest spoon has the strongest magical properties, which spell magic words on the new moon. First, you need to clear the spoon from foreign energy.

It is best to use the ancient Slavic conspiracy for this.

It is necessary to sprinkle it with holy water and say the following words over it in a whisper:

By its action, a spoon is a magnet that attracts money and ensures material well-being. But it should be understood that in some cases this item may have the opposite effect.

The magic thing is considered an anchor that attracts money to the house.

But this attribute works the opposite way, if it fell into the hands of a person:

  • Arrogant;
  • Boastful;
  • Greedy.

Spoon Zagrebushka - a souvenir for money: a conspiracy, reviews

In addition, zagrebushka spoon will not work in case of careless handling of it. This item must be periodically washed with running water and cleaned.

The spoon cleared of extraneous energy should be spoken on the new moon. You need to wrap the spoon in a red patch and put it under the pillow.

After this you should read the magic plot and then try to fall asleep immediately.

The words are as follows:

The next morning you need to shift the spoon in your wallet. Throughout the day, you should periodically open the wallet and whisper so that no one can hear the magic words.

After that, the attribute will start working. To enhance the magical properties of the spoon before any responsible event or transaction, repeat the above conspiracy words again.

If you want to buy any thing, you can use another effective conspiracy. Zagrebushku spoon you need to get out of your wallet, gently stroke.

Next, say these words:

According to reviews, in practice, it has been proven that chubby spoon really helps to improve well-being. Only you must be sure to believe in magic and your own strength.

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