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Spectacular ways to get rid of energy vampire

How to get rid of the energy vampire

In this article we will explain how to recognize an energy vampire and get rid of it. Probably, each of us noticed that after talking with some people, suddenly you start to feel tired and weak, there is a feeling of discomfort and irritability.

Most likely, you are faced with such a phenomenon as energy vampirism. Let’s see, who is such an energy vampire and how to protect against it?

Spectacular ways to get rid of energy vampire

What is energy vampirism?

Energy vampirism is considered parasitic interaction, in which one of the partners is recharged by the life force of the other. People who feed on alien energy are called energy vampires.

Energy vampire can periodically be any of us. For example, if a person is sick, is in a state of stress or depression. At such moments, everyone experiences an acute shortage of vital energy and needs the support of others.

But some people practice sucking on someone else’s energy all the time. How do they do it?

Most often for this is used the mechanism of pity and compassion. The vampire chooses the role of «eternal sacrifice» for himself, forcing those around him to give him their love and care. After all, usually people tend to regret and help the unfortunate.

He plays on the feelings of his victim, enjoys her kindness and mercy, and gradually drains energy.

After such an interaction, the victim feels completely exhausted and morally devastated. She develops apathy and irritability, her state of health and mood worsens, her interest in life disappears.

If, after talking to someone, you notice these symptoms, be aware that you are dealing with an energetic vampire. Try to avoid communicating with him.

How to recognize the energy vampire

Determining that an energy vampire is near you is fairly easy.

  • You do not want to communicate with this person. Subconsciously, you try to avoid any contact with him.
  • After interacting with a vampire, you have a headache, your hands are chilling or shaking.
  • The victim goes out of equilibrium — feels irritation and rage or, on the contrary, falls into apathy.

It is believed that the more negative feelings the victim experiences, the more energy the vampire will receive. For example, if you just feel a slight annoyance, it will not be enough to “feed” the vampire.

Therefore, he will try to bring you to hysterics, screaming or bouts of rage. Now he will be satisfied, and the victim will feel exhausted, like a squeezed lemon.

Contact with energy vampires can lead to unpleasant consequences:

  • sleep disturbance and bad mood;
  • deterioration of health;
  • depression and apathy;
  • nervous tension and irritability;

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to completely stop communicating with an energy vampire. After all, such a person can easily be in your immediate environment — among close relatives or at work.

In this case, you will be forced to communicate with such a person for many years.

Spectacular ways to get rid of energy vampire

But do not despair; simple recommendations will help you protect yourself from energetic vampirism.

Tips on how to protect yourself from an energetic vampire

It turns out that to feed off another’s energy is not at all easy. For this it is necessary to break the integrity of the donor’s energy envelope, which helps protect against such effects.

This can be done by introducing the victim to a state of discomfort.

In other words, the vampire should cause strong feelings and stress in the donor. After that we can assume that he achieved his goal.

Therefore, the main rule of protection against energy attack is maintaining calm. No matter how difficult it is to remain calm and not react to the provocative behavior of a vampire, still try to do it.

Very often, people prone to energetic vampirism love to torment the victim for hours with stories about their problems and illnesses. Therefore, if you are talking to such a person on the phone, interrupt the conversation immediately after you realize that he has no important news.

In this case, you can refer to the fact that you are very busy at the moment.

Everyone knows that the best defense is attack. As soon as the vampire starts talking about endless problems and illnesses, start shipping him with your worries. Believe me, in this case, communication with him will not be long and tedious.

Such people are usually not inclined to donate their energy to charity.

Special amulets and talismans will also help protect you from energy attacks. These could be jewelry, hair bands or something else.

It is desirable that these objects have a rounded shape.

How to protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family?

It is a pity, but an energy vampire can often be one of the closest people to you — a husband, father or child. How to protect yourself in this case, because you can not stop communicating with him?

It is believed that the energy vampire receives vital energy not only from people. Nature can provide powerful energy recharge.

Therefore, try to spend more time in the forest, in the country, by the reservoirs. Especially this method is suitable for small «vampires».

Many people turn into energy vampires in old age. This happens because in old age they no longer have enough of their energy, and they begin to feed on the life forces of those around them.

If you notice such a property for someone close to you, try to ensure that this person has enough positive emotions. He should have a hobby. This can be handicrafts, gardening, fishing or anything else.

The main thing is that a person should be passionate about this activity, and he simply had no time for “vampirism”.

Aromatic lamps and natural oils will become wonderful amulets for your home. They will help create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the home, awaken positive emotions in the vampire.

Spectacular ways to get rid of energy vampire

How to protect yourself from an energetic vampire at work?

You are familiar with the situation when, after contact with some person at work, your mood deteriorates sharply, your head begins to crack, weakness and fatigue appear? Most likely, you are dealing with an energy vampire.

Special amulets and talismans will help you protect yourself from it. Such magic items must reside on the desktop or in your purse.

If this is a ring or bracelet, wear it every time before meeting a vampire.

Put a mirror in your workplace so that its reflective surface is facing visitors. In this way you will reflect all the negative that is sent to you.

Try to eat more fresh fruit. Even a simple cup of tea with lemon can strengthen your biofield and make it less vulnerable to energy attacks.

Also in the role of a charm can be an ordinary stone of an apple or cherry. Wrap a few stones in a white handkerchief and put it in your purse or desk drawer.

But the most important rule of defense — try to develop a resilience in front of the attacks of the aggressor, to maintain calm and emotional balance.

Watch the video on how to protect against energy vampires:

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