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Smoking plots — a sure way to quit smoking

A conspiracy to smoke is one of the most useful and necessary types of applied magic. After all, getting rid of the habit of smoking is the cherished dream of millions or even billions of people.

Starting smoking, a person gets new unusual sensations, namely:

  • Euphoria of intoxication (imperceptible, but, nevertheless, quite real);
  • The feeling that it seems to have become more mature (after all, smoking usually begins in childhood or adolescence).

It even becomes easier for a novice smoker to make new acquaintances, because in countless «smoking rooms» people are engaged in one common cause. But over time, the feeling of novelty passes, the “buzz” is no longer felt, and in the smoking rooms it becomes boring. But then health problems, painful addiction (it’s hard not to quit, but to put a smoke for an hour or two), are huge, as for an ordinary person, costs (you can easily “smoke” a TV or a trip to the sea for a year).

It is not surprising that most smokers dream of getting rid of this happiness, only the majority of their attempts end in failure, whatever means are used. This is where the properly used magic turns out to be useful.

Smoking plots - a sure way to quit smoking

Conventionally, conspiracies from smoking can be divided into three types:

  • Ceremonies aimed at himself;
  • Activities aimed at another person without his knowledge;
  • Rituals performed with the consent of another person.

A conspiracy to smoke is a very effective way to stop smoking. But you need to sincerely believe in the power of magic and in the fact that you will succeed.

One of the most popular and famous conspiracy is as follows. You need to take your unfinished pack of cigarettes and firmly sew it with strong threads.

Wired pack should be thrown into the thickets or in a deep pond.

Then pronounce these magic words:

After that, three times you need to sign yourself with the sign of the cross and sharply turn around and go away from this place. Even a regular garbage can can be used to perform the ritual, but it is important to remember that after that it will not be possible to approach it and in any case not to look at it.

Your smoking habit, «walled up» in this place, can break out again and take possession of you.

Smoking plots - a sure way to quit smoking

Another effective smoking conspiracy is used by those who want to get rid of the addiction of their husband or other loved one. It is necessary to wait for the night of the full moon and, while the smoker is sleeping, get a cigarette from his pack and carefully pick out seven grains of tobacco from it.

Bring these grains to your face and speak in a whisper:

After that, sew the specks of tobacco into a shirt or other smoker’s clothing. The first signs of a weakening of the craving for cigarettes will appear in a week.

Recovery may occur within the first lunar month after the rite.

To perform the ritual, you should first prepare an apple twig, as thick as a cigarette. In addition, you will need not fully smoked a pack of cigarettes smoker, and it should be exactly 12 cigarettes.

For the ceremony you need to retire in a separate room, where to light a church candle. After that, you need to cut the cooked apple branch into 12 pieces, the length of each of which should be approximately equal to the length of the cigarette.

These sticks tediously put next to a burning candle.

After that, they should read the following conspiracy:

After that, you need to take each cigarette from the pack in turn and carry it over the candle flame. In the process, you need to pronounce a conspiracy on each wand.

His words are:

After that, you need to sharply break a cigarette in half and put it on the table, and instead put an apple stick in a pack. After that, the broken cigarettes should be collected in a bag and immediately after the ceremony, taken out and thrown away from your own home.

On this rite is considered over. But it is recommended after him to make a talisman against smoking.

To do this, sprigs of apple need to pull out of the pack, bind them and say the words:

Such bound sticks will serve as a talisman against smoking. At that moment, when you want to smoke unbearably, you need to take the sticks and squeeze them in your palm. The field of this need to speak the words that spoke the amulet.

In this ritual, it is important to invest all your strength in each spoken word.

Smoking plots - a sure way to quit smoking

This type of conspiracy is very effective, but they can only be carried out in the direction of himself.

For the ritual you need to prepare:

  • Three church candles;
  • Large mirror.

The ceremony is held in a dark room in complete solitude. The mirror is set on the table, so that you can see the chest and shoulders in it.

Between yourself and the mirror you need to put candles and light them.

The field of this need to focus on the desire to quit smoking and say these magic words:

These words are repeated three times and after each pronunciation it is necessary to spit over the left shoulder. It is important to go to bed immediately after the ceremony and not to communicate with anyone until the morning.

You need to fall asleep with the clear thought that tomorrow morning you will not want to smoke.

A very effective ritual is held in secret, when you need to help a loved one to get rid of a bad habit. To do this, you will need to use the old, previously used bath broom.

Without demand, and without informing the owner, you need to take one cigarette from a pack of cigarettes. After that, you need to retire to any non-consecrated territory and set fire to the leaves of the old bath besom, previously dried.

Above the smoke you need to hold a cigarette and at the same time say these words:

After reading the plot, you should hide the cigarette in your arm for a while. After that, it should be inconspicuously for the smoker to throw back into the pack.

Such a rite should be spent three nights in a row during the period of the waning moon for three lunar months.

Any kind of conspiracy to smoke is effective only if the performer of the ceremony truly believes in magic. In addition, the desire of a person to quit smoking is also important.

That is, even if a smoker does not agree to conduct ceremonies, you should know that he really wants to quit smoking, just for that he lacks willpower.

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