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Slavic symbol Kolovrat and its value

Old Slavic symbol Kolovrat — its meaning

I have always been interested in various ancient symbols and their meaning. What time ago I studied the runes, was interested in the Indian and Slavic species, read the Upanishads.

Relatively recently, I learned about the Slavic pantheon of Gods and Old Slavic symbols. Information is always a little, not all is remembered.

The article describes the Kolovrat symbol, its properties and value.

Slavic symbol Kolovrat and its value

What it is

The Slavic symbol Kolovrat is a solar symbol — a circle, from the center of which the rays are directed to the left or to the right. The sacred meaning of the symbol lies in the movement of the sun. Its value is based on cyclicity, the darkness always ends with the onset of light.

The image of the Sun in Slavic mythology is associated with the worship of the earth. Modern pagans wear charm in order to gain protection and support of the ancient Slavic gods.

How was Kolovrat used by the ancient Slavs?

Archaeologists have repeatedly found the image of the symbol on ancient temples, fragments of dishes, weapons, armor. Artifacts allow to draw conclusions about the active use of Kolovrat in the domestic sphere.

In accordance with other sources, the symbol was used as a compass. His power was used in the expulsion of evil spirits, the destruction of infection.

The symbol was associated with the covenants of God, because in ancient Russia the pantheon of gods was worshiped, the Slavs were pagans.

Value and types

The value of Kolovrat is quite simple, it is enclosed in the name. Kolo is a circle, a gate is a repetitive rotation.

The symbol personifies the cyclical nature of the universe — the change of seasons, the end of the night and the beginning of the day, the transition from disaster to prosperity. There are several incarnations of kolovrat, although initially the form was one — 4 beams with inverted ends.

Today there are Kolovrat with 6, 8 rays, the latter option is considered the most harmonious. In 8 lines 4 elements and 4 seasons are combined. The symbol is easily recognized in many ancient Slavonic signs.

Our ancestors worshiped the sun, solar symbols are widespread in ancestral culture. Variations of Kolovrat were often used in celebrations dedicated to the Sunshine, hence the name of the symbol.

All varieties have a bright beginning in meaning and appearance.

  • 4 lines — the personification of the sun god;
  • 6 rays — the symbol of the thundering Perun;
  • 8 lines — the symbol is associated with many deities, including the creator of all things Svarog, the sign is of paramount importance.

Some may have associations with the swastika. Kolovrat has similarities with the symbol of Nazism, but it should not be wary.

The symbol has always personified good, light rebirth. Hitler first saw Kolovrat-like symbol of the swastika in India, where he symbolized luck and abundance.

Since then, he was notorious, although the symbol has nothing to do with fascism.

Slavic symbol Kolovrat and its value

Posolon and antisolt

Kolovrat can have not only a different number of rays, but also change the direction of the rays. All changes result in a change in value. “Posolon” ​​means movement in the direction of the luminary, “antislip” has the opposite meaning.

When looking at swastikoobraznye symbols it is easy to get lost in directions.

How to wear a charm, who should wear it

Kolovrat helps to find a rebirth after decline, to return to the correct path. The sign will help all who are in poverty, suffering from problems, negative.

The solar symbol allows you to take steps in a new direction when starting a new cycle in life.

The protective, magical properties of the symbol, its power largely depend on the correct wearing. In accordance with the old Slavic traditions, the amulet is carried daily.

The universal method of wearing the amulet is a pendant, there are no restrictions in this case. Men prefer to wear the ring, as the symbol is placed on a massive ring.

Pendants are more suitable for women, Kolovrat can also be applied in the form of embroidery on clothing and accessories.

Wearing a Kolovrata helps to gain health, optimism, promotes career success. Wearing a talisman makes his owner stronger, a person begins to look at life easier, less worried about trifles.

Kolovrat helps protect against envy, black rituals. One of the varieties of the amulet is Kolyadnik, symbolizing the superiority of good over evil. .

Slavic symbol Kolovrat and its value

Wearing a talisman contributes to strengthening the internal sense, it allows you to anticipate and solve problems, ensures the protection of loved ones from trouble. Amulet helps to become more feminine, contributes to the development of refinement and refinement.

Amulet provides protection to pregnant women, will help to more harmoniously survive the difficult period, protects the unborn child from all bad things.

Can Christians wear Kolovrat

Kolovrat is considered a symbol of paganism, in connection with this the question often arises whether Orthodox Christians and Catholics can wear it. The ban on the use of the charm is impossible.

Christians should not accept another god except Jesus, even wearing a talisman is considered a sign of worship of pagan gods.

Pagans have a close relationship with nature, which is absent in younger Christianity. In both religions, the world is presented in the form of a three-dimensional model in which the deity coexist, people, and also souls who have left the body.

One should also recall the rite of baptism carried out by Prince Vladimir, which was replaced by pagan rites. The question of the expediency of wearing Kolovrat to a Christian is also applicable to Buddhists and Muslims. All people choose their religion, symbols, charms.

First of all, the views of a particular person are taken into account, you can always abandon religion and adopt a new one that is more appropriate to feelings and ideas.

Manufacturing materials

In the manufacture of Kolovrat most often used wood, metal, rarely precious metals, gold and silver. The latter are distinguished by high energy, amulets made from them are considered to be a more powerful artifact.

Copper and brass can also be used in the manufacture of an amulet.

One should not rely on someone else’s opinion on this issue; incompatibility with metals is quite common. This phenomenon is manifested not only in the form of redness and negative sensations, but also at the mental level.

People who have been in contact with unsuitable metals for a long time often suffer from incomprehensible sensations, weakness, and headaches.

Silver is considered the most neutral metal, it can become a strong defense against evil forces. You should also consider the «lunar» value of the metal.

In the absence of contraindications, preference should be given to gold, it will increase the impact of the solar amulet.

Slavic symbol Kolovrat and its value

An excellent decoration is a decoration made of wood or animal bones. This option is cheaper, and the value of the amulet is saved.

When choosing a tree should pay attention to its breed. The ancient Slavs attributed various properties to different trees.

Kolovrat in the modern world

The modern meaning of Kolovrat has not changed, it still personifies the universe, the subordination of the whole living Sun. Charm provides protection from evil forces, helps to protect against destructive programs, does not allow evil thoughts to penetrate into consciousness.

It is recommended to wear a talisman to all creative people, as well as those who seek to attract success and wealth into their lives. He will benefit from pure thoughts to people who have no evil in their souls. Some fans of Old Slavic culture make tattoos on the body in the form of Kolovrat.

Most often, these are men and women who would like to increase their energy potential, increase masculinity. Before making a decision about applying a tattoo with Kolovrat should take into account its possible impact on the course of a lifetime.

How to store

Kolovrat is not recommended to be stored with other decorations, it should be given a separate place. This may be a box or a bag of natural fabrics. Allowed to store the amulet in the house, but only in the room intended for meals.

The accessory is recommended to be periodically placed under direct sunlight, this will help to nourish it with energy.

The talisman is not recommended to be depicted on the bottom of the dish, as this may lead to a decrease in its magical properties. Kolovrat can be worn with other pagan symbols, in this case he will subordinate them to himself, redirect their power to the defense of the master.

Wearing with Christian symbols is strictly contraindicated.

Slavic symbol Kolovrat and its value


  1. Kolovrat — a symbol of the Sun, is considered a powerful ancient Slavic amulet, which has long been used as an amulet.
  2. Its rays are associated with the sides of the world, at times over the years, in ancient times it was also used as an amulet.
  3. He makes men stronger, helps in his career, a man is less worried about trifles. Women become more empathetic and feminine, their gift of foresight increases.
  4. In the modern world, the symbol is known much less, some fans of Old Slavic culture can wear amulets, amulets, make tattoos on the body in the form of Kolovrat.

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