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Slavic patron gods by date of birth

Slavic amulets by date of birth

Most recently, I learned that the ancient Slavs had their own calendar and gods who patronized people born in a certain time period. This calendar or Svarog circle has common features with western, eastern, other horoscope forks.

In this case, the principle is also respected, according to which people born on a certain date have character traits.

Slavic patron gods by date of birth

Slavic calendars and gods

The main differences between the Slavic and ordinary calendars:

  • the beginning of the night falls at sunset;
  • the duration of the month is 41 days;
  • 16 boxes (instead of 12 months);
  • week duration — 9 days.

Frost (12/24/30)

Chernobog is considered the patron god of this period, and Frost is the lord of the cold. Frost ancient Slavs represented in the form of a gray-bearded old man of small stature.

He does not like people who complain about the cold, makes them kind and cheerful, strong and strong.

People born during this period are purposeful, they have the ability to quickly concentrate. Children of Frost are learnable, they apply knowledge in practice, they do not exchange small things, in any activity they reach heights.

Chernobog gives people Frost prudence, they always treat their surroundings arrogantly.

Sechen (31.01-29.02)

The patron god of the Section is Veles, who personifies the master’s mind. He is embodied in the shell of a bear, is considered the god of wealth, domestic animals.

February is accompanied by the awakening of nature.
People Velez prefer to wear white clothes, trying to choose the right shoes. Velesas love carnivals, walks, do not cling to money, they quickly understand the hidden intentions of people.

They have a close relationship with nature, they are very sexy. They easily use charms, they can easily be confused, mislead others.

Dry (1.03-31.03)

The patron saint of people born during this period is Veles. He favors all land-related occupations, livestock, hunters, traders. March symbolizes the beginning of the new year, the departure of cold weather, the revival of all life.

People are very strong, they do not see obstacles, they go straight to the goal. The people of Veles are very mysterious, they can be difficult to understand, they themselves are very well versed in people.

They have excellent communication skills, quickly gain confidence.

Slavic patron gods by date of birth

Birch (1-30.04)

The patroness of people born in the first half of the month is the goddess Alive. It is considered the personification of fertility, spring, birth, youth, beauty of nature.

Time falls on the melting of snow; melt water was used in ancient times for medicinal purposes.

Goddess Ziva patronizes women, men differ in their breakdown character, they strive to increase their well-being. They are easily versed in medicine, have extrasensory abilities, are very fond of nature.

Children are Alive for early marriage, which in youth is not always possible.

Grass (1-14.05)

In this month, the growth of greenery is activated, the leaves on the trees bloom. Patron of the period is Yarila. His children are temperamental, they are born fighters, they love to work.

There are many leaders among them, such a temperament is suitable for politics. People Yaril not deny themselves anything, live to the fullest.

They need a state of love, they are constantly inspired by life.

Lelia (15.05-2.06)

The patroness of this period is the goddess Lelia, who symbolized the love of the Slavs, always favored lovers. People born during this time period are never lonely.

They build their lives, in old age surrounded by children and grandchildren.

The distinctive features of people are considered a sense of humor, kindness, a warm heart. Such people boldly declare themselves, are not afraid to stumble upon misunderstanding, condemnation.

Lelya is favorable to the newlyweds, on April 21 — the day of the goddess should be planned weddings. She blesses the newlyweds, helps them cope with difficulties.

Izok (06/03/06/07)

The patrons of the Slavs are Kostroma (2-12.06) and Dodola (13.06-06.07). Slavs attributed to those born in the period of Kostroma talents, duality.

They live today, have a large social circle, late start a family.
People born in the period of haymaking Dodola people remain young all their lives, they are infantile, they need a mentor. They believe in miracles, they are often lucky.

Cherven (7-31.07)

The goddess Lada is considered the patroness of the month, the ancient Slavs, after marriage, brought her gifts. There is always a festive atmosphere around these people, they are distinguished by their beauty, self-confidence, artistry, capriciousness.

It is rather difficult to win their location, but the one who succeeds in it will find true happiness.

Cherven (7-31.07)

The goddess Lada is considered the patroness of the month, after the marriage the ancient Slavs brought her gifts. Festive atmosphere always reigns around such people, beauty, self-confidence, artistry, capriciousness are considered to be their characteristic features.

It is rather difficult to win their location, but the one who succeeds in it will find true happiness.

Slavic patron gods by date of birth

Glow (1-8.08)

Augustus is patronized by the god Perun, who controls thunder and lightning. This period is accompanied by thunderstorms, harvesting, the transformation of the earth. The children of Perun have royalty, majesty, love to attract attention, be leaders, always be able to support, give advice.

In any situation, they develop the necessary strategy, quickly think and make decisions. Favorable areas of activity are politics, military affairs.

Seva (29.8-13.09)

The ancient Slavs called September Ruin, patronized by the goddess Seva. She was made to draw in the form of a woman with grapes and apples in her hands. She patronized good weather, fertility.

Hospitality was attributed to the people of Seva, they are always friendly, with a sense of humor, tend to settle conflicts, try on enemies.

They are distinguished by appeasability, a sense of proportion, calmness, it is easy to work with them, they are satisfied with little, preferring to live in a private house. Distinctive features are also considered caution, distrust, conservatism, a tendency to adhere to the once-established order.

Mokosh (14-27.09)

Goddess Mokosh personifies the earth, favors fertility, childbirth. The people of Mokosh are fatalists, distinguished by their care, discipline, and detailed attitude to work.

They love to cook, they value their time, they work a lot.

Despite the high performance they always find time to rest, they love to give advice. People respect authority, they often find themselves in military affairs, journalism, and writing.

They are quite sociable, they feel great in any society.

Svarozhich (28.09 — 15.10)

The patron saint of the period is considered the god of fire Svarog or Svarozhich, which some representatives of the Slavic tribe also associated with wars and victories. The first half of life is spent in the struggle, in old age they gain respect and prosperity.

Children of Svarog are distinguished by their delicate artistic taste, beauty is seen everywhere. Such people are very observant, arrogant, rational.

The main goal is to preserve the ideals of old age.

Morena (10.16-8.11)

Goddess Morena is considered the patroness, her children are distinguished by perseverance, patience, and purposefulness. They will not worry once again, as they are sure that they will always get what they want. Morena’s people are considered excellent surgeons, resuscitators, they have the gift of saving lives, they themselves rarely fall into disasters.

Distinctive features are considered discipline, uncompromising, resilience, sometimes vindictiveness.

Winter (9-28.11)

Winter is considered the patroness of November. Such people demonstrate the coldness behind which a big soul is hidden; they are always confident in themselves.

The children of Winter are endowed with a light power that helps them fight the universal evil, it has an impact on their lives. Their main goal is to find the truth, the root cause, before taking anything on faith, they need proof, strong arguments.

Studen (29.11 — 23.12)

The patron saint of the period is considered the underground god Karachun. His children do not have strong health.

They have difficulty in communicating with others, so they can give preference to the society of animals. People are rather cold, irritable, sullen.

Under the mask of unsociation hides modest people who are prone to sadness.


  1. In accordance with the Slavic calendar, the whole year is divided into 16 palaces. Knowing your palace allows you to predict character traits, recognize your patron gods, choose your charm and rune.
  2. In the ancient Slavic horoscope important information is concentrated, which is used in the preparation of the charm. Studying the influence of stars on people helps to recognize their deep influence on what is happening.
  3. Sacred knowledge also helps to improve the fate of each individual, will help him find a suitable field of activity.

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