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Slavic mythology: creatures and gods, Light and Dark Deities

Slavic gods: the description of the Light and Dark Deities

Initially, on the territory of modern Russia, Ukraine and other Slavic states, the main religion was not Christianity, but Slavic paganism. Today, many have forgotten (or even never knew) who the Slavic gods are, because the Christian teachings supplanted them.

I suggest in this article to start remembering the relatives of the Gods.

Slavic mythology: creatures and gods, Light and Dark Deities

The ancient gods of the Slavs: who are they?

If you want to get information about Slavic deities, then you will probably be interested to know what source they come from. Such the first beginning and the source of everything vital on our planet was the God Most High.

It is he who gives life to all on 3 plans: the World of Government, the Evi and Navi (see the decoding further).

  • Rule — acts as the highest reality, the habitat of the Deities;
  • Reality — known as the middle world of human beings;
  • Nav — this is the lower world where Dark Entities dwell, as well as the souls of those who indulge in unseemly deeds and are unable to rise to higher planes. Because of what they have to wait in the world of Navi, when they will be granted the next physical incarnation for their perfection.

The Most High God represents the God of all the Deities. In his guises, he creates Svarga (Universe). There are two original Hypostasis-Gods of the Sort — it is Belobog and Chernobog (opposite each other, like day-to-night, true with falsehood).

It is in the process of their incessant opposition that life arises.

The Most High God shows its Essence by creating other Deities, putting parts of its energy into children — Svarog, Lada with their children. Rhod is distinguished by Unity and Multiplicity, with the help of his incarnations he demonstrates His Own Essence on various planes of Being. Based on this, we can talk about these levels:

  • the lower one is the Earth kind (this is the Human World);
  • the middle one is the Heavenly Family (or Divine World).

The Most High God unites both planes, they abide in it by analogy with the egg-painted egg. He is characterized by infinity, all-embracingness, he is able to connect absolutely everything, so we can talk about His countless faces.

Being born as a human being, it is simply not possible to comprehend all of his Manifestations. People know only the names of those Gods of the Slavs who are most needed by them.

We will look at them in detail later.

Slavic mythology: creatures and gods

In the Slavs, all divinities are divided into Light and Dark. I suggest to get acquainted with the first and second.

Bright Deities

Belobog — personifies the power, mind and knowledge, which all light Divine Forces possess. Performs as the Light Hypostasis of the Family of the Most High. Not personalized.

The Most High genus together with Svarog and Lada form the Great Triglav of Divine Entities. Rod creates Svarog with Lada, giving birth to our physical Universe.

And those already in the future engaged in the creation of the Heavenly and Earthly Clans. They represent the nucleus (pisanku), which testifies to the commonness of the world of the Divine and Human.

Svarog — is the most significant Deity, the Creator of our world, as well as the male hypostasis of the Sort. It embodies the Divine creative Nature.

In the Clear World, the visible image of Svarog is Heaven. It is accounted for by the Father to all Light Deities.

The marriage unions, harmonization of physical reality and the creation of new celestial bodies (planets, stars) belong to Svarogy’s patronage.

Lada — Goddess, responsible for the harmony, harmony, love and displays of tenderness. It is a female, bright incarnation of the Sort, it is the wife of Svarog. It was Lade who was assigned the role of the Mother of the Light Deities and all the essentials.

Lada embodies the Divine Love. He ensures that love is always present in family unions, that children appear in the family, since she herself produced 12 Svarohiches.

Slavic mythology: creatures and gods, Light and Dark Deities

Ladobog — the hypostasis of Svarog, embodies an indestructible harmony with orderliness. Causes a man to tenderness to his woman and the desire to create harmony in physical reality.

God of love from the Slavs.

Mother Sva Slava — is the hypostasis of the Divine Lada, as well as the guardian and patroness of the soldiers. It embodies inflexibility, honor and dignity.

Sva Slava carries away on his wings those who died in battle to the Meadows of Svarog so that they can enter the Perun Regiment. And when a battle takes place, the goddess flies over the field, providing protection to her descendants.

Chislobog — God who is responsible for the past, the present and the future. Controls to change the intervals of the Fatty Day.

In addition, Chislobog is a great teacher who helps people master the precise teachings.

Zamun — The Divine Mother, the hypostasis of Lada, is the mother of any offspring and wealth, the material well-being of the Slavs. She created the Milky Way (the river flowing from Vyriya).

In Explicit reality, it manifests itself in the form of fertile land and a cow.

Velez — acts as the God of wisdom and material wealth, the Light manifestation of the Kin of the Most High in reality, Navi, the king and protector of other worlds, protecting Nav and Evil from Evil Beings. Velez allows developed people to comprehend wisdom, and also taught our ancestors to get a harvest from the ground.

God of fertility among the Slavs.

Makosha — A female deity that protects those who give birth, controls standing (pregnant, calm) water. It helps women to relieve themselves of the burden of, and the knights — gives the laws of pure blood.

It falls to Mother Dole and Nedole, protects our planet.

Dazhbog — Slavic god of the Sun, acts as the ancestor and defender of the Slavs. Dazhbog, with the help of his Divine Light, created life in the water element on planet Earth. Patronizes earth reality held by him in the abyss of the universe.

Creates the Divine Laws of Law, intended for people, gives all sorts of life benefits.

Dana — the female deity of earthly water. It personifies the fluidity of the water element.

Dana — the embodiment of potential fertility, various riches, is the wife of Dazhbog.

Svetovit (also called Holy, Sventovid) — embodies the four faces of Dazhbog (Bozhich, Yarilo, Semiiarilo, Sivy Yar). Western Slavs honor Svetovita as a warrior of light patronizing the art of war.

Is alive — is the Goddess of life, giving people spiritual and physical health. It is also the Goddess of fertility among the Slavs and the deity of spring.

It contains vitality and the ability to heal, as well as the power to fertilize.

Slavic mythology: creatures and gods, Light and Dark Deities

Horse — This is the male deity of the night light of the Sun (which is reflected in the Moon). Horse personifies loyalty, keeps Vedogn, responsible for maintaining the Light of the Sort, when dark times come.

Vesta — the female Deity of the Evening Dawn, responsible for enlightenment, girlish wisdom and integrity, as well as love and the ability to forgive. It is the daughter of Dazhbog and his wife Horsa.

Stribog — becomes the Deity of winds and earthly space, air power. It personifies changeability and movement.

Share — Deity responsible for the peculiarities of human existence. The share decorates human lives alternately, then light, then dark threads.

Personalizes Divine Providence, the daughter of Mokosh.

Yarylo — acts as the spring hypostasis of Dazhbog, the Deity of youthful victories, eagerness. Yarilo is also a Slavic god of fertility and abundance.

Lelya — represents the spring hypostasis of Lada, having to her daughter and bride Yarile. Lelya renders her help and patronage to her lovers, young and old couples, acts as a source of love.

Kupailo-Semiarilo — the summer hypostasis of Dazhbog. Provides mental and physical cleansing, harmonizes couples in love, he has the power to fertilize and help achieve their goals.

Sivy Yar — The autumn hypostasis of Dazhbog, God, associated with family wealth, bread and domestic cattle. Personalizes economic and experience.

Rozhanitsa — The goddess, who helps in childbirth, keeps the Slavic families and the maintenance of home fire in them.

Perun — Slavic god of war, thunder and lightning. It embodies a fair trial, truth and fair battle.

Perun in the Slavic pantheon is assigned the role of the Divine Patron of the Warriors, the Governor of the Regiment of Perun — the Heavenly Host (formed by the souls of the dead Rus, who defended the Divine world from Evil).

Slavic mythology: creatures and gods, Light and Dark Deities

Dodola — A female deity responsible for the waters of the sky, constantly giving birth to warriors for Polk Perunov. She looks like a pregnant woman with long curls, wandering through natural places and blessing for easy childbirth.

Bozhich — the winter hypostasis of Dazhbog, acts as the Deity of new beginnings, carrying the whole range of positive emotions. It is the son of Lada.

It personifies the beginning of the movement and the power of novelty.

Semargl — God of fire from the Slavs, who is assigned the role of the Divine messenger, offering sacrifices for Svarog. It embodies the stage of transition from the physical to the spiritual.

Ushas — The Deity of the Morning Dawn. Ushas helps girls, symbolizes integrity, Divine favor, gives rise to all positive and happy.

This Deity performs a special age ritual for babies who are 3 years old, blesses the development of their femininity, teaches Slavic magic.

Fire (also called Agni, Svarozhich) — acts as the bright God of the patrimonial flaring, the hypostasis of Svarog in the dwelling of all Orthodox Rodnovers. It embodies peace, happiness, comfort.

Dark Old Slavic gods

The Slavs praise the Great Multi-manifestation Rod with all its bright images, but the Dark Entities should also be respected. Much more information is known about Light Deities than about their Dark Brothers.

Someone calls them the totality of all the evil energy of our planet, someone calls death, others believe that they have destructive power and are called to destroy our Universe.

You can meet the claims that the Dark Slavic Deities are entities of other realities. Supposedly they conquer the Earth in order to create on it their own world.

I propose to find out what is said on this issue in the Slavic Native Faith. What is the metaphorical «evil» in it? I would like to immediately note that initially such a word was absent in our speech.

Instead, the words “bad” (similarly to weakness, infirmity) or “zelo” (excessively) were used. It turns out that the concept of «evil» is associated with excessiveness on the one hand, or lack of it on the other.

Each Deity is a manifestation (hypostasis). For example, Perun is associated with justice, Stribog — with movements, Morok — with phobias.

But is it possible that there is an excess of something in God, because it is the most filled with a certain energy and multidimensional?

Of course, the concept of «evil» and the gods are completely incompatible! The clan consists of Belobog and Chernoboga, it keeps the balance of the Universe, so that there is neither an excess of anything nor a deficiency in it.

And man, as a creature, is by no means perfect, only grows and develops in order to attain the Divine absolute. And it is extremely important that growth and development be carried out harmoniously, comprehensively.

So that there is no “zelo”, but also not “bad.”

Arias (the ancestors of the Slavs) — are a sunny nation. The result is that the cult of light Deities is more popular and acceptable to us. However, this does not mean that you should not be interested in the dark aspects of the Sort.

Its reverse sides are manifested in the form of Chernobi. Mara and Morok perform the male and female manifestations of the dark aspects of the Sort, its unknown, hidden state.

They are similar to the unconscious of our world.

Let us now take a closer look at the dark gods of Russia.

Chernobog — personifies the black power, embodies all the Dark Deities. It is an impersonal being.

Mara — she was awarded the role of the mistress Navi, and also the Mistress of death, the wife of Morok, the antipode of Lada. It is only the Face of death, but not death itself. Mara — foreshadows misfortunes and various misfortunes, keeps unknown secret knowledge.

It can appear as a light-skinned black-eyed maiden in a snow-white gown, having dark hair and sickles in her hands, or as a terrible old woman in black clothes with a scythe.

Slavic mythology: creatures and gods, Light and Dark Deities

Morok — It is a spouse Mare and a father to Dark Deities. Becomes the opposite hypostasis of Svarog, its antipode (Svarog is associated with light, Morok — with darkness). Personifies pathology, cold and lies.

Fills the human soul with darkness and ignorance. It sends tests for those who have a lot of strength, eliminating those who are weaker.

The wrath appears before people like endless darkness, darkness. Associated with the most terrible fantasies, moronic prejudices that prevent people from living a normal life.

This entity does not recognize contracts and does not bribe anything.

Moraine — acts as the daughter of Moroca with Mara. It deprives people of vital forces when they forget about respecting the Laws of Government and begin to deal with the Curve.

It also acts as a dark spirit of the water element, consuming forces.

Nedolya — the daughter of Mokosh, the sister of Doli, who represents her antipode — is capable of destroying people marching against the Deities and Kin. It spoils the life of various accidents, problems and ailments.

Wii — acts as the guardian deity Pekelny realities, the ruler of the evil forces, the leader of the ghouls. In Obvious reality, he is not able to see.

Wii is satisfied with the deadly wind — a tornado destroying everything around.

Fornication. His task is to lure the Rodnover to the roundabout path, the path of destruction of Customs and Truth.

It is the name of this Dark God that forms the word «bastard» — it means that a child born from an unjust male and female union.

Slavic mythology: creatures and gods, Light and Dark Deities

Mental and physical Sun-Light had the most important meaning in the life of our ancestors: it gave them life, joy. But despite this, the ancestors kept and received information about the Dark Deities. After all, they are not a detachable particle of the Life Coke.

Knowledge preserved to this day.

For example, we know about the eternal struggle between Belobog and Chernobog, which holds the World and gives us the opportunity to live. It is unacceptable to praise Belobog, discrediting Chernoboga at the same time, because this is absolutely wrong. Our ancestors had no fear of the Dark Deities, but they feared them, comprehended their energy so as not to be under their influence.

Later, when the decline of Vedic knowledge was observed — they were tried to appease.

But never did the Slavs forget about the Black -heads, remembering that we and our relatives are the Children of the Sun. And we need knowledge about Dark Deities in order to be able to notice their signs of presence in our lives in time and return to the Light in a timely manner.

And without Dark Deities, physical life in the Clear World would be unreal. Proceeding from this, it will be unjust to treat Chernobizheskim, as the forces of evil, because in reality there is no evil.

And to know the light without darkness is impossible. It is necessary to remember about Chernobu, but do not forget about your Light origin and follow the Light Path.

Such they are Old Slavic gods. In conclusion, I suggest you view the thematic video:

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