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Slavic conspiracies

Slavic conspiracies belong to the ancient folk magic. They were used in various situations and helped to solve the most difficult life problems.

Folk rituals are time tested, so there is no reason to doubt them.

Slavic conspiracies

Slavic conspiracies and spells must be conducted in accordance with certain rules. Before the ceremony, it is necessary to eat moderately for some time and completely abandon alcoholic beverages.

It is also necessary to exclude sexual contact at this time.

Any ceremony should be focused, that is, conducting it, you should understand what you want to achieve. It is also important to understand that Slavic magic is effective only if the impact is carried out in good.

The most popular are rituals aimed at health. The following plot is universal.

It sounds like this:

Such a conspiracy can be read to get rid of any disease, it should be done within a week.

Slavic conspiracies

Every morning you can read another plot. It will help maintain good health.

The magic words are as follows:

A special place in the ancient Russian world was occupied by conspiracies for good luck. As a rule, magical conspiracies of this type were pronounced at dawn.

One of these conspiracies is as follows:

This conspiracy needs to be pronounced seven times in a row.

Slavic conspiracies

In the ancient Slavic world, love was revered, therefore conspiracies about love were very popular. As a rule, most ceremonies contain a conspiracy in which there is an appeal to Lada. She was considered the goddess of love and symbolized the warmth and comfort of home.

The goddess could draw love into a person’s life and fill her with bright colors.

By virtue of their natural essence, young girls dreaming of a happy marriage more often used conspiracies to love. A strong rite is held in the summer.

For him, you must first prepare:

  • Three oak leaves;
  • Candle white.

The ceremony should be carried out only in the case when you have a loved one, but you want to fall in love with it stronger.

First, three oak leaves should be spoken:

Plotted oak leaves should be boiled in water. After this, light a candle and wait for the water to cool.

It must then be used for washing.

Very popular in the ancient Slavic world were defensive conspiracies. Such rites allowed to reliably protect themselves from damage and the evil eye.

In the following, a very powerful rite must be used:

  • Candle white wax;
  • Beeswax;
  • A flap of white natural fabric;
  • Metal mug;
  • A bowl filled with water.

First, a candle is lit and a prayer is read, which contains an appeal to God of good luck and fertility of Veles.

The words sound like this:

Slavic conspiracies

After that, you need to melt the wax and then gradually pour it into a bowl of water, pronouncing these words:

After the wax hardens, it is again transferred to the mug and melted in the flame of the candle.

In this case, the following words are pronounced:

The described actions are repeated twice. In this case, the first time the wax in the mug is poured at the level of the chest, and the second time — at the level of the abdomen.

At the end of the ceremony, the used wax should be collected, wrapped in a white cloth and buried as far as possible from your own home.

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