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Simoronsky Wish Calculator online

Simoronsky Wish Calculator — How It Works

The Simoronsky calculator of desires is a very interesting and extremely fascinating (however, like all the rituals of Simoron) a method that will help you realize the most intimate dreams in life. You can learn more about how to use the magic calculator and how its action manifests itself in practice.

Online version of simoronsky wish calculator:

Simoronsky calculator — what is it

Simoronsky calculator is an amazing technique that works according to an unidentified principle, but it helps to realize various desires in life. Many people could be convinced of its effectiveness, although this method appeared relatively recently.

Thanks to the use of the magic calculator, you consciously program yourself to positively solve your problems on any issues.

Next, we will look at how to formulate your wishes correctly so that they will be implemented in practice as soon as possible.

How to make wishes

  1. It is extremely important in the process of making wishes to eliminate a negative piece of “not”, but instead of the word “I wish”, to use affirmative words, as if your dream has already become a reality. That is, the desire is pronounced in the present tense.
  2. People who have developed the magic calculator technique are advised to use it to code themselves for something.
  3. First, you indicate your wish, then you write down your name, the date of birth, and a little lower, you express your gratitude to the Supreme Forces for the help provided.
  4. At the same time it is possible to make several desires concerning different spheres of life.
  5. What is important is the precise formulation of the desire, as well as the high visualization of the desired events.
  6. You can make wishes to improve your material well-being, to bring happiness and mutual love into your life, to get rid of excess weight, and so on — choose the problem that is most relevant for you at this time period.
  7. It is necessary to indicate the exact date when your desire should be realized — while the numbers are written without spaces.

This is how a properly formulated desire should look like:

For happy love

Marina 25051994

Thank you, Universe!

Simoronsky Wish Calculator online

  1. After that you will need to encode your desire. To do this is elementary — for this there is a special plate of correspondence of letters to certain numbers (we attach it in the photo below).

When you encode a desire — just in the place of a letter, put down its digital correspondence.

  1. After that, all the numbers (this includes the date of birth) must be added, and the resulting number multiplied by 27. That number that will end up, and act as a code of your secret desire. You need to write it on any carrier (paper, tree) and always keep to yourself.

You can also apply the magic code directly on the hand, for example, on the wrist area. At the same time, do it with a paste of a certain color so that your wish will be fulfilled as soon as possible and in full:

  • if we are talking about the love sphere, prepare a red pen;
  • for codes that relate to financial matters — it is worth to stock up on green paste. Also, to attract wealth to your life, you must write the code on the bill and then always keep it in your purse.

When you encode your desire, it is better not to use the popular Simoron’s wish calculator online, because the Universe prefers that a person put in personal energy to achieve something. Then you can achieve more significant results.

Simoronsky Wish Calculator online

For what purpose can the Simoron wish calculator be used?

Wanting to code themselves from something, people most often choose:

  • excess weight;
  • alcohol or drug addiction;
  • smoking;
  • nagging from the head;
  • various pathologies;
  • problems in the domestic sphere;
  • negative traits of one’s character and so on.

Simoronsky Wish Calculator online

In addition, you can use the calculator to improve the areas of your life:

  • health;
  • financial position;
  • housing issues;
  • successfully pass important exams and the like.

A very attractive moment — you have a wonderful opportunity to use the Simoron calculator not only for you personally, but also for your relatives and friends. Of course, you should first ask their permission for such actions.

Do not make mistakes!

Perhaps you have heard a joke about a negro who fell into the desert and, feeling very thirsty, suddenly found a bottle in which there was a gin.

Jin, as it should be, to thank his liberator, offered him to implement 3 any wishes to choose from.

The negro, for joy, did not think for a long time, and asked a large amount of water to become white and that girls undress at his sight. Jin instantly fulfilled what he wanted and turned the Negro into the toilet!

Therefore, you should not repeat the mistakes of a black guy from a joke when you use the simoronsky calculator of desires — the most serious attitude to your desires is important.

They should also be harmless — so as not to cause any harm not only to you personally, but also to those around you.

Varieties of Desire Calculators

In total there are a large number of simoronsky calculators of desires and all of them work, but differ in somewhat different effects.

Turning to magic for help, you should not forget that the calculator is just a tool, it can push you in the right direction, but it will not be able to realize the dream without some effort on your part.

Mostly today, people prefer to use online versions of calculators, they work on a similar principle, as if you were doing manual calculations.

There are also options for calculators, in which the codes of letters are calculated based on the correspondences on the computer keyboard. This is not to say that these versions are non-working, but the best thing is to perform a hand-written calculation, in this case you will be 100% sure of receiving a positive result.

On any of the simoron desires calculators, you would not stop your attention, the main thing is to correctly formulate what you want and make certain efforts to implement it in life. Remember that the Universe will not give you what you want on a gold-plated saucer — you will also need to work and look at the drop-down opportunities in time so as not to make mistakes.

Watch also the next video on this topic.

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