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Simoronsky rituals for money

Simoron money-raising rituals are very effective.

If a person wishes to say goodbye to monetary difficulties once and for all, he should try a very high-quality ritual to raise money for the technique of Simoron rituals. With the help of such a rite, a person will be able to improve his monetary position in a week.

First you need to learn the fact that simoron is a special technique for the realization of desires, which is not based on magic, but on a correct tune of consciousness and the level of its subconscious.

It is important to note at the same time that rituals of this kind can very often seem completely absurd and even stupid, however, that is precisely their main strength. Money loves fun and positive, because they need to attract with a sincere smile!

Simoronsky rituals for money

Green socks

It is better to perform this rite when growing month as it is during this period of time, the energy of money is the most active.

To carry out this simoronsky ritual a person will need new socks of green color. The fact is that this shade attracts money and provides real energy for money growth.

  • Should put In each sock on the coin in five rubles and hang them all night on your window.
  • In the morning you have to pull out the coppers, put on your socks and go on business. In the evening, you must remove the socks and re-put the coins in them.
  • Such operations need do throughout the week.
  • A week later, green socks will lead the owner’s feet to new money opportunities and prosperity.

Acting simoronsky ritual onwallet wallet

This money-raising ritual will help you to constantly lure money into your wallet. Often a person charges a mobile phone? By itself.

And how many times did he charge his own wallet? Definitely, never in my life.

And in vain, because it also requires energy support!

Man should imagine that the wallet is soaked with electricity, and if it is not constantly recharge, then money will not come to it. It should make a habit every night in preparation for bedtime plug in the charging from the smartphone, and the end of the wire thrust into the hole in the wallet. By morning, the wallet will be charged and ready to attract money.

The man himself did not notice how the wallet will become a magnet for money.

Simoronsky rituals for money

Bills reproduction

You can try to multiply your money. To this end, you can arrange a real date for money. We must wait for the evening, take the two largest bills that are available, and then send them to the window.

We need to light two candles, turn on romantic songs, pour 2 glasses of red wine and put them near the bills. This is a true romantic evening for money that will end on a stunning night of love.

It was after her the pair will begin to multiply.

Clearing the money path

If the flow of money to a person suddenly dried up and does not want to resume, he should carry out such a Simoron ritual. You need to take a hair dryer or a regular vacuum cleaner and start slowly, but at the same time very confidently clear the area of ​​dust, mentally thinking about how quickly the path is cleared for the flow of money.

It is necessary to concentrate on thoughts and not to cease to conduct meditation, until the vacuum cleaner itself is cleared of dust collected by a person. In the very near future, the money will again return to its owner and will become eternal companions in life.

But at the same time a person needs to confess to them in love and give them attention, as if in love.

Water charge

A great way has long been method of charging water with material wealth, as water is a very powerful energy conductor. To attract money in this way, you should pour boiled water into a glass and place the container in front of you.

Then you need to get as comfortable as possible, close your eyes and start a detailed visualization of different images of wealth and well-being.

A person should imagine how he gets the necessary amount, won the lottery, or learned about a sudden increase in income every tenth. After such representations should drink water while receiving true bliss, as if what the person represented was an event that had already happened, which strongly and brightly pleases.

The rite is required to be repeated three times a month or more.

Simoronsky rituals for money

Money bath

Incredibly effective and very high quality equipment.

  1. Should prepare in advance several handfuls of coins of different denominations and from any state.
  2. After you should take the largest bill that a person has, while it is better to try in advance to find the maximum denomination. A person should select this bill by himself, without taking it into debt.
  3. Then you need chop cabbage and cook beautiful lemons.
  4. All of the above need to be expanded in the bathroom, grabbing other various symbols of wealth, for example, monetary toad, wanting or other preserving figures. If a person does not have such talismans, he can use a photograph of money, the rich or the presidents.
  5. Then water is added to the bath, added green salt and a photo is hung on the ceiling, and figures are placed around. A large bill is placed so that you can look at it. Lemon slices and cabbage are also dropped into the water.
  6. From now on, you can dive into the bathroom and get true bliss from the realization of complete wealth. The cabbage leaves sticking to the body are cash.
  7. Finishing such a nice procedure, it is necessary to collect the cabbage and lemon slices, and throwing them into the toilet, say: «Swim and tell all the money to come to me.»

Easy and urgent money

It takes a lot of balloons with helium that are inflated, and money is attached to them. Let the balls with banknotes fly around the apartment.

A person should happily jump up and catch them.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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