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Simoron on love and marriage — the most powerful rituals

Rituals of Simoron on love and marriage

Simoron’s rituals are simultaneously positive, but at the same time, they allow solving serious problems in a practically playful way (for example, they will help to arrange a personal life). Simoron on love and marriage — that’s what we’ll talk about in this article, find out how to quickly meet your soulmate and get married with the help of game magic.

Simoron on love and marriage - the most powerful rituals

Theory of paired subjects

In some cases, the Universe requires proof that you are truly ready for a serious relationship and can let a man into your life. Take advantage of the following ritual is especially necessary for the fair sex who live alone.

It is necessary to create such an atmosphere in the home, as if a man already lives in it. Get him a pair of slippers, put two pillows on the bed, start a second toothbrush, prepare two sets of dishes.

You can also buy for your «imaginary» narrowed something from men’s cosmetics or perfumery, garments and so on — here you can come to the aid of a fantasy that you can connect to its fullest.

Simoronsky rituals on the love of men

Next, we offer you examples of working rituals of Simoron, which will either attract happy relationships to your life or help legitimize existing ones.

Marriage ceremony

If you are a young girl who is eager to get married, we recommend that you use this easy, but no less effective way.

You just need to make an invitation to your wedding! How it’s done?

Elementary — a beautiful invitation card for the wedding ceremony is acquired and signed, as if you were the bride.

The invitation may have the following form:

Dear __________ (indicate your name)!

I want to invite you to my wedding to be held in 2017!

I am glad to inform you that I am getting married to the most remarkable man in the world (list all the positive qualities that you would like to see in your chosen one).

After that, the card is sealed in a pink or red envelope and sent to your mailing address.

Having received the invitation, you need to open it, re-read it again, sincerely rejoice for yourself and hide it in a secluded place in the southwestern part of your home (according to Feng Shui, it is he who is responsible for love and marriage).

A pink or red envelope color will additionally attract the energy of love to you.

After the performed ritual, you can with a clear conscience wait for the coming of the happiest day in your life. Be sure to stay with a positive frame of mind.

The ritual of how to «stick» to his beloved

It is necessary to take a small leaf, write on it the name of your beloved. Then thoroughly wash the leaf under a stream of hot water (so you “float” your man), and then dry it in the sun (this symbolizes that the object of your sighs will dry on you).

After the described actions, iron the piece of paper with the help of an iron (this will give your chosen one “silk” behavior). And then tie a string to the leaflet, attach it to your belt and let the «gentleman» «run» after you around the apartment.

There is also an option when you use a scotch tape to stick a leaf directly onto your body, and the area of ​​attachment is selected based on the desired effect:

  • If your goal is romantic feelings, then the leaf should be attached to the heart;
  • Are you dreaming about pregnancy? Hitch a leaf on your belly;
  • And if you dream about the passionate nights of love — you will need to attach a leaf in the bikini area.

Simoron on love and marriage - the most powerful rituals

Rite with slippers

Thanks to the «slipper» ritual, you can easily attract a man into your life, moreover, one that will fully meet your expectations.

For the ceremony will need to stock up on new men’s slippers that you put in your home near the front door. At the same time, you visualize that your beloved person wears these slippers.

Do not be afraid that they will stand idle — soon the Universe will find a master for them.

But, first, you should tell the slippers what kind of person you need:

  1. If you want a working spouse for yourself, you should take your slippers with you to work several times.
  2. You dream about an interesting talker with whom you will discuss the most burning questions — then it is worthwhile to arrange a tour of the theater or the exhibition for slippers.
  3. And if your goal is a strong man, you should hide a coin or a bill in slippers.

An important condition is that under no circumstances should these slippers be given to guests who visit your home or their household members. Slippers should be either at the front door or near your bed.

Rite of Simoron on love with red shorts

The day of the meeting is the 11th day of any month. You need to take a beautiful red panties that you wore, but that they were in good condition.

Soak them in water, concentrate as much as possible on your desire to bring a man into life and throw them on the chandelier to dry. Do this with three attempts.

Simoron on love and marriage - the most powerful rituals

To enhance the effect — shout the desire three times, and in addition — click your fingers and stamp your foot three times (the main thing is not to frighten the neighbors). Leave the panties on the chandelier for at least three days.

The rite of «I love men»

The essence of the ritual is that you must genuinely love the masculine. This will help you a lot of simple practice.

The duration of its holding is three weeks.

During the first week you need to instill in yourself a feeling of “love” to all the representatives of the stronger sex that will fall into your way. Every time when your gaze will fall on a man (of any age), you need to concentrate and mentally say:

«I love this man.»

If there are several men, then the manifestation of «love» must be addressed to each of them separately. Through this practice, you will learn to perceive men in a positive context.

The second week is a repetition of the first, but here the pronounced phrase will change somewhat, now you need to think:

«This man loves me!»

And the third week will help you tune in to the wave of mutual love. Therefore, having spotted a man, repeat to yourself these words:

«I love this man, and he also loves me.»

How will this ritual help? He will program the subconscious mind so that you can easily accept and give love.

You will also send a positive message to the Universe about your readiness to meet your narrowed one.

Ritual Simoron on love with perfume

It is performed only one day a year — on the feast of St. Valentine, February 14. This is the perfect time to harmonize with the world, as well as to attract love fluids.

You will need to take a bottle of your favorite perfume, put in front of you and try to fill it with the energy of love. Feel your love for these spirits, fill them with this feeling to the maximum.

Then gently stroke the bottle with the help of fingertips, as if you were a favorite little kitten. You should feel warm and have a tingling sensation at your fingertips.

Then the phrase “Love always stays with me!” Is repeated three times.

You have charged your perfume with the energy of love, now it has gained magic power. Every time you apply perfume, they will spread love fluids from you that will not go unnoticed by men.

Rite of call your loved one

To perform this ceremony, you need to stock up on such an arsenal of tools:

  • dry bay leaves;
  • refractory dishes;
  • a box of matches;
  • sprigs or a piece of paper to kindle a miniature fire.

Put salt on a plate and line it up, then lay out a kind of “well” or “hut” with the help of twigs or paper. Kindle a fire.

It is best to perform all activities in the yard, or at least open all the windows in the room, because the smoke from laurel is highly toxic.

Take a bay leaf, bring it to the fire with the words:

“Leaves of laurel that burn in fire!
May my love come to me! ”

Then it is necessary to repeat the operation on burning bay leaf the number of times that is a multiple of three (it can be limited to three times). More repeats can be fraught with toxic laurel smoke.

In conclusion, the Higher Forces are sure to thank for their assistance and destroy all traces of the conflagration.

It is important that in all rituals always keep sacred silence and not to tell anyone about the actions performed. Otherwise, you can spoil the result (it may not come at all).

And, of course, sincerely believe in the power of magic, subject to these conditions, your half will appear in your life very soon!

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