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Simoron is magic that will change your life for the better.

Simoron is an effective way to change your life for the better.

Simoron is a fun school of magic, the use of techniques which helps to get rid of internal tension and teach you to attract into your life what you dream about. In fact, Simoron acts as a method of psychological unloading and loading, which is based on a creative world perception and on games that can be both successful and not very good.

Simoron is magic that will change your life for the better.

History of Simoron

The word «Simoron» has no translation, it is just a contrived turn reflecting the basic meaning of this technique: you should always look at life openly, cheerfully, a little childishly.

This method was founded in 1988 year. As its inventors can be called director Peter Burlan and actress Peter Burlan, who lived in Kiev.

Initially, a simoron was understood as a certain psychological technique, but very soon it went beyond the established framework and was transformed into a methodology for realizing what was desired.

Some scientists attribute Simoron to a variety of shamanism. Others argue that this is nothing more than European ritual magic.

There is also a category of researchers who believe that the simorone exercises are complete nonsense practiced by the magicians of the Latin American tradition of Carlos Castaneda.

Simonorists themselves are piously convinced of the effectiveness of their methodology, they claim that they are able to change weather conditions, cause the necessary transport, arrange personal life, as well as cope with financial difficulties and heal from various diseases.

There are many publications that describe the basic principles of simorona, it is practiced in almost all European countries. Although simoron initially does not give the impression of serious magic, but despite this, the practice helps to change those people who are open to change.

Simoron also constantly undergo transformations, as in any other newborn teaching. Therefore, everyone who wants to have the opportunity to create their own equipment Simoron and the result of it will be no worse than the standard methods.

What caused the action of simorona

Many people call Simoron the course of beginner wizards. He is playing practice related to psychological training. Scientists have long established that man now does not use all his natural abilities.

This happens because he does not have enough faith in himself, but there are many prejudices and restrictions that have been imposed by public opinion.

And the main task of Simoron rituals is to eliminate the limiting framework and contribute to the full disclosure of the potential of each person.

Simoron is magic that will change your life for the better.

But, if you want the Simoron technique to work for you, you must take it as seriously as possible, even if it seems absurd to you. It is also important to maximize the use of your imagination in the process of performing Simoron rituals.

Simoron is based on humor and positive emotions. Thanks to him, the person unconsciously liberates himself and focuses on the positive moments, while the negative ones go to the background for him.

There are several basic Simoron techniques that are usually offered to beginners, namely:

  • Yakatny translations technique;
  • floating technology;
  • dance technique;
  • name change technique;
  • thanksgiving.

We suggest that you continue to get to know each of these techniques in more detail.

Technique soaring

True supporters of Simoron know that everything that happens to us depends only on our life position. So if you regularly experience for any reason, your experiences will very soon become a reality.

Therefore, it is important to be able to adjust yourself «in the right way.»

Technique of floating is that a person harmoniously refers to what happens to him. He possesses sufficient confidence in his abilities and abilities and believes that everything will be fine.

How to be in this amazing state of soaring? To do this, you should revive the moment from your past in your memory when you felt the maximum confidence in your abilities.

At the same time, the nature of the situation does not matter — it could be your sporting achievement from the past or getting your first salary.

Name change technique

It lies in the fact that you will need to completely abandon what is happening to you and accept the image of another person. Technique is very similar to acting skills.

So, if you need to attend any important event, you will need to get rid of all prejudices and prejudices and temporarily forget who you really are.

Simoron is magic that will change your life for the better.

But first, be sure to enter yourself into the soaring state Then resurrect the image of the person that impresses you the most.

For example, if you need to go on a romantic date, you can imagine yourself in the image of the famous film star. And if you have a scheduled interview, imagine that you have super-outstanding abilities and no one can confuse you right now.

The technique of the Yakatny translations

When you find yourself in any situation, it is quite difficult for you to objectively assess the real state of things. But you can do this if you evaluate the situation from the perspective of another person. To do this you will need to stand in his place.

Of course, when negative emotions overwhelm you, it will be very difficult to do it. This is where Simoron’s proprietary technique comes to the rescue.

It is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. You are left all alone.
  2. Take a clean white sheet and describe the essence of the problem. If the situation is conflict, you can record it as a dialogue. It is important to maximize detail what is happening.
  3. When you write down a story, change all the characters who participate in it to the pronoun “I”.
  4. Now, expressively read the resulting text out loud.

The meaning of technology is that when you read, you will understand who was really wrong and what is the essence of the problem. You begin to perceive reality more objectively, and thanks to the absurdity of the situation you will be able to get rid of negative emotions and experiences.

Thanksgiving technique

It is recommended to resort to this method in cases where it is not possible to avoid any unpleasant event. It can be of any nature — visiting a doctor, participating in a meeting, public speaking, and so on.

Before an unpleasant event occurs, think with gratitude to a particular person or situation. Specify at the same time, from what terrible consequences it will save you.

Try to sincerely believe in writing.

Dance technique simorona

Also very popular. With it, you can achieve some goal.

And choreographic skills in this matter do not play a significant role. You just need to feel your body as much as possible, get rid of any thoughts and fully relax.

You can even do without music.

Reach the state of soaring and stop controlling your body — let it move on its own. The meaning of the technique is that it is necessary to correlate a specific desire to each dance.

Now you know what simoron is and can test its technique on your life. The main thing is to treat all Simoron rituals with all seriousness, and not as fun and practice them regularly.

Also watch a video on this topic.

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