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Simoron at work — examples of proven rituals

Simoron at work — examples of effective rituals

Simoron to work is designed to find a new promising and well-paid work, as well as to solve various problems in an existing workplace. There is a huge amount of interesting, funny and, most importantly, effective Simoron rituals for work.

With them we will introduce you in this article.

Simoron at work - examples of proven rituals

How to prepare for simoronsky ritual

First of all, set a real goal for yourself — in this case it will be work. You need to understand for yourself what positions you would like to work with, what schedule, under what conditions of labor activity and what salary you are applying for.

An important rule that helps to get a good result in magical rituals is the lack of haste. To resort to any esoteric practices should be only if you are clearly aware of what you want to receive and formulate the final result as accurately as possible.

Therefore, we advise you to devote a couple of hours of your time in order to establish for yourself the indicators of your future work. It is best to take a clean white sheet for this and write them down from the most important to the least significant.

Try to imagine the realization of the desired as much as possible — visualize as if you are already sitting in your new office chair, or flying in the cabin of the plane, or conquering the endless expanses of the sea — here you can give your imagination complete will. But, of course, make a start from your education, professional skills and abilities.

Rituals for work simoron

Now is the time to consider the tried and tested rituals of Simoron for successful work.

Labor Book Ritual

If you previously worked at an official job and you have a work book, make a copy machine of its last page and enter the place of your desired work.

Specify the date of employment, your position — as if it is done by a personnel agency, not you. And on the reverse side, express your gratitude to the Supreme Forces for help.

Fill out the work booklet in the North-West corner (according to the tradition of feng shui, it is he who is responsible for the help and also for the journey).

Pillow ritual

Prepare a miniature pillow, also make a sign with the signature «Work». It is not forbidden to decorate with a gift bow (it will symbolize that work for you is like a holiday).

Simoron at work - examples of proven rituals

Then pinch the pillow in a secluded place in your room. The ideal option is for the other person to do this, and then do a search. When the find is found, you will need to get a job — for this, sit down on top of it and “get settled down” more comfortably.

Very fun and easy-going ritual with great action!

Charm to work

The rite is performed at noon. You need to find a birch, pinch a small amount of bark from its trunk so that it is more white. And when the sun will hide behind the horizon, seven times read such slander on bark:

«As ordered, he took it (a) for good, not for evil.»

Charm is always kept to itself when you are in the workplace.

Recipe how to lure work

To perform this ceremony, you will need to stock up on nuts, dried apricots, honey and a pinch of cinnamon. Knead all the ingredients in a bowl. Each component has its own sacred meaning:

  • honey — acts as a magnet, attracting attractive work;
  • nuts are the finances obtained;
  • dried apricots are a good, generous boss;
  • and cinnamon — so that the activity was interesting.

Tasty mass should be eaten at exactly midnight, standing in the central part of your home and making the following speech:

«Work-work, you are better than a hippopotamus, take me to yourself so that there is no trouble.»

Rite «Magic Remote»

For him, you should stock up on any remote control and fill it with batteries, which are signed as follows: «Magic batteries.» Leave the remote overnight.

The next morning, the batteries are pulled out and inserted back into the remote, while you say:

«One-two-three, the magic in the remote go!»

After that, rather call and sign up for interviews. Do not forget to carry on them with a remote in your pocket. And when you talk with your boss, you need to quietly press the buttons three times and think about yourself:

“Wow, what kind of (what) I get work already!”

The ceremony has a certain feature — you can not take exactly the work on which you carried out the activation of the console, but in any situation you will very soon be a working person. And the work can come to you in a rather unexpected way.

Box ritual

A new, very beautiful box is being prepared for him. It is important that it be perfect for you — have smooth edges, stylish design and so on.

The best material for the box is cardboard.

On this beautiful box you need to write the phrase:

In addition, add more accurate characteristics of your ideal work, for example:

“The position of an executive director in such and such a company …”

«Wages — 1500 dollars»

«Schedule — five days, five hours.»

And so on, whatever comes into your head.

And in the end fix your equally attractive photo on this box. It symbolizes the process of your employment.

So you already got a job!

The important point is that Simoron rituals work with a bang — always do them while in a light state of soaring, with a positive attitude and being confident in your own abilities. It is important to believe without a doubt that the rite will surely work.

But when you have done your work, immediately take a distraction from something else, so that your thoughts do not interfere with what you want to become embodied in life.

Honey shower ritual

When you are going to shower, take a small amount of honey and apply it on your body. At the same time sentence such slander:

Simoron at work - examples of proven rituals

This ritual will need to be resorted to daily until you get a job that fully meets your expectations.

Rite with raspberry jam

For him, you will need to prepare raspberry jam, and also write on a piece of paper the phrase: «Work — raspberry.» Then the leaf is glued to the jar of jam and close it with a lid (this will help the best assimilation of information).

Simoron at work - examples of proven rituals

After an hour, you can begin to use the sweet product one spoon per day. And very soon the work (which is sweeter than raspberry for you) will appear in your life.

Ritual to find work «Fishing»

You need to make paper or cardboard fish figures and each sign as «work». Then a small wire is taken and attached to the ruler.

The end will need to bend like a hook.

As a result, you get something like a fishing rod. Then you fill the basin with water and launch your fish. Now you can start for a funny fishing, during which you sentence:

«Catch a job big or small, profitable and remote!»

And when you catch a “fish”, express joy about it:

“I have a job! Very happy (happy) I am! ”

Use the following rituals to get a job of your dream as soon as possible.

We also recommend you to watch an interesting video clip.

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