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Signs, rites, rituals for marriage on Maundy Thursday

How to conjure love by signs, rites, rituals on Maundy Thursday

Signs, ceremonies, rituals for marriage on Maundy Thursday have a special power. This holiday fills all the surrounding space with positive energy, which you can use to attract happy and harmonious relations with a worthy chosen one.

Rites to get married faster

It is believed that the love rituals held on Maundy Thursday, can ensure a happy marriage for absolutely any girl. Therefore, even if a queue of fans does not line up near your doorstep, take advantage of this chance.

Signs, rites, rituals for marriage on Maundy Thursday

What you need to do to get married:

  1. You need to wake up very early, a few minutes before sunrise. If you do not belong to the category of the larks, who wake up easily and happily at dawn, start some loud alarm clocks.
  2. After getting out of bed, go to the bathroom. Wash your face with cold water and dry your face with a clean, ironed, pre-cooked towel.
  3. Towel then clean in a secluded place where it will lie until Easter. On the eve of the holiday, bake the cake, wrap it with this towel and take it to church to sanctify
  4. At the exit of the temple, give someone a piece of Easter cake and an Easter egg. You can also give alms to beggars who always stand near the entrance to the sacred place.

There are other rites for unmarried girls:

  • Love plots, which are read on some thing, which the girl then gives to her handsome man. You can also start a treat or drink for him.
  • Buy a small mirror, but don’t pick up change at the store. The money given will enhance the ritual. Then go to the park or forest, look in the reflection and imagine that your betrothed is standing next to you.
  • To find out whether the wedding will take place this year, you need to close the fence of the fence with your eyes closed and hug it, arms outstretched as wide as possible. Then open your eyes and count — if the number of boards is even, marriage will happen.
  • Even a simple prayer will help you quickly find love. You can sincerely, with all your soul and faith turn to God, ask him for a happy marriage with a worthy man.

Contact church officials to suggest what prayer can be read and which icon to find a good husband in the coming year.

Choose the ways that inspire you the most confidence. Ask for help from the Higher Forces with the sincere belief that your wish will come true, and then success on the love front is guaranteed.

Marks for marriage before Easter

Almost all signs that relate to Pure Thursday come true. Carefully pay attention to the signs that the Higher forces will send you, and find out what are the chances of finding happiness in marriage with your beloved man.

Signs, rites, rituals for marriage on Maundy Thursday

Here are some of the superstitions:

  • On Pure Thursday it is necessary to bring perfect order to the house. After that, mark in your home a place for the future husband. For example, leave free space in the closet or place a second toothbrush in the bathroom. A sign says: if you make some kind of paired things at home, they will draw a future husband into your life
  • Also on this day you can plant any plant in a flower pot. If it comes up quickly, marriage is not far off. If it takes a long time — you have to wait, now is not the most favorable time for love
  • In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, light the candles and sit down near the mirror, intently peering at it. If a man appears in the reflection, remember how he looks. This is your future husband, who will appear in your life very soon.

Watch for omens, but do not dwell on trying to see them on purpose. Love comes to man when he is ready for it. Therefore, if now you are not yet married, the time just does not come.

But you will surely wait for the one who makes a marriage proposal, and then takes you to the altar.

Marriage rites for widows

If in the past you have lost your beloved man, but have already gone through grief and feel that you are ready for a new relationship, you can use a special ceremony for marriage.

On Thursday morning, wash your face with cold water and comb your hair. Then sit down at the mirror, remember the deceased husband, ask for his blessing for a new marriage. Mentally release the experienced tragedy, and then say what kind of man you would like to meet.

Describe all his qualities, actions, attitude to you. Finally, repeat: «I gratefully accept from God a happy marriage with a worthy betrothed.»

Signs, rites, rituals for marriage on Maundy Thursday

Release your desire to get married and try not to think about meeting with new love too often. The less you are fixated on finding a worthy gentleman, the sooner he will appear in your life.

Watch the video about the ceremonies and signs of Pure Thursday:

What to do after Clean Thursday?

If you have already performed all the necessary rituals, it remains only to wait until the acquaintance with the future husband takes place. What you can and can not do:

  • No need to start active searches. The more time you spend on this, the less you trust the Higher Powers. Therefore, take a passive position — your soulmate will not leave you without attention
  • Take care of self-development and any things that fill you with energy, bring pleasure. Attend events, meet girlfriends, go to courses. The more often you appear in society, the higher the chances of meeting there the right suit
  • Love and relationships should not be the only sources of your happiness. Try to find something that pleases you and inspires. Only then will a man appear in your life who will bring happiness. Otherwise, the elect will only make you more unhappy.

Love rituals in conjunction with an active, busy life, will provide one hundred percent success in finding the second half and men «for life».

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