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Signs of the evil eye of a woman

The evil eye is a violation of the bioenergy shell of a person under a negative influence of others. It can be both casual and focused.

Women are more prone to the evil eye than men. This is due primarily to the fact that the energy field of women is less protected, and is able to absorb a huge amount of energy from the outside.

In addition, the energy of women is constantly changing, this is due to the fact that the adaptability of women to certain conditions of being is significantly higher than that of men. And, as you know, any unstable structure always has worse immunity, which means that it is easy to damage.

Signs of the evil eye of a woman

Most often, the evil eye is associated with a simple human envy, which can cause any household trifle, be it a beautiful outfit or a beautiful hairstyle.

Symptoms of the evil eye in women can manifest themselves both on the physical and psycho-physiological levels. In the first case, the evil eye can manifest itself:

  • Unreasonable weight changes in any direction, combined with a constant feeling of hunger;
  • Loss of strength and apathy to any events happening around;
  • Inexplicable nervous tension associated with apprehension;
  • Passion for alcohol, which allows you to get a minute of relaxation and a surge of strength;
  • The appearance of shortness of breath and a feeling of lack of air;
  • Infertility without any medical reason;
  • Nightmares.

At the psychophysiological level, the evil eye in women can be associated with:

  • Depressed with a suicidal idea;
  • Anger to others and even close ones;
  • Irritability, which manifests itself in any event in the real world;
  • The appearance of auditory hallucinations, very often they are the voices of deceased relatives, which can provoke inappropriate actions;
  • The development of various phobias.

It should also be mentioned external manifestations of the evil eye in women, it is:

  • Deterioration of the skin as a whole;
  • The appearance of age spots without natural predisposition;
  • The appearance of a gray face.

The evil eye refers to the negative effects on human energy. Therefore, despite the fact that the evil eye, especially of a random nature, over time loses its strength, it is very dangerous for the female body.

Indeed, in the period of its action existing chronic diseases can worsen, and sometimes it even provokes the development of new diseases. In this regard, if you suspect that you have been jinxed, it is better to immediately take measures to neutralize the evil eye.

To do this, you can visit the temple and put a candle for health, read a prayer, or turn to folk magic.

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