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Signs of the energy connection between a man and a woman

What are the signs to determine the energy relationship between a man and a woman?

According to tantric teachings, when a man meets a woman, the exchange of energy begins between them.

It is natural for a man to naturally be charged with energy from above (ideological), and to a woman from below (energy of power). To bring the idea to life, a man needs to be “charged” with female power.

And a woman, since she is a “bank” of energy, is not able to spend it for action, but only gives away, because she receives the kind of energy she needs only in the process of interaction with a man.

Further in this article we will consider the main signs of the energy connection between a man and a woman.

Signs of the energy connection between a man and a woman

Features of energy exchange between men and women

There is always an exchange of energy between the strong and the weaker sex. As soon as the boy was born, he already has a mother who inspires him, who gives him his motherly love.

Then he meets his first, second love, a pretty employee at work — in all the representatives of the fair sex a man seeks to find the very source of energy, filled with the power from which he can be successfully realized in life.

Then, when a love relationship is established between a man and a woman, the woman surrenders (not only physically, but also taking care of her beloved, morally and intellectually), and a man, receiving feminine strength, is able to create and perform active actions in life.

With this, everything is clear, but this is only the initial stage, during which energy does not flow yet, because the exchange itself does not occur. Having filled with the necessary female power that allows him to embody his ideas, a man should return the woman energy (in the form of gifts, financial care, physical assistance), in such quantities as to inspire his lady for the subsequent return.

And this interaction is permanent.

Energy connection between a man and a woman

In the case when people feel sympathy for each other, they actively exchange their energies and this process gives them mutual pleasure. During contact between the biofields of two individuals, channels are formed through which energy circulates from one side to the other.

These streams can differ in their colors and shape (people with extrasensory abilities can see them).

Partners are connected through these energy channels through those or other chakras, based on the type of their communication:

  • according to Muladhara (base chakra) — kinship relations;
  • on Svadhisthana (sexual chakra) — relationships as lovers, couples or friends for easy pastime;
  • on Manipur (navel chakra) — family ties, relationships between colleagues at work, superiors, friends in sports — those people with whom you have to compete;
  • according to Anahata (heart chakra) — this type of communication will tell about relationships in which objects interact with each other emotionally — these are the people towards whom we have love. But in order for the relationship between a man and a woman to be harmonious it is important that they have a sufficiently well developed channel of sexual energy;
  • according to Vishudha (throat chakra) — the relationship between like-minded colleagues and colleagues;
  • on the Ajna (frontal chakra) — often communication through this channel speaks about copying their idols, sect leaders and various organizations. The hypnotic channel is well developed, foreign thoughts and ideas are suggested. People are connected by telepathic communication.
  • on Sahasrara (coronary chakra) — communication is present only at the level of egregores (collective, family, religious and others).

And the more both partners show their interest in each other, the more extensive energy channel is formed between them. And with the establishment of strong relationships, there is a close relationship across all energy centers.

This is how love relationships are formed, over which neither time nor distance will have power. For example, a mother always feels her child, wherever he is, even if it has been a long time since their last meeting.

Signs of the energy connection between a man and a woman

With a healthy relationship between a man and a woman, clean, bright, pulsating channels are formed. Then the partners trust each other, they are sincere, but at the same time retain their personal living space.

In this case, we can talk about an equivalent energy exchange, without violations.

And if the relationship is unhealthy, for example, one of the partners becomes dependent on the other, then the channels become dull, heavy. In this connection, there is no freedom, often in love with time, show irritation, aggression and anger towards each other.

When one of the partners wishes to take the second under its full control, the aura is twisted around from all sides.

With the death of the relationship, the same thing happens with the channels — they become thinner, weaker. After a long period of time, the movement of energy through the channels stops and people seem to be strangers, as if nothing had connected them before.

And if there was a separation, but the energy channels remained, then people continue to pull to each other. This scenario may also happen when one of the former lovers broke off the energy link and closed from subsequent influences, while the second continues to restore the relationship, making its way through its layer of energy protection.

Energy connection between people through sexual contact

If there were close relations between people, the channels are not destroyed for a long time after parting. This is especially pronounced during sexual intercourse.

When we have sex with a new partner, a new channel on the sexual chakra is being formed. Such channels retain their activity for a very long time (for years, and sometimes they remain active even throughout their entire life).

It does not play a significant role, did the sexual partners have enough time to know each other or their connection was fleeting (at a party, prom, etc.), the energy channel through the sexual chakra will still be formed and will be active for a very long time.

And if there is a channel, energy continues to circulate through it. And what plan it will be — positive or negative, you can only find out about it well by knowing both partners.

An interesting feature is that for people living together it is characteristic of arranging their energy shells relative to each other. For harmonious intimate relationships, synchronization of biofields is necessary.

That is why, often in love, when they live together, over time they become similar to each other (often even physical).

When a person does not want to contact anyone, he closes the contour of his energy body, as a result of which all energy flows from other people are reflected. Then it seems to other people that they are not heard.

Signs of the energy connection between a man and a woman

Features of male and female energy in a pair

As mentioned above, in the case of mutual feelings between lovers, a single energy field arises, which will be maintained in the future, if the conditions of partnership are met. The pair will become stronger if both of the partners fill their union with their energy, supporting both themselves and the beloved (lover).

A very important point — each of the partners must act on the basis of its nature: the man is like a man, and the woman like a woman.

For example, when a woman develops the masculine energy in herself, manifesting herself in the physical world like a man, if she lives alone, perhaps this will not affect her state of health in any way. But, being in the conditions of a couple, her man will be forced to develop a female manner of behavior in himself (the same rule applies to men).

In general, in a pair, a man is responsible for the world of material wealth, and for a woman — for sensual manifestations and the atmosphere of relationships in general. Therefore, a man gives energy through the material chakra, and a woman accepts, and she, in turn, gives energy through the heart chakra.

So it was laid by nature and the actions against it will negatively affect the state of the partners individually and the couple as a whole.

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