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Signs of spoilage on a person

Alien impact, called popular damage, is very dangerous. It can not only lead to trouble and problems, but also disrupt the overall energy balance of the human body, and thus lead to nervous breakdowns and even serious diseases. Therefore, it is very important to constantly analyze everything that happens to you in real life.

It is important to understand that any negative inexplicable events, uncomfortable and painful sensations, mysterious phenomena can be signs of damage and the evil eye.

Signs of spoilage on a person

An obvious sign of damage is the constant nightmares that do not allow to fully relax. On the other hand, can exhaust tormenting insomnia.

All this leads to anxiety in the soul and bad presentiments. In addition, the person on whom the damage is imposed constantly feels tired. In some cases, failures pursue and people close to him, which makes live in constant stress.

Naturally, life in constant stress leads to depression and apathy, and this is already dangerous for health.

Financial losses, problems in relations, legal problems can also be signs of damage. In addition, you should pay attention to the behavior of pets.

If a cat or a dog that loves you starts to play with you, but then bounces off and retires without taking caresses, it means that you are under a negative influence of others.

Other signs of damage to a person are:

  • The appearance of age spots and moles;
  • Dissatisfaction with their appearance;
  • The occurrence of infertility in women who are not confirmed by any medical diagnosis;
  • Sharp causeless increase or decrease in weight;
  • The appearance of insects in the house that can not be removed;
  • Reluctance to contact other people and problems with communication; The development of various phobias;
  • Sound hallucinations;
  • Irritability on any occasion;
  • Painful reaction to any comments;
  • The emergence of thoughts about suicide.

As a rule, the person on whom the damage is induced, first tries to look very confident. People under the influence of someone else’s negative impact often speak loudly and try to draw attention to themselves.

Thus, they are trying to subconsciously return to normal life. But if the damage is not removed in a timely manner, energy depletion of the human body occurs and its destruction.

After a certain time, if you do not remove damage, a person begins to commit illogical, and sometimes very ugly actions. His face becomes gray and his desire to change something in life disappears.

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