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Signs of spoilage in men

The energy field of men is characterized by constancy, it is not subject to change when exposed to external factors. Therefore, to break it with another’s influence, which is damage, is very difficult.

But on the other hand, it is much more difficult to restore it.

As a rule, damage to a man is applied in order to get to the most vulnerable points. For example, it can be a negative program aimed at losing a business, lack of money, alcoholism or impotence.

Damage to a man, as a rule, is induced by envious persons and detractors. It is rarely random, and almost always a targeted negative impact.

Signs of spoilage in men

Signs of damage or the evil eye of a man are visible to the naked eye, and it is easy to diagnose the presence of an alien effect. But due to natural skepticism, most of the representatives of the strong half of humanity do not recognize the possibility of magical influence on their own destiny.

The external manifestation of damage to a man is that he becomes rude, irritable, and sometimes aggressive. This should immediately alert, especially if such features were not previously inherent to him.

Over time, the man, realizing that something was not going to happen to him, becomes locked in and find contact with him is very difficult.

In addition, the symptoms of damage are:

  • Continuous bad luck in professional and personal life;
  • Feeling unwell that many men hide;
  • Cancer and severe baldness;
  • Cold and sweaty palms;
  • Insomnia and nightmares.

Especially often, successful men are damaged by competitors or competitors in order to deprive them of their business or favorite work.

In this case, the signs of a negative program are:

  • Disruption of previously scheduled transactions;
  • Making the silliest mistakes when doing the usual work;
  • Loss of old and reliable partners;
  • The collapse of profitable projects;
  • Infinite checks or guidance controls;
  • Staff conflicts.

A distinctive feature of damage to a man is that its action very quickly destroys the energy field. And the result can be serious health problems.

In this regard, if you are pursued by incessant problems and failures, you should analyze the current circumstances in order to make the only correct decision. Namely, turn to an experienced magician, who will help to understand the situation and remove damage if necessary.

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