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Signs of damage and the evil eye on a person — how to establish a negative impact

Signs of damage and the evil eye on the person

In this article we will talk about the main signs of damage and the evil eye, how to determine for yourself that a person has been given a strong energy or magical effect.

It is not a secret to anyone that various events take place in our lives: joyful and sad, funny and sad. The white line is replaced by black, and black with time turns into white.

And everything would be fine, but sometimes it happens that some kind of evil rock seems to be following a person. Misfortunes and failures pour on him one by one, and friends say that the cause of all ills is damage.

In such cases, the person is trying to find out if this is true.

Signs of damage and the evil eye on a person - how to establish a negative impact

There are ways and rituals to help determine whether damage has been induced, the evil eye, or some other energy influence.

Let’s first understand what the evil eye or damage is, how it is created and how it works.

Corruption and the evil eye: what is it

Corruption is a negative energy or magical effect that was deliberately applied to a person with the help of various magical techniques. It is induced by a specially trained magician who can use the personal belongings of a person, photographs, hair, blood, and so on for his ceremonies.

Damage is created on the astral plane from negative energies and is transmitted to man through various rites. For the formation of damage spells are used, the power of different egregors, for example, religious.

After that, the energy clot falls into the chakra of the person, which they want to have a negative impact.

But there is one nuance. If the damage is rendered to a person with a pure and bright aura who is able to love, she will not harm him.

Negative energy will return to its creator. If the person is dominated by destructive emotions of anger and aggression, the damage will be attracted to him and lead to great unpleasantness.

In the bodies that belong to the chakra, where the energy strike was struck, problems arise. If it is the heart chakra, problems with heart, blood vessels or pressure will begin.

If the impact is on the first chakra — there will be problems with potency, infertility.

Signs of damage and the evil eye on a person - how to establish a negative impact

Some sorcerers are able to send damage to several chakras at once — it will be damage to death. Doing such a ritual should remember that the whole generation will pay for such an act for more than one generation.

It must be said that damage does not determine the life of a person upon whom it is rendered. It is able to influence only if the person himself began to destroy his fate. Often damage is induced on those people who themselves were engaged in similar in past incarnations.

This is a kind of reckoning.

For a person who has been spoiled, a “black” band of misfortunes and misfortunes begins. He falls ill with unspeakable mysterious diseases. Doctors can not make the correct diagnosis.

From the wrong treatment and use of chemicals man becomes worse. Close people abandon it, friends betray, career collapses.

There are serious financial problems. There is a desire to commit suicide.

Appearance changes: from a beauty a girl can turn into an unattractive, devoid of charm and cheerful person. Further damage becomes chronic. Man falls and is out of society.

Getting out of this state is very difficult.

What is the evil eye and how to define it

The evil eye is the negative effect of the energy field of one person on the power system of the second, weaker one. This can be either an unconscious impact or a targeted charge of negative energy.

This can be explained as follows: your ill-wisher gets negative thoughts towards you. Then with his own eyes, he directs this energy into your eyes or immediately to a thin energy envelope.

Signs of damage and the evil eye on a person - how to establish a negative impact

But it also happens that a person does not wish evil to anyone. Moreover, he himself is experiencing from the fact that he is considered to be «peeking», but he cannot do anything with such an ability.

And sometimes a person may even jinx himself, have a negative impact on their health and destiny. This means that it can influence the surrounding space by the power of his thought, but cannot control it.

The main symptoms of damage

  1. A person is constantly annoyed, everything goes wrong with him.
  2. All undertakings end in defeat.
  3. A person feels chronic fatigue, lack of vital energy, although physically he is healthy.
  4. Often a person has hiccups or yawning.
  5. A person becomes apathetic, is in a state of depression.
  6. A person has suspicions, he feels or knows for certain who could jinx him.
  7. The person is haunted by panic fear, he refuses food.
  8. For some unknown reason, he is consumed with an inexplicable longing, he suffers.
  9. Various mental disorders, mania and phobias begin. Possible physical pain in some area. A serious illness can suddenly occur.
  10. Hate or rejection of a loved one may suddenly arise. This suggests that someone needed to separate you.
  11. A person has a strong aggression, outbursts of anger. Often he tries to commit suicide.
  12. A person begins to lose weight rapidly or, conversely, to gain weight.
  13. There is a feeling that you hear some other voices, a split personality.

A rite that will help determine whether there is damage to a person

If you suspect that damage has been imposed on you, this rite will help you. Take a bowl of cold water and natural wax.

Melt it and spend a couple of minutes at the head of a person. Now you need to slowly pour the wax into a container of water and wait for the wax to harden.

Now we look what shape we have molded.

In case it has smooth edges, smooth, undulating, there is no damage to you. But if the molded shape has a lot of growths, torn edges, corners, this indicates the presence of damage or even a generic curse.

After conducting the rite, wrap the wax in paper and bury in a deserted place. In case the presence of damage is confirmed, contact the specialists who will help to remove it.

A ritual performed on time will neutralize the negative magical effect and help to keep trouble away from you and your loved ones.

If you suddenly have health problems, you experience severe apathy and depression, the desire to live disappears and it is impossible to get out of the state of apathy, think …

You may have been the victim of a negative magical effect. But do not forget that we ourselves are the main ill-wisher. After all, with our negative emotions, aggression towards others, and unclean thoughts, we ourselves create an opportunity to enter our power grid of various destructive programs.

And the more we are in a state of love and harmony with the world around us, the more we become invulnerable to the action of magical forces.

Watch an interesting video taken from the Internet.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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