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Signs of cheating husband behavior: advice of a psychologist

The main signs of betrayal of her husband in behavior: how to find out the advice of a psychologist

The exaggerated signs of husband’s treason, such as underwear peeping out of pockets or the long curly hair on a shirt, have long since sunk into the past and have remained only as creative techniques of filmmakers. In fact, the walking spouse will do everything to keep his left trips secret. However, there are always such moments in the behavior that involuntarily betray his sins, whether he wants it or not.

Any good psychologist knows how to find out if a man changes his faithful.

The main signs of adultery

Signs of cheating husband behavior: advice of a psychologist

There are a number of indicators by which it becomes clear that the husband often looks to the side and even got himself a new passion. These include:

  • turning him into a workaholic, even if before a great love for his work was not observed;
  • became elegant and paid too much attention to her appearance;
  • trying to exercise more often;
  • change of sexual behavior;
  • stares at others, as if giving them a mental assessment;
  • avoids looking straight in the eyes;
  • I began to close my social pages, always with the phone.

To make it clearer, it is worth examining every warning sign in detail.

Rebirth hubby in a workaholic

This indicator works when the wife has not previously observed in her faithful special zeal for work. If earlier the spouse came in time from the office, but now he is delayed and explains this by the fact that something had to be done there by order of the chief; if I’ve been on business trips, which I had previously tried to avoid or didn’t have at all, then this is an alarm bell.

Do not immediately panic, and even more so to arrange interrogations with addiction. It happens that the state of affairs in the service really changed. It is important to observe in general the whole behavior of the second half.

For starters, you can simply make a call to the authorities and ask why they are loading their husband so heavily for free. Perhaps the chef will help find out the truth.

Elegant and beautiful

Any young man and even a solid spouse, having got a girlfriend on the side, begin to care for themselves carefully. This may be expressed in the fact that he began to wash more often than usual.

It can change the perfume, more critical is the quality of underwear, socks, changes them too often.

Signs of cheating husband behavior: advice of a psychologist

Any wife who already knows the whole process of caring for her spouse will quickly figure out when he abruptly begins to change. Here a reason for excitement can definitely appear.

According to psychologists, a person out of the blue will not drastically change his habits.

Irresistible craving for physical education

If a man suddenly decided to go to the gym to increase muscle and lose weight, there is nothing wrong. The main thing is how he will inform about it and whether he will report at all. If there are no plans, then such events are usually discussed in the family beforehand.

Sometimes he even tries to connect his wife to such sports trips in order to return the form to both.

A completely different case is when a woman is confronted with the fact of visiting the hall or trying to conceal it. In this case, you can spend a little psychological test. Just ask him to take with you.

At the same time observe how he will respond to such a proposal. If the face is indifferent or flashes a grimace of displeasure, then this is also a bad sign.

Changes in sexual life

Most unpleasant, when the spouse ceases to spend the night with his wife. Especially if he did not spoil sex before.

Sometimes sex is still present, but it does not give anyone special joy, everything happens on a mechanical level.

There is another option. The husband begins to experiment, something new appears.

This is especially alarming, if earlier he did not possess a violent fantasy in this direction. The faithful spouse is always advised or will experience some awkwardness before each new step. The one who has already tried it may simply be confused and apply with an unsuspecting wife.

In this case, he is unlikely to feel embarrassed.

Evaluating glance at strangers

Of course, many men pay attention to passing women, if they are good-looking. Another question is how they look to see them off. Perhaps it will be just a glance after and a sharp switch to the spouse, but it happens that a person freezes.

The one who changes, already removed the spouse on the second plan. He wants it or not, but even with her it is manifested in the fact that too much attention to outsiders.

The reveler feels his impunity, thinking, sometimes with good reason, that his second half sees nothing. It happens as a hunt on the machine, reflex.

A look directed at another, usually extended and savory, highlighting the object you like from the crowd.

Change of behavior towards spouse

Having a mistress, a married man can change his behavior in different ways:

  • the manifestation of rudeness, inattention to his wife;
  • excessive tenderness and over attentiveness.

Usually, if the husband only starts a romance, the second situation occurs. An even more active sex life begins. Feeling guilty before his wife, he begins to bestow her, sometimes even without a special occasion.

This behavior is very common among unfaithful husbands.

Events can go in a different direction. Husband annoys his wife all. He quibbles, swears.

All of it ceases to suit him: clothes, hair, speech. Relationships are so deteriorating that coexistence is unbearable.

Sometimes a cheater is even worried about her intrigues. It may also be good to his wife.

However, in any case, with a change of behavior change always takes place.

Lack of direct gaze

Another indicator of infidelity — the lack of a look in the eyes of his wife. Especially if the affair occurred for the first time, and before that the spouse was always faithful.

The one who has already run to the left more than once, perfectly controls himself and looking into the eyes of his wife with his “honest” eyes does not pose any difficulty for him.

«Encrypted» on the Internet

Of course, there is such an activity when it is impossible to remain without a telephone. However, in the case when the husband suddenly suddenly fell in love with the phone, there is a large number of conversations, some negotiations, the handset is constantly in his hands, it is worth considering.

It should be alerted that the spouse suddenly puts a silent mode, as if wanting to conceal the challenge. It is necessary to pay attention to how the device is placed, whether it hides the call from anyone, changed the password, etc.

Sometimes sitting on the Internet, when his wife suddenly appears, the windows quickly collapse or the computer turns off. These actions should also alert.

It happens that history is very carefully cleaned up so that no one can see where he went.

Having a single sign means nothing

It is worth being always alert, if any doubts creep into the soul of a person. We can not allow trips to the left tightened spouse. Usually, the later the wife finds out about it, the less likely it is that the spouse will correct or not leave the family at all.

When caution is already lost on his part, and he does not want to hide everything, then much has already been decided not in favor of his wife.

All these signs can be seen even when everything is just beginning. However, arrogant ladies do not attach importance to them.

Which, of course, is bad for them. If the spouse is attentive and understood everything, then you should not hurry with the debriefing.

You just need to arm yourself against your opponent and make friends with your spouse. Give maximum attention to his interests, change his image towards sexuality

. There is a trick. We must actively spend time.

Go somewhere, returning happy and glowing. To say everything, but so that he feels that you are hiding something.

By becoming a mystery to him, you unwittingly turn his attention to yourself. If you are beginning to be jealous, then there is a chance to save the family.

Many husbands consider themselves nearly sultans. When the house is waiting for a faithful and quiet wife with soup and clean shirts, and on the side of the other, ready to fulfill all sexual whims.

He begins to disturb when his wife, as he begins to seem, someone attracts on the side. The older the spouse, the easier it is to return it.

Indeed, most of all he appreciates a comfortable life for himself, and then everything else.


Following the advice of a psychologist to convict her husband of treason on certain grounds is easy enough, but you should treat the situation with the utmost caution. Especially if a woman wants a spouse to stay with her.

  • Suspecting a spouse of treason, do not immediately roll up scandals.
  • It is necessary to observe the wrong, considering whether there are these signs.
  • Change your attitude and act so as to cause jealousy.
  • Carefully observe the behavior of the spouse, perhaps you are mistaken.

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