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Shawl on a full moon

The scarf is a fairly common attribute in magical rites of various kinds. Most often rituals use handkerchiefs.

An ancient belief is known that in order for a wish to come true, you need to tie a knot on a handkerchief and carry it with you all the time.

Shawl on a full moon

The most famous ceremonies with a handkerchief are rituals aimed at the fulfillment of desire. As a rule, the plot on the shawl is read in the full moon. For the effectiveness of the rite plays a huge role visualization of their own desires.

And still it is necessary to remember that the plot on desire should be read in complete solitude.

For this rite to be effective, you must clearly articulate your cherished desire, and it is very important that it be real. The rite should use your handkerchief, and not a new one, but one that you have already used.

Having retired in a separate room, you need to fully concentrate on your desire, squeeze the nasal attribute in your hands and say the desire three times out loud. Moreover, the wording all three times must be exactly the same.

After this, such a plot is pronounced three times:

A knotted and spelled handkerchief should be worn with you until desire is fulfilled. Subsequently, it can be untied and used in the usual way.

Shawl on a full moon

There is a very simple conspiracy for a new handkerchief, which is known as «from seven troubles». In this ritual, the next plot must first be written on a sheet of blank paper.

This plot needs to be spoken many times. Your inner voice should tell you when to stop, pronounce magic words.

After that, a leaflet with a written plot must be burned, and a handkerchief must be put in a pocket and always carried with you. Expect that the wish will come true, should be in the period until the next full moon.

Shawl on a full moon

Of course, very often the cherished desire for girls and women is to bring love to life. A rite in which you need to use a lot of handkerchiefs will help bring your innermost love dreams into reality.

The peculiarity of such a ritual is that it is necessary to independently sew handkerchiefs from a new flap of natural fabric from flax or cotton. When buying a cut, the change should be left to the seller. With the acquired cloth cut, you must go to the temple.

There you need to sprinkle the purchase of consecrated water, and before leaving home to buy thick candles in the church shop. Their number should be equal to the number of letters in the name of your chosen one.

The ritual should be performed on the same day in the evening. But at the same time, it’s necessary to redo all household chores, namely, to clean the house and cook.

The ceremony can be started only after the perfect order is established in the house.

Having retired in a separate room, the candles should be arranged in a circle, in the center of the circle should put a saucer with water and put a silver ring in it. Then you need to light the candles and sew twelve handkerchiefs from the acquired fabric cut manually.

Over each handkerchief should say these words:

After the last handkerchief is sewn, you should immediately go to bed. In bed should read the prayer «Our Father.»

The next day, you must remove the ring from the saucer and stretch through it all the handkerchiefs sewn the day before. Then they must be folded and stored together with candle stubs in a secret place.

The ring should be put on a finger and worn, without removing, for 21 days, and water should be washed.

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