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Sex horoscope: find out what awaits you in sex on the sign of the zodiac

Sex horoscope: what are all the signs of the zodiac in sex

Sex horoscope reveals how representatives of different signs of the zodiac behave in bed. Of course, he cannot be considered the ultimate truth, but he will be able to help give an approximate description of a person in the field of love pleasures.

Intrigued? Then read more quickly!

Sex horoscope: find out what awaits you in sex on the sign of the zodiac

How zodiac signs behave in sex

Hot Aries acts as a conqueror — thus the knight, about whom the majority of women dream. He is distinguished by courage, nobility and passion.

True, there is one «but» — Aries prefers a quick, even rapid, development of relationships, without much courting and flirting.

In the sex itself, he also acts swiftly, without being too bothered by the pleasure of his faithful. To remedy the situation, you need to speak frankly with him, giving useful recommendations in this regard: Aries is rehabilitated, at a minimum, to confirm for himself his status as an alpha male.

Aries — passionate MCH, so intimacy will happen often enough.

Erotic horoscope characterizes Taurus as gentle and caring lovers. They, in contrast to Aries, on the contrary, love to play, flirt, and not immediately get to the cherry on the cake.

The sensual constellation, which Venus herself protects, cannot imagine her life without carnal pleasure! But he loves how to enjoy himself, and give it to his partner.

If something does not suit you in an intimate life with Taurus — just give him advice on how to act and, believe me, he will readily accept to please you before losing consciousness. The main thing is to feed him before this, because tasty food is no less important for him than sex.

The twins are charming and seductive. True, they themselves are interested in pure sex is not so often. They perceive it more as another method of cognition of the surrounding reality.

Know how to flirt very nicely, while they are not in a hurry to jump into bed.

Even lying with a Gemini naked on the bed, do not be surprised if he suddenly gets distracted by something and completely forgets what you were going to do. In sex, they like a lot of things, as long as there is diversity.

If you want to get Gemini to bed, first excite his brain.

Sex horoscope: find out what awaits you in sex on the sign of the zodiac

Moon Crayfish are terrible idealists, for whom everything should be “feng shui”. They will not agree to have sex for one night, and even if they agree, they will subsequently consider themselves and you as fallen personalities.

But in reality, they only pretend to be innocent angels, and in their heads you can find fantasies that would be envied by the famous “50 shades”.

Intimate horoscope says that in sex, Cancer is skillful, energetic, knows perfectly well and realizes his desires in practice. She loves beautiful foreplay.

Tip: seduce Rakov romance, they are very greedy for her.

For Leo, it is vital to be first in everything. The bed is no exception to the rule. At the same time, all the Lions in the depths of their souls are romantics, which sometimes prevents them from fully revealing.

They need a very sensitive and understanding partner, who will gently guide them in the right direction.

How to motivate Leo to have good sex? It is necessary to praise him, to admire him, but only within the limits of permissible, not to flatter him.

Virgo, as you know, is incredibly fastidious and overly rational. Of course, such qualities are beneficial in career and everyday life, but not in the best way affect sex.

Virgo actually has many hidden fantasies, but, alas, they rarely realize them in life. The reason is simple — think through every step.

Therefore, rely on extreme sex is not necessary. It is best to transfer lovemaking to a homely atmosphere.

And in order to set up the Virgin in the desired fashion, first listen to all his “grumble,” even the most boring.

Scales show tenderness and attentiveness in affairs of love, but in them there is no special highlight. The reason for this is a thoroughly concealed (above all, from themselves) hypocrisy.

Accordingly, if you wanted “something new” in bed — do not wait for the initiative from Libra, but offer yourself. Believe me, they will only be happy about it.

The main thing is not to overdo it, since almost all Libra suffer from some sexual inhibitions.

Sex horoscope: find out what awaits you in sex on the sign of the zodiac

Scorpio deservedly got the first place in the list of sex symbols on the sign of the zodiac. And he received it by no means out of the blue: representatives of the constellation are just crazy about carnal pleasures.

For them in the relationship in the first place is just intimacy, and then everything else.

Scorpios do not know sexual prohibitions, they do not scare any fetishes or distortions. True, they are not limited to sex alone, wanting to conquer both the body, and the soul, and the heart of their partner.

But it is important to remember that such a passion often has a destructive character.

How to get Scorpio? Make it easy: just watch yourself, seductively dress and do a spectacular makeup.

Sagittarius are female pets, often become Lovelaces. They are narcissistic and lazy, however, within the appropriate limits: being in a good mood will try to make their woman very good.

Sagittarius loves everything new, extreme, so it will be easy to persuade him to have sex in an unusual setting: on a night beach, in a car or even in a toilet in a cafe or restaurant. True, you need to know that sometimes fiery personalities go to the other extreme: for some time they lose interest in sex, concentrating on other things.

How to seduce Sagittarius? Make him a tempting intimate offer, he will not be able to refuse you.

Capricorns are generally considered to be sexually passive. Such perception is due to their calmness and earnestness, they are not inclined to rush headlong into the maelstrom of feelings, like Aries, for example.

But if your date with Capricorn ended up in bed, you risk not knowing the quiet one he originally seemed. You will be able to make sure that he is doing well with imagination, and there is more than enough passion in him.

Just this sign is more difficult to liberate, than other constellations.

However, do not expect that Capricorn will work hard so that you get true pleasure. The great bulk of such people are terrible egoists, who also have delusions of grandeur.

Therefore, the most correct decision is to discuss in advance what you would like to receive.

How to strike Capricorn outright? Stylishly dressed, show him that you are smart and give up coarse vulgarity.

Sex horoscope: find out what awaits you in sex on the sign of the zodiac

Aquarius is a friendly and open person, sometimes it is difficult to find out how he really treats you. If you hit the bed of Aquarius — do not expect primitive passion.

But you will be pleasantly surprised by the exposure of people of this sign.

True, Aquarius, like Capricorns, are more egoists and do not try too hard for the sake of their partners. But do not be in a hurry to get upset: Aquarius is easily influenced, so ask him to try something new (something that gives you pleasure), he is unlikely to refuse you.

Pisces are accustomed to be tormented mentally. Therefore, even in sex they bring notes of drama and self-sacrifice.

Despite this, the intimate horoscope claims that Pisces will certainly try to bring their lady to ecstasy. True, you will have to seduce and lure them to bed — everyone knows that Pisces is not very active and energetic.

Erotica with them can be a bit boring and sentimental. It is necessary to behave with them carefully: God forbid, Fish will notice that you are not as good as she wants — she will be tormented by remorse of conscience all week.

But in general, representatives of the sign are trying to please their partner, they act gently, you just need to send them in the right direction.

How to seduce a fish? Give yourself a mystery — they really like it.

In conclusion, I can advise you to read the sexy horoscope for today. And a little more interesting information in the video below:

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