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Separation Plot

Separation plot is one of those magic rituals, the execution of which requires not only skill, but also great courage and self-righteousness. Trying to destroy someone’s love, you take on a huge responsibility, and if you do it not with good intentions or simply frivolously, you will have to pay for it cruelly.

But there are situations when a conspiracy to separate becomes the only salvation. After all, no matter how beautiful love may be, sometimes it creates evil — it destroys a strong family, takes your loved one away, pushes your dear person into a network of deceit.

It is this love that helps to defeat the magic plot.

Separation Plot

There is a huge variety of conspiracies to separate. But before using these rites, the situation should be properly assessed.

Such rituals can be used as preventive measures in the event that you notice your spouse or a loved one cooling off to you, and found that you have a rival on the side.

In addition, this type of rituals can also be used if you have fallen out of love with your chosen one, but you have no strength to admit it. Also, magic tools of this type will help break family ties when partners have fallen out of love with each other.

A very powerful tool is a plot to part, which is said to be water taken between two banks, or land taken between two mountains. Such a land or water has strong connective or decoupling properties that you use in your plot.

Especially good for this water from the fast river.

Bring water to your mouth and say in a whisper:

After uttering a conspiracy, add this water to his drink, and if you use the earth, add it to your food (just a bit before cooking). In both cases, very little substance is required — just a few grains or a few drops.

After a few days should come a gradual cooling. But if you do not achieve this with good intentions — evil will return to you a hundredfold.

If you are harassed by some unpleasant person with your unwelcome love, you can also use a plot to part. Ask him to write you something on a piece of paper (it doesn’t matter what it is), burn it.

And develop the ashes with the words:

If family ties have become a burden, but you do not have enough willpower to offer your husband a divorce, you can force him to take the first step by performing a special magic rite. In the ritual you will need to use a pot and a knife with a black handle.

In the period of the waning moon, you need to stay in the kitchen alone and, pouring water into the pot, put it on fire. As soon as the water boils, you need to take a knife and, perform a cross-motion above the pan.

In this case, you need to say these words:

Conspired water should be used to prepare meals for a husband. After he eats him, an understanding will come to him that you need to leave, and he will take the first step.

Separation Plot

If you set a goal to separate an unmarried couple, then you can hold a magical rite. But it is important to understand that such an impact is very dangerous and cannot be used if people sincerely love each other.

For the ceremony it is necessary to choose the right time. This should be the night in the period of the waning moon.

In addition, it should be windy, and the moon should shine in the sky. The ceremony is held in the open air. Going outside, you need to be so that the wind blew in the face.

The words of a magical conspiracy should be pronounced very quietly and clearly.

They sound like this:

If everything was done correctly, then the couple will part soon. But this does not mean that the guy will immediately come to you, you will have to strive for his location, and it’s not a fact that it will be crowned with success.

With this rite you can easily part with your soulmate. But the ritual will be successful only if the desire to leave will be very strong.

All that is needed for the ceremony is to break the general photo into small pieces with force and express the wish to part in an arbitrary form. You may wish that the paths of people do not overlap, as well as the fact that together the partners were bad.

After that, all the scraps of the image to a single piece need to collect and burn over the flame of the church candles, previously purchased in the church.

In the process this should be pronounced:

The ashes from the burned image need to be collected and dispelled through the open window. This should be done with the words:

This type of rassorki can be used on other people. But it will take more power.

In the absence of a photo, it is allowed to use a clean sheet in the rite on which the names of the people who are to be separated are written.

Separation Plot

If the spouse said that he plans to leave you to his mistress, then on the last night you can hold a special ceremony that will force him to change his mind.

In the evening, you need to organize a dinner and be sure to complete it by drinking a glass of red wine with your husband. Every effort should be made to avoid a quarrel.

It is important that your spouse go to bed early and fall asleep before midnight.

At midnight you should light a green candle from a match and go into the room to the sleeping spouse. Next, you need to bend over him and, holding the candle over the solar plexus, quietly, but very clearly, speak three times the conspiracy.

His words are:

After that, you need to go to the window, open it and throw back the burning candle. After this, you should quietly leave the room and go to bed in another room.

The next morning, your husband will reconsider his decision to leave the family.

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