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Self-suggestion: what it is, its features, examples

Self-suggestion: what it is and how to use it

How often do we not think at all about what we say. At worst, we are thinking about how to correctly formulate our thoughts according to the rules of Russian grammar, without paying any attention to the energy component of words, sentences and the entire text. And it is in vain, because words have tremendous power, as self-suggestion clearly demonstrates.

What is it and how does it work in our life? Let’s get to the bottom!

Self-suggestion: what it is, its features, examples

Self suggestion — what is it?

Wikipedia finds that self-suggestion is the suggestion by a person to himself certain images, thoughts, feelings.

Most likely, you paid attention to the fact that some text (or book), although written from the position of observance of all the spelling rules, is read quite hard, “do not go”. And others, on the contrary, are caught literally on the fly.

And for all people, these «complex» and «simple» texts are noticeably different.

What does it depend on? Here the mysterious and completely unexplored phenomenon of suggestion takes place: constantly repeating certain phrases, we are at the level of the unconscious, regardless of our desires, we postpone them into hidden regions of the brain.

And then we perceive the information with the participation of these phrases as more easy, understandable and familiar.

This is the basis of the principle of the impact of advertising, which tends to convince us to buy this or that product or thing. Having succumbed to such influence, later very often it turns out that the purchase was not very necessary, but money could not be returned for it …

Truly words have tremendous power. No wonder there is a popular saying “the word hurts, the word heals.”

And sometimes even kills! That is why it is so important to keep track of your expressions and even your thoughts — after all, they are what make our life as it is.

What is the power of self-hypnosis

In a person’s life, not very pleasant events often occur, both small and rather serious, preventing him from enjoying life to the fullest extent. And, unfortunately, we rarely seek to cope with them on our own, preferring to believe that the world around us will become our savior.

Therefore, we listen and take note of the recommendations of our close associates, native, authoritative psychologists. We read all kinds of subject articles, watch videos, etc.

And also — we feed ourselves with antidepressants and we are still waiting for the promised happiness to fall on us. Of course, everything described above has its effect, however, it does not always only benefit.

Is it possible to learn how to get rid of problems without using medicines, not listening to everyone around, but simply instilling the necessary information to yourself? Even official medicine confirms that you can!

This phenomenon is widely known in it and is called the «placebo effect».

Self-suggestion: what it is, its features, examples

What is a placebo? This effect is based on a deliberate or unconscious suggestion by a doctor that a particular factor (drug, way to act) can bring the desired result.

Practice shows that a person’s faith is actually capable of real miracles, and placebo itself has no effect on patients! In the case when patients are morally tuned to the fact that the drug normalizes their condition — their performance begins and the truth is changing for the better.

The most important thing is sincere faith in your thoughts.

The placebo phenomenon has a lot of documented evidence. For example, you can recall the Italian doctor Fabrizio Benedetti.

The doctor treated Parkinson’s disease in his patients, but he did not inject intravenously with the drug containing dopamine, but with a solution of sodium chloride. Of course, the patients did not know about it and were sure that they were undergoing real therapy.

The results of the Fabrizio experiment were overwhelming: people reacted to the salt solution in the same way as they did to the medication, because they themselves were told that they were really being treated! With his sensational experience, Dr. Benedetti was able to prove that the introduction of a solution of sodium chloride under the action of self-hypnosis in the brain of patients caused the production of dopamine, which those who have Parkinson’s syndrome need.

Similar results were achieved by other doctors conducting experiments with anesthesia, rheumatism therapy, gastric adhesions, and even oncology!

It becomes just scary to think about how we ourselves affect our body and health! But thanks to such tremendous capabilities of our brain, we have a chance to instill in ourselves positive attitudes and programs that will change life for the better.

How to do it — we will consider further.

Self-hypnosis in psychology: examples

The use of technology of self-hypnosis with medical purposes finds its greatest popularity in Europe in the 20s of the last century. A lot of interesting information on this issue was proposed by the specialists of Coue, Baudouin and Pierce.

Separately, we will talk about Emile Coue, a French psychologist and pharmacist who became famous throughout the world due to the success of his self-hypnosis clinic (Nantes, France). He began as a modest pharmacist, who later became deeply acquainted with psychophysiology, and also offered a whole system of his own concepts regarding self-hypnosis.

Emile Coue’s healing system is called the “school of self-observation with the help of conscious self-suggestion”.

The doctor argued that arbitrary self-hypnosis should be carried out without any violence against themselves. Similar is the method of suggestion.

It is important to implement it as simply as possible, without effort.

Self-suggestion: what it is, its features, examples

How to resort to this method? You need to choose for yourself the wording that is most important (for example: “I am healthy (healthy)”).

Then repeat it twice a day — in the morning, only waking up and in the evening, intending to go to bed. It should be pronounced so that you yourself clearly hear your words.

Cue believed that the latter condition is indispensable. The number of approximate repetitions of the wording reaches twenty times. Say the statement in a monotonous tone, without focusing your attention on what you are talking about.

The expert spoke of the need for an absolutely mechanical repetition of the installation, believing that it would penetrate into the unconscious area through the organs of hearing, where it would begin to act.

In this process, you may encounter attention dispersion. For its concentration, Kue gives advice to use a cord on which that number of knots is applied, how many times you will repeat the phrase.

Enumerate these knots as beads during pronunciation — then you will definitely not get away with the score.

By the time to pronounce one wording you can in about 15-20 minutes. Coue advised applying the statement:

«Every day in all respects, I am getting better and better.»

This formula has a general character. And although Kue strongly recommended the monotonous pronunciation of the phrase while maintaining the same emphasis, he believed that it would be necessary to emphasize the semantic group “in all respects”. This is explained by the fact that a person performing the practice in a remote area of ​​the brain can conceal an idea like the following:

«I believe that self-hypnosis will help me in all respects, but hardly anything can be done with my liver.»

The doctor recommended that as soon as you felt a deterioration in your overall well-being, retire, close your eyes and quickly repeat the statement.

«My illness disappears, disappears, disappears …».

Just a few such workouts relieve nervous disorders or physical pain. In addition to general formulas, one can detect various specialized installations that allow treatment of specific diseases.

Self-suggestion: what it is, its features, examples

Another specialist — Rauch identifies short formulas of self-suggestion, which program our subconscious mind to perform a specific task. For example, if a person wants to believe in himself, he should repeat the installation:

If you wish to cope with a speech defect:

«My speech is fluent and free, remains calm.»

You can use even more specific verbal formulas.

For example, considering group dependence on alcohol or drugs, you should try this suggestion:

“I finally decide to cope with bad habits. No matter how my friends persuade me, I will not give in to their persuasion, my decision remains the same. ”

The process of self-suggestion of the listed formulas remains the same as in the case with the general formula of Coue. They should be pronounced in the morning and evening hours, and if necessary, even throughout the whole day.

This is done in the same monotonous voice, previously secluded in a quiet place where no one will disturb you.

Moreover, it is important that you use the simplest “children’s” formulas, as Coue himself called them. After all, they are not intended for our consciousness, not for the critical “I”, but only as a representation, a program for the unconscious “I”.

And for him the best effect will be observed just the same from the «children’s» formulations, simplified to a minimum.

In conclusion

You can summarize the article:

  • Self-hypnosis is a tremendous force that allows a person to heal even from serious diseases and make his life the way you want it to be.
  • Carrying out self-suggestion, it is worth using simpler variants of the wording, without complicating them.
  • It is important to be regular — to engage in self-hypnosis every day, morning and evening, to get the desired action.

And finally, I recommend the following video:

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