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Self-study theta hilling

Is self-learning theta hilling allowed?

Theta healing is one of the most effective methods for personal growth and transformation, which arose relatively recently. Many people ask themselves: “Is independent theta hilling learning allowed?” Or is it just a myth?

You can learn about this from this article.

Self-study theta hilling

A little about the technology itself

The method of theta healing in 1994 was created by a resident of the United States of America named Vianna Steible. This technique has gained success with a huge number of people around the globe.

Theta healing is based on very rapid changes in human life through the use of special theta-wave brain activity.

In recent years, a variety of training courses have begun to appear, designed to teach everyone theta hilling. They all lure customers with bright slogans, promising various “bonuses” and “upgrade” that you will receive after you pass them.

Some types of courses are fairly generalized, while in others participants are engaged in working through specific areas of life or specific areas. Often, newcomers in this field tend to attend all the seminars on this topic in order to learn everything to the maximum.

The only nuance here, of course, is the presence of a sufficient amount of time and finances, because everyone knows that theta healing is not the most budget pleasure.

Therefore, people ask themselves questions: how many courses do they need to take and can they do it themselves? About this we will tell you further.

Self-study theta healing

Of course, the highlight here is your goal that you set for yourself. After all, training will be somewhat different in those cases when you are applying for the role of a professional healer or instructor, or when you want to work with your internal problems and improve your life.

It is necessary to immediately say that to reach theta state and begin to work correctly in it is given to each of us. And here your experience or completed courses and trainings are absolutely not important.

It may happen that beginners whose channel is sufficiently open will show better progress than the «old men». From birth, we all have the right to use the unconditional energy of love.

But at the same time, of course, you will also need at least minimal knowledge of this system, because without this your efforts will be ineffective.

This knowledge can give a basic and advanced level of theta healing. This is very similar to education in primary or secondary school.

The courses teach how to work with convictions correctly, how to use traditional theta healing techniques, and also give an insight into the concept of building peace.

When a person finishes such courses, he is given a special certificate and he can now practice on other people and on himself.

Teachers in the learning process should separately tell about safety. And although theta healing is a safe technique, any ignorance can be dangerous.

This is very similar to medicine, which, of course, helps, but if you use it improperly, you will only harm yourself.

In the subsequent training there are highly specialized trainings designed to solve problems of a specific plan. For example, “Manifestation of Plenty” is a highly specialized training that allows you to achieve material success by working on negative attitudes regarding finance.

Self-study theta hilling

How to independently comprehend theta healing

Theta healers often use the phrase «Ask the Creator.» This means that the best and most effective way to get the right information on the questions disturbing the soul is to directly ask the Creator of this world.

After all, all information received from other people or from publications has significant deviations, which imposes a personal perception of a person who passes it through himself and his own views and beliefs.

The second point is that after conducting a session on theta hilling you will not be able to ask social networks the question of why your client faced this or that problem. For this reason, a very important skill is to listen and correctly perceive the Creator.

Only he can provide you with the most detailed information on your questions.

God is the source of absolute knowledge that is available to us twenty-four hours a day. And if you need some kind of practice or technology to work through a certain area of ​​your life, then having a “harmonious communication channel” with the Creator can do without teachers and the need for new seminars.

You will receive all information directly, without the participation of third parties. And only your own negative attitudes can be disrupted by this process, which greatly disrupt the process of interaction with the subtle world and disbelief in the power of the Creator.

Self-study theta hilling

But trainings or courses will be useful in those cases when a person has severely “clogged” channels or there are powerful “blockages” concerning the development of various fields. In this case, training will contribute to enhancing spirituality and gaining new experience.

It is also worth mentioning that learning occurs even in cases where you are simply with a person who has some knowledge, even for a short time. It will definitely be useful for you.

7 reasons why you should prefer self-study training

  1. Masters with experience emphasize only the most important points and present information in the form in which it is easiest to learn.
  2. If something is incomprehensible to you or it turns out badly, you have the opportunity to ask questions and immediately “on the spot” to deal with all the points of interest.
  3. At the trainings you will make new interesting acquaintances, and by the end of them you will be able to share your results and experience. Or simply enrich your social circle with new friends and like-minded people.
  4. Teachers are engaged in the selection of special, personal «chips» and practical developments for their students, which in many respects facilitate the work with yourself or with others.
  5. While you are in systematic practical classes in the same energy circle with the master and the group, you will be actively engaged in working through various issues (many problems that have disturbed you for a long time, will be gone) and will be able to grow significantly as a person.
  6. The obvious advantage is a significant saving of time (in some cases calculated in years), because it will take you much more strength and energy to search for information on the Internet or in publishing houses yourself, plus you will most likely make various mistakes.
  7. You can formally practice theta-healing for your clients, because it is a registered trademark and only certified practitioners who have documented evidence of their knowledge can do the training.

It turns out that all the same, although independent learning of theta hilling is quite possible, it will be much better to attend courses or a seminar where experienced experts will devote you to all the details of this technique and help you become a real master of theta healing.

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