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Self-hypnosis technique to fulfill your desires

The great power of self-hypnosis — how self-hypnosis works

Since antiquity, people have known that the human brain is the center that controls our whole life and determines the reality in which we live. It is the brain (or rather, our subconscious mind) that has a strong influence on a person, working on it can change many internal settings.

But in the normal state, this is quite problematic, so it is necessary to achieve a state of altered consciousness, and self hypnosis can help in this in many ways.

Self-hypnosis technique to fulfill your desires

Historical background on hypnosis and self-hypnosis

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are very similar concepts, but with certain differences. Let’s go to the story to find that starting point when they arose.

For the first time the inhabitants of ancient India spoke about the states of altered consciousness and hypnosis. Somewhat later, approximately in the fifth century before Christ, the ancient Greeks became fashionable so-called «sleepy temples», in which healed many ailments.

Almost all ancient civilizations had knowledge of the peculiarities of the trance state.

Hypnosis became especially popular already in the 18-19 centuries — many famous European psychotherapists began to actively engage them.

The technique of modern hypnosis was developed in the second half of the twentieth century by Milton Erickson, the most famous hypnotist today. Technique got its name in honor of the founder.

But Erickson was engaged not only in ordinary hypnosis, but also paid enough attention to self-hypnosis. The doctor was able to prove that self-hypnosis helps to get rid of many pathologies, and also contributes to the realization of the desired.

After all, it is precisely using the technique of self-hypnosis that you directly contact with your subconscious, in which truly incredible possibilities are hidden, which many do not even realize.

Erickson believed that every person could master self-hypnosis if desired. And if someone has difficulties with immersion in a trance state, then you should deal with a change of consciousness with a person you can trust.

Nowadays, self-hypnosis does real wonders — millions of people around the globe achieve incredible success in curing deadly diseases, gain self-confidence, fulfill their most cherished desires and do much more.

The following video tells you more about the secrets of self-hypnosis.

How self hypnosis works

Our subconscious acts as a powerful force with which it is difficult to compare something. If you learn to apply this power correctly, you can easily change your life in the most harmonious way.

In this case, the mechanism for fulfilling desires is quite elementary. Our subconscious mind cannot distinguish real information from imaginary.

Therefore, when a new thought or idea appears in your head, it first settles in the depths of our brain and only then begins to manifest itself in reality. This is actually the main secret of self-hypnosis.

Therefore, if you strive with some changes in your life, you must, first of all, be engaged in changing your thinking.

Tips for working with the subconscious

It doesn’t matter which type of auto-suggestion you are most interested in — self-hypnosis for fulfilling desires, self-hypnosis for money, self-hypnosis for success or something else — before you start doing the practice, study the following recommendations.

  1. You need to find a quiet and peaceful room in which you will feel comfortable. Even minor extraneous sounds can greatly hinder you. Therefore, pay special attention to this aspect and be sure to turn off your mobile phone.
  2. Trust your body. It is likely that during a self-hypnosis session you will feel various unusual sensations in your body. This is a sign for you in which direction you should go. Trust yourself and enjoy the process.
  3. For self-hypnosis to be really effective, you will need to devote enough time to your studies. Regularity is very important, especially at the beginning. So plan your practices so that self-hypnosis sessions take place at the same time.

Self-hypnosis technique to fulfill your desires

Self Hypnosis: Immersion Technique

Now we have come close to the analysis of the very technique of immersion in a state of altered consciousness. It consists of several stages:

  1. Training. Take a comfortable position on a chair or chair, it is important to lean back and completely relax your body. Put your hands on your knees, and put your legs so that the foot is completely on the floor.

Better in the process of self-hypnosis to be in a sitting position, and not in the horizontal. Otherwise, you risk a lot of relaxation and sleep.

  1. Muscular relaxation. The next stage — you find any point in the room and focus on it. Say the phrase to yourself: “My eyelids are becoming more and more heavy, I am completely relaxing.” Repeat this formulation many times. You need to feel how relaxation will really overwhelm you. Then you will want to cover your eyelids. Follow the tips of your body — it knows better what you need right now.
  2. Trance state The next step is to establish communication with your subconscious. To this end, you need to mentally transfer to the elevator, which smoothly descends from the 10th to the 1st floor. It is necessary to count each floor, visualize the situation as much as possible, feeling more and more relaxation.

When the elevator reaches the ground floor, its doors open silently. You move forward and find yourself in a very cozy and comfortable room in the central part of which there is a large and very comfortable bed. You need to approach him, lie down on him and immediately fall into a sound sleep.

Mentally, I need to say the phrase: “I will fall asleep with a healthy sleep and will remain in this state until I return to the elevator and start moving upward.”

Secret — when you mentally move down in an imaginary elevator, your subconscious begins to awaken, and rising up, on the contrary, you return to our reality. This exercise is the basis of the technique of self-hypnosis.

This is a state of light trance, when you can begin to dictate certain settings to your subconscious.

An important point! Do not take up the installation right away, you can do this after two or three weeks of constant relaxation training, when you learn complete relaxation and can remain in this state for a certain time.

  1. Self hypnosis and work with the subconscious. Active self-hypnosis is the most important part of self-hypnosis. Here you make the necessary settings in your subconscious.

Important detail — the work of our unconscious and consciousness is very different. The subconscious relies on images, not on words.

Therefore, working with him, you need to use another technique — to inspire ideas in the image of images.

Self-hypnosis technique to fulfill your desires

For example, you want to get rid of extra pounds with the help of self-hypnosis. Then don’t just imagine how you do it, how much money and effort you spend on it. Start simply to visualize your graceful, slim, beautiful body and inspire yourself about this setup:

“I get into the area of ​​my subconscious. Now it actively perceives information.

I’m constantly losing weight. My body fat is melting every day, forming a slim silhouette.

The whole body loses weight evenly. My body is filled with vital energy and light, I become light and airy. ”

Repeat this affirmation many times, while imagining the image of your ideal body. Make sure that the visual image is firmly embedded in the brain.

After all, it is really much more effective to resort to self-hypnosis than to lie down on liposuction.

Make all your affirmations for self-coding as figurative as possible, clearly and beautifully formulate them so that they are easy to remember. This is the basis of successful self-hypnosis, which not everyone knows, but it is she who ensures the effectiveness of installations.

Another important point — using self-hypnosis, choose only one goal. Give her one or a couple of weeks and only then begin to fulfill your next wish.

Immediately inspire yourself, for example, weight loss, then self confidence, health, relief from ailments, and so on. Only you control your body, so you can cope with any suggestions.

  1. Finish the trance. At the end of a session of auto-suggestion, you should feel calm, confident, know that in the very near future you will be able to fulfill your goal and it will become a reality. At the end use the phrase-fixative of consciousness «Everything will be exactly as I decided.»

Then mentally get up from an imaginary bed. Do not rush to the elevator and enter it. Go upstairs, while counting each next floor.

When the car stops, you need to get out of the elevator and open your eyes. Sit on the spot for a few minutes, without making any movements, until you finally find yourself in the real world.

This is the final moment of the practice of self-suggestion.

Do not worry if you do not get everything right away. You need to put more effort and a positive effect will be guaranteed.

Self-hypnosis is a great force, with the help of which you will have the opportunity to change your life in the most radical way. Reviews of self-hypnosis are impressive — after just a few sessions, people become more self-confident, begin to lose weight, solve many life problems that they have been forced to put up with for years.

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