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Self-hypnosis for recovery — how easy it is to become healthy and happy

Self-suggestion for recovery — heal yourself!

Self-hypnosis is the ability of a person to instill in himself (as a rule, in a trance state) using thoughts, images, ideas, imagination and visualization, some specific attitudes of a positive or negative nature. It has another name «placebo effect».

Often there is an unconscious self-suggestion for a disease or, on the contrary, self-suggestion for recovery, for an increase in self-confidence, for the realization of a plan, and so on.

Self-hypnosis for recovery - how easy it is to become healthy and happy

What is the power of self-hypnosis

The power of self-hypnosis is enormous, although many people underestimate it. Of course, this is not a magic wand, instantly solving any problems, but it helps a lot in life to get rid of certain conditions.

It is important to approach responsibly self-suggestion very responsibly, performing it not for fun, but when there is a serious need for it.

Self-hypnosis can be irrational, unconscious, based on attitudes, beliefs and beliefs that a person has laid his parents and society. In the case when they are negative, a person unconsciously inspires himself various pathologies for himself, adjusts himself to failure in his career or love.

If you learn to control your mental state, thanks to the technique of self-suggestion, you can significantly improve your life: you will gain health and longevity, improve the quality of your life, become successful, attract love. Regular use of the method will bring it to automatism.

Self-hypnosis for recovery

If you suffer from any pathologies — physical or mental, we recommend that you use controlled self-suggestion for recovery.

But note that the technique of self-hypnosis can be used as an aid to recovery in conjunction with other methods of therapy (drug, physiotherapy, and so on). Although in some cases, self-hypnosis allows you to get rid of pathologies without additional intervention.

And if you apply the concept of «recovery» at the social, personal and emotional-psychological level, self-hypnosis will improve your position in society, improve interpersonal relations and allow you to make your life successful and happy.

Watch the next video to find out how the placebo effect works.

Basics of self-hypnosis

To effectively use self-hypnosis, you first need to familiarize yourself with its basics. Below we give you the rules, the observance of which in this matter is mandatory if you want to get the desired result:

  1. Be 100% sure of the final action. The presence of doubt calls into question the effectiveness of technology. Having your fears and prejudices can prevent you from reaching your goal, which in the end will be a complete failure.
  2. Positive thinking. If you use the “not” particle in your speech, your brain automatically begins to be programmed for defeat. Therefore, it is necessary to try to build your judgments in such a way that there is no negative wording in them. For example, you decided to lose weight and if you have a desire to eat something harmful, you inspire yourself that you do not feel hunger. But soon you will feel treacherous nausea. It would be better to convince yourself that you are currently fed and feel great.
  3. Do not force yourself. If you resort to coercion, you will encounter a constant internal conflict. And fighting with yourself is the worst thing you can think of. So do not try to force yourself, but try to apply conviction to find a compromise.
  4. Focus on the present. You will never correct the mistakes of the past, and thinking about the distant future is also not very effective. Therefore, make the right emphasis on the present — concentrate on the moment.
  5. Give yourself the right settings. It is important that they are short and succinct, while clearly and clearly formulated. If you think for a long time about the formulation of your desire, it will acquire blurred outlines and will cease to act. Try to repeat your settings more often.

Self-hypnosis for recovery - how easy it is to become healthy and happy

Self-suggestion of disease

There is such a thing as iatrogenic disease, which is a mental disorder provoked by the careless statement of the doctor. So for especially impressionable patients because of the careless word, spoken by the doctor, there is a belief in the presence of serious pathology.

Although it is possible the development of this state and without the fault of the physician.

Suspicious people tend to set themselves various diagnoses. The most dangerous thing in this case is that as a result of such self-hypnosis a person really faces a real pathology.

If you focus on yourself, various changes of a negative nature begin to occur in your body. Gastrointestinal pathologies develop most rapidly.

A person under negative self-hypnosis experiences a state of stress, and stress provokes many real diseases.

How to get rid of self-hypnosis disease

In the case when the disease was triggered by self-hypnosis, it is necessary to make a change in your thoughts and thinking in general, to tune in for recovery and be in a positive mood. Affirmation is very effective “Every minute I get healthier and happier.”

Self-hypnosis for recovery - how easy it is to become healthy and happy

Self-hypnosis treatment

Our pathologies are our spiritual experiences, all anxieties and fears. To gain health, it is necessary to remain calm and self-confident, as well as think less about negative images.

Self-hypnosis or a placebo effect is a tremendous force that will help you change your reality. Using the power of self-suggestion, you will get rid of various physical and mental pathologies, as well as be able to achieve a state of inner harmony and happiness.

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