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Secrets of pre-Christmas magic: how to get everything you want

New Year’s magic: how to bring into your life whatever you want

The period of time before the New Year is truly magical at times, when it seems that very soon all desires will become reality. But for everything to happen that way — you need to work hard.

In this article I want to tell you about New Year’s magic: how to attract everything you want into your life.

Secrets of pre-Christmas magic: how to get everything you want

What energies are typical for December?

You may not know, but in our world a change of energies occurs regularly. This process is influenced by the solar and lunar cycles, the change of the winter season to the summer and vice versa, as well as periods of strong zeroing and rebirth.

If we talk about the cycle of the natural process, then December is a very important month.. It is not for nothing that it is believed that, depending on what the first month of winter will be, you can predict what all the next twelve months will be.

An important point! People live in December just in such a rhythm, material, psychoemotional and sensual condition, which will be typical for them throughout the next year.

And those who know this information, strive for the most conscious living of the first winter month, trying to limit themselves from aggression, resentment and other useless emotional manifestations as much as possible.

This particularly shows the performance in December of various ceremonies and rituals, the impact of which begins in January, when the new year has officially come.

What magic rituals to perform on the New Year

I want to bring to your attention effective rituals for New Year’s Eve, as well as pre-New Year’s. For their implementation there is no need to have special knowledge or training — everything is so simple and elementary.

Rite with Oranges (Oriental)

It is easy to guess what fruit is used for this ritual.

Pre (1 day before the rite) is necessary very carefully clean your apartment or house. It is imperative that the cleaning process be carried out personally by you, and not by housemaids or helpers — this is important, because only in this way the rite will work.

In addition, consider the following nuances:

  • in the case of the primary ritual — nine oranges are bought;
  • in the secondary version, nine more fruits are already used, that is, eighteen oranges;
  • then you add nine oranges to each subsequent rite of this rite until you reach one hundred and eight times — then the number will remain unchanged.

The main purpose of the event is to cleanse your home of negative energy that stagnates.

Note: It will require the participation of all family members or people living with you. But first, make sure that other people or circumstances do not distract you during the ceremony.

Secrets of pre-Christmas magic: how to get everything you want

The rite is performed as follows:

  1. The front door opens, all participants in the action go out together to the porch, outside the apartment, holding oranges in their hands.
  2. Fruits should be taken one at a time, and then rolled into the dwelling across the threshold, tossing and saying what you want out loud.
  3. When all the oranges got into the house — let them ride it for another 3 days. You can play with them for kids or pets. But they have to be on the floor all the time, because only then will be able to change the energy of housing. Ensure that there are no unpleasant personalities in the house during the days of the ritual.
  4. Then part of the oranges should be eaten, and the rest — presented to someone (in an ideal ratio of eight to one — that is, you give eight fruits, and you keep one for yourself). You can not be greedy, sincerely wish others happiness and good — then the positive energy will leave the house, gain strength and return to you.

Remember that when energy is retained, it begins to fade. But if we happily release it, it will definitely return, and even in an increased quantity.

This principle works in everything.

  1. During the first year after the ceremony, they try not to talk about what was done by an outsider — otherwise the energy will be wasted.

In this case, one orange corresponds to one desire. It is important that the fruit is not in the toilet, bathroom or pantry.

Wish Card Ritual

The card of desires is another magical ritual that is popular in the pre-New Year weeks and days. Its compilation allows you to send the message of your wishes to the Universe and programs your future exactly the way you want it.

A wish card is a collage made up of magazine clippings, photos, quotes, printed pictures — all of this is glued onto one large piece of paper (drawing paper) and represents your innermost dreams.

As a rule, the desire card involves all spheres of human life at the same time, however, if you are most concerned with a particular sphere, focus on it.

An important nuance! If you want your wish to be fulfilled easily, as if by magic, then make a wish and release it.

When you do not focus on the realization of a dream, it comes true much easier and faster!

Also there are certain details, namely:

  • on some days (and even hours) the desired is practically not carried out;
  • Do not neglect the services of astrologers, if you wish to eliminate stagnation in your life and achieve high-quality and fast results. It is these experts who will select the most appropriate time for the desires to become reality;
  • the card of desires should be made exclusively in a positive mood, from a state of happiness and satisfaction with life — then this energy will only multiply. And if you start to create a map, staying in a minor mood, just multiply the negative.

Everything we desire is realized in space at the expense of our personal strength, energy and time.and. When a person does not know how to correctly use all of the above, he begins to dwell on something one — as a result he receives only emptiness.

For example, if you have high expectations in a certain area of ​​life (say, love), then void comes to all other areas. And when you let it go, you begin to enjoy life — everything is easy and successful in itself.

Secrets of pre-Christmas magic: how to get everything you want

And if a person constantly asks himself questions like: “Why can’t I create a relationship?”, “What is my fault?”, Or “Maybe something is wrong with me?” — energy is automatically blocked in all other areas of life — work, creativity, travel, health and so on.

Remember also the simple truths:

  • if you create something while in a state of sadness — your creation will be sad;
  • and if you work, experiencing positive emotions, what you have created will permeate with an atmosphere of happiness.

From here you can bring the following conclusion — we completely fill what we create with our state (energy). And it doesn’t matter at all whether it is a wish card, a picture, a tasty cake or a new song.

The ritual of writing a letter to the universe

It often happens that people ask for something from the Universe, but at the same time they think about their desires as something that has already been fulfilled. But in the universe everything works according to the principle — what you ask is what you get.

Letters to the Universe are your plans that you decide to entrust to her.

Therefore, the main rule for writing a letter for the Universe is the following — to write everything with gratitude, and also to list all your desires, dreams and goals in the present tense, as if they had already been fulfilled. In this case, highlight as many details as possible — this will add to your letter more strength and efficiency.

An example of a correct letter:

I happily accept in my life health, happiness, success, well-being, as well as exciting trips with my lover. I thank you for living such a beautiful life and getting real pleasure from it.

You can indicate in the letter your most intimate dreams and desires — the main thing is to follow the indicated rule of composition.

Ritual of desire to others of their desires

Few people know about the fact that when you begin to wish other people what you passionately dream about — it has a powerful effect.

Especially pay attention to what you want others around the holidays and birthdays. Analyze what you want others and what changes subsequently encountered in your life.

Follow the rules below:

  • Are you passionately dreaming about true love, harmonious relationships? Then wish everyone around to find love and be happy!
  • Want to create a good career and always swim in abundance? Be sure to wish that to another person in your environment.

At the same time, a purposeful multiplication of your message will occur and gradually you will find yourself in such a state when you begin to receive what you wish for others.

Secrets of pre-Christmas magic: how to get everything you want

What can not be done before the New Year?

We talked about what actions should be performed on New Year’s Eve to get everything you want. Now let’s move on to what, on the contrary, it is necessary to give up without fail during this time period.

  1. According to the popular sign, no crayfish should be present on the New Year’s table (crabs, lobsters and other similar creatures). Otherwise, the person will be forced to “back up”, again facing his old problems.
  2. The first of January — cleaning the house is prohibited, especially sweeping and cleaning floors, throwing out garbage — all of this will contribute to losses and losses.
  3. Also, before the New Year celebrations it is not recommended to work too hard — then the whole year you risk facing various tiring worries.

What can and should be done?

  1. Before dawn to look at the night sky: a large number of stars promises a high yield.
  2. Listening to the sounds outside the window: if you hear how the church bell sounds, significant family events are coming, the cat meows — a new neighbor will appear, a new friend will bark (a new boyfriend promises unmarried girls), the birds’ voices are good news (young people herald the bride).
  3. Of course, be sure to give New Year’s presents, treat your friends and strangers with goodies, wish to live your entire New Year well. The more people you can congratulate — the more you will carry the next twelve months.
  4. The representatives of the fair sex whenever possible buy new clothes for the New Year holidays. And it’s absolutely not in vain, because the old belief says that a newly purchased thing, put on the New Year’s Eve, will attract good luck for the year ahead.

Light and effective New Year rituals to fulfill wishes

  1. The ritual is held at exactly 3 am. You need to put your hands on a paper sheet, draw them with a pencil, and apply golden paint on top. When throughout the year you feel unimportant — touch the outlines with your hands and get a boost of holiday energy and happiness.
  2. With the Christmas tree the toy hanging on it fell and broke? Do not be in a hurry to be sad — you need to collect fragments, and when you get rid of them — make a secret wish and it will certainly become a reality.
  3. Throwing out the Christmas tree, when you bring it from your home, say: “Fail, leave the Christmas tree to rest, but to my home. Let it be so».
  4. Gather the needles sprinkled with Christmas trees. And if you suddenly catch a cold — fill a glass of needles with a liter of hot water, leave for three hours, and then take a bath with the addition of such infusion.
  5. On the night of January 13-14 (Old New Year), put a wish under the spruce fir-tree, which you have previously written on a piece of paper, and at noon, burn it and it will surely come true.
  6. If you have burned candles on the fir, then the remnants of wax (stearin) should be collected and one candle should be constructed from it. Used in diseases for speedy recovery.
  7. Where the Christmas tree was located, put a bench. Argued that after sitting on a stool for ten to fifteen minutes, you can get rid of negative energy.
  8. The latest decoration that you removed from spruce is a powerful amulet. It is recommended to hang it in the house (no matter where it is). The action will last exactly until next New Year.
  9. Are you dreaming that everything in your relationship with your beloved is good all of the next 12 months? Then take his photo and put it in your pocket so that your face looks at yourself. And if you want to motivate him to legitimize your relationship, you need to put someone’s wedding ring next to such a photo.

In addition, experts in the field of esoteric recommend 7 days before New Year’s Eve do not perform the following actions:

  • not to lend and try to get money from their debtors;
  • use old hairpins, combs and hairbrushes;
  • Do not wear new belts;
  • it is not recommended to sew loose buttons;
  • repair of shoes and outerwear is prohibited;
  • the prohibition of the purchase of small non-food items;
  • try to get up at dawn.

There is also one very simple but effective technique. Take the insoles from your shoes, take them out. Prepare them for burning and say six times:

“Everything that is worn, everything that is worn, served and unnecessary, will burn here, will release from trouble. Let it be so».

Secrets of the «correct» tree

Help you get what you want.

Secrets of pre-Christmas magic: how to get everything you want

  1. To improve material well-being — in the process of decorating Christmas trees, use coins, and also cookies, candy, marmalade and other sweets. According to the old sign, the torn and eaten candy from the fir symbolizes wealth for the whole year ahead.
  2. If you want to expand the family — hang apples on the spruce branches. Additionally dress up the green beauty with small children’s toys and pink and blue bows. Also do not forget about the nuts with a golden wrapper — a symbol of the mystery of divine providence.
  3. Most worried about your health? In this case, prepare the silver and white garlands, bows, balls and bells. It is white that is the color of purity that neutralizes the energy of diseases. And lonely individuals with his help can meet their love.
  4. Striving for a happy relationship is to decorate the Christmas tree with the help of red balls, hearts and painted eggs — they symbolize love harmony.

At the end of the topic

  • December is a very important month that lays the foundation for the whole of the following year.
  • There are many different New Year and Pre-New Year rituals for the fulfillment of desires. You can choose any to your liking, the main thing is to sincerely believe in its effectiveness and adhere to all the rules of implementation.
  • Observe special pre-New Year signs, do not violate them, and then their power will help you to live the next 12 months in happiness, love and prosperity.

And at the very end, I recommend you to watch exciting thematic video material:

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