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Seal of loneliness: how to determine it, as well as how to get rid of

Seal of loneliness: what it is, as manifested, a ritual to remove

In today’s world, many girls, despite the presence of good external data, as well as a rich inner world, can never arrange their personal lives, each time faced with disappointments. Over time, disappointment in love (or rather, its absence) leads to depressive states, and sometimes even to suicide.

Why is this happening, what is the reason and how to solve the problem? It is likely that the whole thing in the so-called «print of loneliness,» which we will discuss in detail later in the article.

Seal of loneliness: how to determine it, as well as how to get rid of

What is the print of loneliness?

Seal of loneliness is a sophisticated and very complex form of negative, which can only be established by a magician with great experience. Very often, the seal of loneliness in combination is complemented by a crown of celibacy.

And although at first glance it may seem that there is a lot in common between these two phenomena, in reality this is not quite so.

The difference is this: the crown of celibacy is intended to put an end to the conclusion of a marriage union for the victim. A seal of loneliness, in addition to the lack of privacy, negates communication with relatives, friends and loved ones of the victim.

More detailed differences between these two phenomena, we consider further.

Symptoms of printing loneliness

A common symptom characteristic of women suffering from the crown of celibacy and the seal of loneliness is that neither the first nor the second are unable to marry. But at the same time, in the first case, women, in principle, feel complete indifference towards the opposite sex and do not seek to search for anyone, while the second category, on the contrary, desperately dreams of happy relationships, family and children, and also tries to meet people, but it does not end .

Although women with a seal of loneliness do not enter into formal marriage unions, they can give birth to a child and raise it themselves, have different connections (which do not lead to anything) and feel very unhappy since they are completely normal, but they cannot live like this same life as all ordinary people.

Often, such representatives of the weaker sex even distinguish a very attractive appearance and they, at first glance, are popular with men, admire and envy, although in reality there are no objective reasons for it: after all, all less charming peers already have a family, and they can only dream about it.

Seal of loneliness: how to determine it, as well as how to get rid of

It should be noted that today the seal of loneliness is quite common. But not all inherited this «happiness» by nature. Much more often the seal of loneliness is acquired not before, but after its birth.

And this means that the attack is not at all a “bad fate”, “karma”, but is simply the result of a negative program acquired.

There are often cases when women independently put this stamp on themselves. This happens due to the unsuccessful experience of communicating with men and other personal prejudices.

Seal of loneliness is strong and mild. In a light degree, a woman even manages to get married (but not more than six months) and learn the joy of motherhood, however, the marriage union disintegrates very quickly.

Spouses begin to quarrel with almost no reason and simply can not physically be next to each other.

With a strong form of loneliness, girls and women do not come across worthy members of the opposite sex, they are forced to change their elects like gloves, and maybe they’re like they have several guys at the same time. Each of them has its own advantages, which the other does not have, but trying to choose, the girl with horror realizes that no one really suits her and as a result she is left alone again.

Very often, people confuse similar notions of “the seal of loneliness” and “damage to loneliness”. When spoiled, the woman is also alone, but for quite different reasons.

At a young age, as a rule, with the seal of loneliness, they live quite peacefully, without particularly worrying about its presence, especially if it does not affect sexual function. Defeats in their personal lives in their youth tend to be quickly forgotten, many girls not only are not embarrassed by a large number of partners, but even add a certain piquancy to their lives.

But with age, the situation is already changing — everyone is beginning to want some kind of stability in life, family and children, and the long-awaited “fate” or “half” never appears on the threshold. And only then people begin to truly realize the whole power of their loneliness.

Ritual how to remove the seal of loneliness

One can turn to this rite for help even if there is a crown of celibacy and in order to eliminate the seal of solitude.

The lead time is the diminishing phase of the moon, on any of the women’s days (on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays) — for the fair sex, and on men’s days (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) — to men.

24 hours before the ritual, you should abandon the use of meat food. A headscarf is also being prepared (men replace it with a handkerchief, they are stocked with images of the Mother of God, Jesus Christ, or other saints that arouse your sympathy.

Divine faces should be placed on the table, after which candles are lit in front of them.

From another arsenal you will need to stock up:

  • matches;
  • consecrated salt (it is best to sanctify it on Thursdays);
  • holy water;
  • a small saucer, on the bottom of which a small cross is put (but you can’t use a tender, but only previously unused);
  • scissors;
  • spoon and a piece of wax from the candle.

We need to sit on a chair by the table and read the prayer «Our Father.» Then pour the consecrated water in a saucer, pour a little salt there and light candles before the images, while throwing the match in the saucer.

The words of the prayer will be:

“I am a servant of God (name) married with loneliness.

That crown is prickly and closed with a key.

Crowned not in the church, and the evil old women, sorcerers, the crooks.

I am a servant of God (name), not crowned in the church, but debunked in the church.

Jesus Christ descended from heaven, removed the crown of thorns,

Mother of God wiped away a tear,

The Guardian Angel breathed life

from loneliness turned me away.

I repent of sins, I pray to God

I trust in mercy, thanks to the saints.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.»

Seal of loneliness: how to determine it, as well as how to get rid of

All the time reading in front of you should be saucer. After reading, wet the palm of your right hand in it and run it around your head along the hairline (clockwise).

This manipulation should be repeated three times.

After that, a small piece of hair with one strand is cut off with scissors. In a tablespoon of melted wax and put his hair.

What happened in the end, should be poured into the water.

Then the handkerchief is put on the head (for women), and the men will just need to put a handkerchief on top of their head and walk like this for about an hour.

An important point! During the whole day, when you perform a ritual, you should adhere to strict fasting (meat dishes, sweets and alcoholic beverages are excluded).

In the end, it is necessary to pour the wax on the ground not far from your home (you can perform the procedure in a deserted park, the main thing is that at this moment there are no eyewitnesses). Next week, you should visit the temple and put twelve candles for different saints, plus a donation in the amount of one tenth of your monthly income.

You should also give lunch to not show aggression towards others.

Finally, we recommend that you watch an interesting themed video clip:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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