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Scorpion Tattoos: Meaning in History and the Modern World

The value of scorpion tattoo for guys, girls and prisoners

Even in ancient times, people began to decorate their bodies with drawings that were of particular importance in a particular culture. But if before such a ritual carried a deep meaning in itself, today it is one of the ways of self-expression.

Recently, I was thinking about how to make my first tattoo, and decided that this would be my zodiac sign — Scorpio. But while I was looking for a suitable sketch, I learned a lot of interesting things about this symbol.

In this article I will give examples of the interpretation of the image of a scorpion in different cultures and segments of the population.

Scorpion Tattoos: Meaning in History and the Modern World

Value in different nations

Scorpio is an unusual and dangerous creature that has a poisonous sting. It attacks people and animals only if it senses a threat, therefore, when confronted with this creature, one should not take an interest — it is better to bypass it.

Since ancient times, the scorpion caused fear in people, so in many nations it had a negative meaning. But in some cultures, arachnoid creation was associated with a deity or a messenger of higher powers.

  1. In African tribes, scorpion was considered a kind of “judge” who punished people for bad deeds. He also symbolized the firmness of character, fortitude, steadfastness and justice.
  2. The Indians deified the arthropod, and believed that it was the embodiment of the mother goddess from the realm of the dead, who took the souls of those who committed terrible deeds.
  3. In the Egyptian peoples, the scorpion was also associated with the goddess of the underworld, Selket. His image was sacred, so it was usually used as a talisman.
  4. In China, doctors have discovered that insect poison can be not only dangerous, but also healing, so they began to use it in medicine, and the creature itself began to be considered a symbol of health. But also the scorpion had another meaning, for example, its image was applied to the skin as a sign of unhappy love, revenge, or after the betrayal of a comrade.
  5. The people of Tibet believed that the arthropod had magical powers and was able to protect them from negative effects and diseases. The soldiers had to put his image on the gun, to protect themselves from defeat in battle.
  6. In Japan, the arthropod insect personified wisdom, love, devotion. The most popular tattoo that has remained relevant to this day is the lotus scorpion. Such a picture indicates marital fidelity.

Scorpion Tattoos: Meaning in History and the Modern World

The value of male tattoos

Among the male population, a scorpion tattoo is quite common. As a rule, it is “stuffed” by those who want to emphasize their strength, courage, determination and steadfastness.

Also, such an image can speak of its owner as a wise, balanced person who honors justice in everything, but if he is somehow touched or angry, he will surely teach the offender.

Often, the guys choose realistic sketches, with clearly traced lines, to maximally convey the dangerous nature and nature of the arthropod insect. The color scheme of the picture is usually monochrome black, but still some individuals make a colorful tattoo, which indicates its out-of-the-box thinking and perception of the world, courage, and a penchant for creativity.

But it should be noted that the image in red and orange tones indicate the cruelty and aggressiveness of a person.

In men, most often the scorpion tattoo can be seen on the shoulder, which indicates their determination. If at the same time the tail of the arthropod is extended to the neck, it means that the person has a calm, balanced character, but if you touch it, then the offender will not find it enough. Drawing on the chest is usually placed soldiers, to emphasize their courage and courage.

In this case, the insect is depicted in an attacking pose, sometimes with a weapon. If his claws are open and the sting is raised, or a fist is drawn instead, the man took part in the hostilities.

A tattoo of a scorpion in the defensive pose, placed on the leg, will tell you about the presence of physical strength and the ability to suppress enemies. And in order to emphasize the predilection for extreme and risk, one should “fill” the arthropod predator around the neck, while its claws should be open.

A large pattern on the back or on the shoulder blade will suit influential, purposeful men who occupy a significant place in society. And if a scorpion clings to the skin, then such a person never misses his chance, and by any means achieves the desired.

Scorpion Tattoos: Meaning in History and the Modern World

The value of female tattoo

On the female body, a scorpion tattoo looks pretty attractive and defiant. But one should carefully select a sketch so that the drawing does not look too rough and courageous.

Many girls prefer abstract or cartoony images. Also tattoo artists recommend to pay attention to the patterns in the Celtic style or tribal.

The arthropod symbolizes the duality of personality and character, i.e. a modest and calm-looking girl can actually be completely unpredictable, strong, secretive and even dangerous person. Choosing such a picture, women want to show everyone that they are not so fragile and defenseless, but, on the contrary, have a strong spirit, strong character and ability to protect themselves.

In girls, you can most often see a scorpion tattoo on your wrist or ankle. In this way, they emphasize willpower, wisdom and independence.

If the image is made in a realistic style, with clear detail, then the character of the person can be traced rigidity, steadfastness and perseverance.

Extreme sports lovers and extraordinary personalities usually place a tattoo on their neck. Sociable, fun and “easy-going” girls choose sketches depicting articulated creatures in a cartoon style, for example, in the form of water drops or with blue eyes and long eyelashes.

Such a picture will look good on your arm or leg.

Scorpion Tattoos: Meaning in History and the Modern World

Scorpio on the shoulder indicates a woman’s desire to declare herself. Such a sketch usually has an original performance, so it always attracts the views of others. A tattoo on the shoulder blade may indicate secrecy and a certain detachment of a person who prefers not to share his plans, and acts alone.

And in order to emphasize sexuality, emancipation and willingness to experiment, it is worthwhile to place the refined pattern of a predatory creature in the lower back, stomach or in the bikini area.

Prison value tattoo

In the criminal world tattoo with a scorpion is not common. It symbolizes loneliness, deceit, betrayal.

Usually, the member-sided predator is “stuffed” to those who have served their sentences in solitary confinement for a long time. Also, this image may indicate a prisoner inclination to addiction.

In this case, it is important to pay attention to the sting, if it is raised, it means the person continues to use drugs, and if it is omitted, he “tied up”.

A detailed tattoo of a scorpion who has taken a hostile position indicates the cruelty of the prisoner, therefore it is better to avoid it. It should be noted that sometimes like a tattoo has a completely different interpretation.

For example, a predator with a raised sting speaks of a person as a loyal, faithful and reliable friend who will never leave in trouble. But if the sting is omitted, then such a person should not be trusted, because she can betray.

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