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Sarasvati: what is this goddess and how does she help people

Goddess Saraswati: for what is responsible, who can help

The Indian pantheon is represented by a large number of different gods. Among the entire host of Hindu deities separately, it is necessary to single out an attractive girl in a white dress, the goddess Saraswati.

Who is she, what attributes does she have, and when can she turn to her for help? I want to tell you about all this in my next article.

Sarasvati: what is this goddess and how does she help people

Who is the lovely Saraswati

The goddess has a large number of names: as she is called Vak, Vagishvari, Vagdevi, Vani.

Interesting information! A deep sacral meaning is hidden in the primary name: the particle “SA” is associated with the beginning, creation, “Ra” is filled with nourishing vital energy ”, and“ SWATI ”symbolizes well-being.

Saraswati is the wife of the god Brahma, who created our world. She is manifested as a kind, compassionate and very loyal mother.

Responsible for the knowledge of the field of culture, art, leisurely teaching their kids, as it is important for her to introduce the seeds of science in them and to achieve a full harvest. The task of the goddess is to ensure that people use knowledge for good purposes.

In some sources you can meet the name Vak-Devi — the deity of speech, the mother of the holy Vedas. It is assumed that the positive impact of Wak-Davy allowed the speech of other deities to become so developed and beautiful.

The queen of the gods has a large role in a number of philosophical and mystical areas:

  • Buddhists worship her as Manjushri’s wife;
  • adherents of Hinduism attribute to her the connection with the deities Brahma, Vishnu and Ganesha.

And for the divine world, and for ordinary people, Sarasvati personifies complete peace of mind, friendliness, which complements purity and nobility.

Little about the origin of the deity

The history of the birth of the great goddess has long managed to acquire a large number of different legends. According to some sources, Brahma is originally her father, who later became her husband.

Other legends as parents Saraswati called Durga and Shiva.

Important information! Always the goddess was revered in three of her guises: deity, river, speech.

As a higher being, she contributed to the unification of art, literature, music and was married to the creator of universes Brahma. But the silent husband could not give the creative goddess a real happiness.

Sarasvati: what is this goddess and how does she help people

Speaking about the river Sarasvati, it is necessary to mention that the believers constantly came to its shore, in search of purification from their transgressions, in order to gain knowledge and release from negative karma in their future lives.

Although there are quite a few rivers in India that have a connection with the deities, it was to the Saraswati River that they turned to get inner freedom and attain enlightenment. However, by the beginning of the 19th century, the river began to dry up, as in India there was a decline in education, the people stopped striving for spiritual wisdom, chasing after material wealth.

Then Sarasvati decided to go back to the stage and gave birth to a son from an ascetic who showed an increased craving for science. The son received a name in honor of his great mother.

According to legends, it was they who revived the doctrine and education in India.

In addition to getting rid of sinning, the river of the goddess also symbolizes:

  • Well-being and abundance. When it is bottled, it begins to feed the soil, it provides a good harvest. By analogy with this, science gives people grace.
  • Clean and innocence. Just as all the pollution is washed away in running water, science also helps to purify the human mind from ignorance and enslavement.

Appearance of the deity

Sarasvati has not lost its popularity until today. Everyone still turns to her for help. Most of all, they practice yoga.

For this reason, her faces are often present in the classes of this discipline.

The goddess of knowledge and art has incredible beauty, in all her gestures there is complete grace. She is always imprinted as a fair-skinned woman with snow-white robes (symbolizing true knowledge).

In rare cases, yellow shades are added to the dress — mustard color.

An interesting nuance. In the face of the deity there are no expensive jewelry made of precious metals.

They are replaced by white flowers, which demonstrate the importance for Sarasvati of spiritual wealth and knowledge before the material world.

The eyebrows of the goddess are decorated with a moon sickle, indicating its connection with the water element, giving life to all living organisms and acting as the second hypostasis of the deity.

Of the other distinctive characteristics of Saraswati can be called the presence of four hands. Each of them corresponds to a specific side of the human person:

True, in some cases the goddess is depicted with 8 or even 10 hands.

Sarasvati: what is this goddess and how does she help people

How to ask for help?

Sarasvati is a generous goddess, so people constantly ask her for help and blessings. But even with all her kindness, she will help only those in whom there is no evil, whose heart is open to people and the world.

And those who cover up their real selfish motives with good intentions will face severe punishment.

When does a deity ask for help?

  • to achieve a state of harmony, to become wiser;
  • upon receipt of knowledge — to improve memory and maximize the absorption of the material;
  • to develop oratorical skills;
  • wanting to find inner peace, cold mind.

How Saraswati Affects Human Life

Together with Varuna, the goddess deals with the control of the intellect, the Vishuddha chakra, the kidneys, and also the water-salt balance in the human body. In addition, its management extends to the pancreas.

An important point! The power of the deity is manifested with the help of vaast or feng shui — the science of harmony in life, which is very popular in many countries of the world.

Some sources indicate that Saraswati left the human world because of the increase in it lies, envy, enmity and hatred. All these negative qualities cause a violation of harmony, which is on the personal front of all people, that in society as a whole.

Only in exceptional cases, the chosen ones deserve the honor and protection of the deity.

Those who are lucky to be in her grace, easily achieve the location and attention of other people, they are well treated, as they improve one of the areas of human life.

On the favor of the goddess of science and art can count those who make efforts for general well-being, as well as restore harmony in the universe. Such people Sarasvati makes sensible, wise, compassionate, compassionate, increases in them a sense of love for the world.

But those who are engaged in creative work, but with destructive energy, who lie and hypocrite, say empty and meaningless words, and still behave aggressively, constantly fussing — they will definitely punish them, taking away their vitality.

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