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Samhain, Samhein: what is it, traditions, rituals for the Celtic New Year

Samhain: origin, traditions and rituals of the Celtic New Year

Some of you have probably come across a phrase like “wheel of the year”. So what is it?

The wheel of the year belongs to a religion like Wicca. Her followers find the divine in nature, worship it and try to find unity. The wheel of the year is a cycle of traditional holidays for followers of the natural religion.

Every holiday of his represents a change in the natural course of time. For example, rebirth (Belteyn), harvesting (Lammas, Mabon) and so on.

Samhain, Samhein: what is it, traditions, rituals for the Celtic New Year

history of the holiday

Samhain decided to celebrate on the night of the thirty-first of October on the first of November. Otherwise, this night is called the end of the year or the end of life. The name originates from the English word Samhain, which was once translated as November.

For the ancient Celts — it was a time of harvest, pondering how to survive the winter. The holiday was divided into the light side (the last day of October) and the dark side (the first day of November).

During the celebration, bonfires were burned and jumped over them, and the Druids predicted the future with the help of the blood of dead cattle.

In the Wiccan religion there is a belief that the Goddess — the old woman loses her husband — God. His powers go with the sun. Very soon he will be reborn, and the Goddess will again become a girl.

In the meantime, it’s time for death, which you just need to go through.

With the advent of Christianity, Samhain was recognized as a holiday of witches, it was blocked by All Saints Day and Memorial Day for the Dead (November 2).

Today Samhain is celebrated only by the followers of Vicky. In Russia, it is celebrated in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and some other cities.

But it was turned into a festival of Celtic culture.

Samhaina Traditions

Today Samhain is more likely to be connected with the family. On this day, it is customary to remember the deceased relatives, and with the living spend more time. Traditionally they cook dinner for the whole family, take out old photo albums and recall different stories.

It is also considered mandatory to put at the table one extra chair, so that the souls of the deceased relatives are also present. If the celebrants have the opportunity to go to the cemetery, then at all graves leave food, ask for forgiveness for earthly deeds.

If the holiday is celebrated alone, then this is no reason to be silent. Usually talking to spirits.

They are told about all the interesting events of the past year, gossiping.

If we talk about what should be on the holiday table today, then this is certainly the harvest of autumn. The most popular dish among the Celts for the new year is the late-harvest vegetable stew.

According to tradition, part of the livestock should not have survived the winter.

Therefore, meat dishes are welcome. Alcoholic drinks welcome home-made red wine (prepared last year) and beer.

From non-alcoholic — sbiten. The symbol of the holiday are also nuts and late apples.

Traditionally they are added to bread, pies and any other delicacies. Dairy products are welcome, in particular — butter.

It will also be a great treat for the spirits.

If you suddenly decide to celebrate the Celtic New Year, then you should not be afraid of paranormal activity in your home. Perhaps the ancestors decided to mark Samhain with you. And if no one visits the house, then you should not be upset.

After all, the ancient Celts believed in reincarnation. Think about the fact that they have long been reborn.

In modern tradition, such a notion as “magical cleaning” has appeared. It is usually carried out one to three days before Samhain.

Get rid of all unnecessary things that have accumulated over the year, and from negative energy. It is customary to use various herbs and salt for it.

And at the end of the room fumigated dry flowers.

Samhain, Samhein: what is it, traditions, rituals for the Celtic New Year

For a more modern celebration you need to decorate your home. Since Samhain is the progenitor of Halloween, his attributes are just suitable for the Celtic new year. Also try using colorful leaves and acorns that symbolize God.

Replace the traditional bonfire with orange, purple or black candles. Also on Black Samhain it is customary to pay off debts, and if they owe you — try to collect the debt.

Spend the day calm and meditating.

Rituals for Celtic New Year

If you are determined to celebrate Samhain, then keep in mind that this is also one of the largest coven of witches. This holiday carries great energy of fire. Therefore, try yourself to perform light rituals.

Here are some of them.

  1. Ritual of purification. As we said earlier, cleansing for the Celtic New Year holiday is a tradition. What would cleanse your life from both unnecessary people and qualities that you do not need. Write on paper all that you need to get rid of. Light two orange candles and set fire to the wormwood in a heat-resistant container. This list should be picked up and said to the ears the following: “Grass-removed! Not from the ground skinny, but from a green bush. I collected you, I dried you, I expanded you evil. Where the devil horns, there is smoke and ash. Circling smoke, show where the ghost, but where the hell is a corner. As you sit down on the devil, you will smoke like a smoke. Wind smoke, indicate the devil’s corner. Chur it! «. Then burn your list
  2. Nodal magic. It is considered one of the most powerful on Samhain and helps to fulfill any desire. Talk a scarf, rope or ordinary cloth in any way you know. Carry this amulet with you, in any case not unleashing. When you achieve what you are thinking, burn the amulet.
  3. Remember also that the Celtic New Year opens the veil of secrets. Therefore — try to tell fortunes on tarot cards or runes.
  4. If you plan to invite (it will invite, and not call!) Spirits on this night, then perform a few simple actions. First dine with them, then bury an apple near your home as a treat, and at the end put a saucer with milk or water.

And finally

One should be aware of the differences between the Celtic New Year and Halloween. After all, these are essentially two completely different holidays. Samhain is the feast of the commemoration of the deceased god, who is reborn with the onset of spring.

The history of All Saints’ Day says that it appeared in the 16th century on the wave of Christianity. Most of the characters — Jack Pumpkin, sweets, costumes — appeared only in the last century and have no relation to the Celts.

Samhain, Samhein: what is it, traditions, rituals for the Celtic New Year

Summing up, we recall that Samhain is a celebration of pacification, reflection and family comfort. He aims to commemorate the dead and God.

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